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MAY 15, 1869.

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There is a good deal of activity just now in the! In these times of cheap books, three guineas and book-trade in London. Among the most recent a half (gold) for three volumes of Dyce's Gifford's publications are the Duke d’Aumale's “ Historic edition of John Ford's Plays and Poems is rather Review of the Military Institutions of France ;" a high. An American reprint, library edition, would Life of Pizarro, by Arthur Helps ; a biography of not bring more than five dollars. Rossini, by H. Sutherland Edwards; of Napoleon MR. SAMUEL Phillips Day, who was in this counIII., by P. J. Hill; of Daniel Defoe, with a variety try as correspondent for the “Morning Herald” of of newly discovered writings of his; and of Charles London, when the war broke out in 1861, has thrown Lamb (new edition), by Barry Cornwall, who was the old-world legend of “Reynard the Fox, the Lord Byron's classmate at Harrow School. John Crafty Courtier, together with the Shifts of his Mitchel's “History of Ireland” has been reprinted in Son Renardine,” into words of one syllable for CasDublin, and the Rev. Mr. Meehan has produced the sell's Juvenile Library. “Rise and Fall of the Irish Franciscau Monastery."

A “HANDBOOK OF CONTEMPORARY BIOGRAPAY," by A variety of new novels have lately appeared, by Lady Wood, Mrs. Eiloart, Johın Pomeroy, Mrs. lin. Frederick Martin, compiler of a vseful and reliable

work, entitled “The Statesman's Year Book," is ton, Captain Lockhart, and Lady Charles Thynne : indeed, the female novels have outstripped their announced by Macmillan & Co., London, who will male rivals in number and productiveness. In

immediately issue Henry Crabb Robinson's ** Diary, poetry, the most poticeable volumes are by Lord

Reminiscences, and Correspondence," selected and Kinloch (ono of the Judges of the Supreme Court edited by Dr. Thomas Sadler, with portrait, in three

volumes. of Scotland), the late Earl of Carlyle, and Edwin

Fields, Osgood & Co. will publish the

latter work at the same time. Waugh. A vew edition of Thomas Davis's “ Songs of Ireland” has appeared. The Rev. Alexander Trubner & Co., London, have produced an octavo Dyce, the latest editor of Shakspeare, has revised volume, “ Travels of Fah-Hean and Sung-Yun, BudGifford's edition of the poetical and dramatic works dhist Pilgrims from China to India (400 A. D. and of John Ford; and the youngest Hazlitt (grandson 518 A. D.),” translated from the Chinese. of the famous critic and essayist) has edited Robert pears that the first of these travels took place in Herrick's “Poems and Remains.” There has also 415 A. D.; the second is the mission of Sung-Yu, appeared Schiller's “Der Neffe als Onkel,” with who, as well as Fah-Hean, was a Buddhist pilgrim notes by Charles Dickens. The “Sunday Chaplet,” | from China to India, to the sacred place where and three other serious works, by the lady who Buddha washed his robe. signs A. L. 0. E., have also been published.

MR. Thomas COBBE, an English barrister, is about At the Dickens' dinner in Liverpool, the guest of issuing the “ History of the Norman Kings of Engthe eve

was commissioned to propose the health land, drawn from a New Collation of the Contenuof “the Ladies," a good many of whom, by the way,

porary Chronicles." partook of the banquet. He said: “Gentlemen-for Mr. Hincks, a former prime minister of Canada, I address myself solely to you—the nature of the and now Governor of British Guiana, las published toast I am about to propose cannot, I think, be better a large pamphlet in London, entitled “ Religious or more briefly expressed thau in a short quotation Endowments in Canada, the Clergy Reserves, and from Sbakspeare, slightly altered: Scene, a ban.. the Rectory Questions: a Chapter of Canadian Hisqueting hall; thunder of admiration! lightning of tory.” It is a concise statement of facts in regard eyes ! Enter Macbeth. * Who are these so spark- to the religious endowments of Canada. Having ling and so bright in their attire that they look lately been created a Knight of the new Colonial not like inhabitants of earth, and yet are of it?' | Order of St. Michael and St. George (formerly lo(Laughter.) Reply? “Sir, these are the Lancashire calized in the Ionian Islands), the author is now Witches.?” (Much laughter.)

Sir Francis Hincks. He had previously been a

Companion of the Bath, which hovor he retains, of Dr. Livingstone, the African explorer, who was expected in England in February, has not yet appeared. He has been elected Corresponding Mem

At a recent auction in London, an autograph letber of the Academy of Sciences of France, in the ter of John Dryden realized $150, and one by Daniel Section of Geography and Navigation.

Defoe brought $200.

Sir F. A. Gore OUSELEY, a musical baronet, who Of the Duc d'Aumale's work on the Military In- is Professor of Music in the University of Oxford, stitutions of France, a translation, with notes, by has just published “A Treatise on Counterpoint, Captain Ashe, has appeared in London. The Duc Canon, and Fugue,” based upon that of Cherubini. wrote the book, two years ago, in England. In it He is a clergyman. he holds that liberty doubles the power of military institutions, while it regulates their use. Four

The last Shakspeare volume, just published in years ago, after it had been printed in Paris, the cation of the Dramatis Personæ in Shakspeare's His

London, is “Shakspeareana Genealogica: IdentifiFrench Government suppressed another work by the Duc d'Aumale. This is a “History of the Princes torical Plays, from King John to Henry VIII. ; Notes of Condé during the 16th and 17th Centuries." It on Characters in Macbeth and Hawlet; the Shakshas been published out of France, for it is in Samp-peare and Arden Families, and their Connections ; son Low's last list of imported works, advertised in Russell French.” From this book we find that Mr.

with Tables of Descent. Compiled by George the London “Publishers' Circular."

George Hart, who in 1864 emigrated to Australia, ADAM AND CHARLES BLACK, now publishers and is the lineal descendant of the sister of the greatproprietors of Sir Walter Scott's writings, have 52 est poet who ever lived. He is ninth in descent British and Irish Guide-Books for 1869, varying in froin William Hart, who in 1599 married Joan Shaksprice from one shilling to half-a-guinea. They are peare, the sister of the poet. The name Shakspeare indispensable to tourists.

occurs continually in the family. A new edition, with addenda, of Captain M. F. ** Saint Paulis,” Mr. Anthony Trollope's maga. Maury's “ Physical Geograplıy of the Sea,” lias just zine, will hereafter be published by Strahan & Co., been published by Philips, of Liverpool. The book Ludgate Hill, London, and in the June nuinber will has become standard authority in England, and appear the first portion of a new story, “ The Three showed where the Atlantic Cable should be placed. | Brothers,'' by Mrs. Oliphant.


MAY 15, 1869.


In the Londou “ Athenæum” of May 1st is a re- | MR. WILLIAM BRADBURY, of the firm of Bradbury vier, occupying nearly seven columns, of Victor & Evans, London, proprietor and publisher of Hago's Dew story, “L'Homme qui Rit.”

The re

Punch," has died at the age of seventy. rierer criticizes the French edition, and states that

MR. Trencu's remarkable work,“ Realities of Irish this story is only the first part of a new trilogy, and Life,” has gone into a third edition in London, with is meant to represent Aristocracy, the future por- map and thirty illustrations. tions to represent Monarchy and Revolution. That is, Aristocracy in England, Monarchy under the

MR. Hosack's “Mary Queen of Scots and Her Bourbous in France, and Revolution, or Paris in Accusers,” announced by Messrs. Blackwood, of 1793, to close the series. Of the plot of " L'Homme Edinburgh, will contain the “Book of Artieles" qui Rit," a copious summary is given in the " Athe- produced against her at Westminster, which has Læum." It shows how improbable, unnatural,

never hitherto been printed. verbose, and unintelligible the story is, and the reviewer states that to render it readable, in Eng

PERIODICALS. lish, by decent people, it will be necessary to omit National Quarterly Review. March. ope-eighth of the whole work. Of certain passages,

Diogenes the Cynic.—The Turko-Greek Question. occupying so much space, he says, “ All these things ---Beranger and his Songs.-Successive. Races and cannot be printed in England unless toned down; Conquests of Ancient Mexico.-Columbia College; and if they are so treated, the book will be the some Comparisons.—The Ruling Class in England. translator's, vot the author's.” Anachronisms are -Celtic Music.-President Grant and his Cabinet. abundant in this story, as well as numerous mis--Notices and Criticisms. New York: E. I. Sears. takes in the names of persons and places. Under The Overland Monthly. May. the date of 1689, the author actually mentions the The Vow.-The Last of the Leatherstockings.Atlantic Cable. Finally, the reviewer says, “ The Fidele.-The Mining Excitements of California. book may be called horrible, disgusting, untrue, Some Americans who Travel.-Siletz, or “ Lo” Reun-Christian ; but there is one thing which its constructed.- A Hawaiian Feast.-Why “Califorharshest critic will not say, and that is, that it could nia.”—Invitation.—A Pony Ride in Kamtchatka. have been written by any one but Victor Hugo.” -Two Great Bays.-Following the King.–How Wo

The London “Publisher's Circular” (p. 232) Live in Nevada.—After Romance, Reality.-Fulfilspeaks of Mr. George Borrow, author of "The Biblé ment.-The Building of the Iron Road.-Etc.-Curin spain," as "the late Editor of the Quarterly rent Literature. San Francisco: A. Roman & Co. Review.'"

Hours at Home, May. “Os TAR EDGE OF THE STORM" is the new story

The Russian Peasant (E. Schuyler).–The Clois"for young ladies,” by the author of “Mademoiselle tered Roof (Mrs. M. B. Dodge). — Motherless Girls Mori."

(Miss Anne Manning).-Voices of the Spring (Ray It was generally believed, some thirty-two years verse).—Imaginative Literature, its Moral Intlu

Palmer, D. D.).-Jean Ingelow (Emma M. Couago, that three small volumes, by “Quiz," and illustrated by “ Phiz,” were the joint production (H. Glyndon). -Christopher Kroy.--Elijah (5. D.

ence (Prof. N. Porter).- The House upon the Sands of Charles Dickens and H. K. Brown. They were, Phelps, D.D.). – Cannibals of Equatorial West respectively, sketches of young couples, of young Africa (Rev. A. Bushnell).—Romances of Arthur ladies, and of young gentlemen. They were clever, and became popular, being, at any rate, very much (Prof. A. J. Curtis).—Out of the Wrong Pocket in the manner of “ Boz." "Reproduced in one vol- (Mary G. Halpine). -Sunnybank Papers : No. 1 ame, they are now obtaining a second success in (Marion Harland). - The Old Cathedral (Mrs. Grace London.

W.. Hinsdale).-The Paradise of Old Sailors (Mrs.

W. A. Thompson).- Leisure Moments. - Books and Miss MARTINEAU'S “ Biographical Sketches” have | Authors Abroad.-Literature of the Day. Now already gone into a second edition, with new pre- York: C. Scribner & Co. face, in London. The extremely neat reprint by Our Young Folks. May, Leypoldt & Holt, New York, has had a very considerable sale in this country, and may be classed Aldrich).-William Henry Letters ; 11th Packet

The Story of a Bad Boy; Chaps. IX. X. (T. B. as a very acceptable library-book.

(Mrs. A. M. Diaz).-Lilies of the Valley (Mary B. Me. FITZPATRICK, the biographer of Bishop Doyle č. Slade).-Lawrence's Journey (J. T. Trowbridge). and Lady Morgan, and also author of a personal- |-Carl (Lily Nelson).—Candy-Making: No. 1 (Mrs. political work, called "The Sham Squire,” has just Jape G. Austin).-Canary Island and Canary Birds published an enlarged edition of his " Curious Fa-|(J. Parton). - Gardening for Girls: No. 2.—Dr. mily History; or, Ireland before the Union,” with Trotty (E. Stuart Phelps).-Cinderella (Mrs. A. M. frontispiece and colored cartoon of the “ Robbery of Wells).-Sixty-two Little Tadpoles.- Little Nannie the Mail for Lady 0.'s Love-letters.”

(Lucy Larcom). — Round the Evening Lamp. BosBATARD TAYLOR'S “ Byways of Europe,” lately ton: Fields, Osgood & Co. published by Messrs. Putnam, of New York, in one Princeton Review. April. Folame, has been republished in two volumes by Calvinistic Methodists in Wales.-Some Recent Sampson Low & Co., London. The consequence is Discussions on the Fundamental Principles of that the English reader has to pay sixteen instead Morals.—Planting of the American Churches.of eight shillings for the work.

The Novel and Novel Reading.-Ethics and Econo"A BRAVE LADY” is the new serial story by Miss mics of Commercial Speculation.-Froude's History Mulock, which is appearing simultaneously in of England.—The Disestablishment of the Irish "Macmillan's Magazine,” London, and in " Harper's Church.—Recent Developments Respecting PresbyMagazine," New York.

terian Reunion. —Notices of Recent Publications.In "Fraser's Magazine,” the article “Erie Cam- Literary Intelligence. New York: C. Scribner & Co. paign in 1868; or, How They Manage Things on the Bibliotheca Sacra. April. New York Stock Exchange,” is likely to attract no Origin of the First Three Gospels.-Jonathan Edsmall attention in this country. Sir Henry Verney, wards (Rev. I. N. Tarbox).-Authority of Faith also in “ Fraser," writes about “A Route from the (Rev.G. F. Herrich).-Theodore Parker and AdoniAtlantic to the Pacific through British Territory." ram Judson (Rev. N. M. Williams).-The Doctrine

MAY 15, 1869.

of God's Providence (Dr. B. W. Dwight).-Revela- | band's Lament for his Wife.- A May Flower.— New tion and Inspiration (Rev. E. P. Barrows, D.D.). - Publications. New York: Catholic Publication Notices of Recent Publications. Andover: W. F. Society. Draper.

Universalist Quarterly. April. Methodist Quarterly Review. April.

Dogmatic Use of Old Testament Passages in the Religion of the Athenians (B. F. Cocker, D. D.). New Testament (Prof. 0. Cone).—Origin of Sin - The Church School (Rev. J. H. Vincent) - (Rev. A. C. Thomas).-Ancient Babylonian LiteraSchleiermacher; his Theology and Influence (Prof. ture (Rev. 0. D. Miller).- Development of ProtesJ. A. Reubelt).-Growth in Language (Prof. D. H. tantism (Rev. Geo. Hill). — The Fulness of Christ Wheeler).-Methodism; its Method and Mission (Rev. J. (. Skinner).-Our Nation, and Statesman(J. T. Peck, D.D.).—Theodicy (C. K. True, D. D.). ship (W. H. Kimball).— The Mission of Christ (Rev. -Foreign Religious Intelligence.-Synopsis of the W. R. French).--General Review.-Contemporary Quarterlies.-Quarterly Book Table. New York: Literature. Boston: Univ. Pub, House. Carlton & Lanahan.

Monthly Religious Magazine. May. American Quarterly Church Review. April.

Sketches and Memories of Palestine (Rev. J. de Sir T. More: Part I.-Shall we ever have a Normandie).-Christ an Object of Faith, not of Christian Philosophy ?-Jeeseh, the Great Pyramid; Sight (Rev. R. Ellis).- Modern New England Theoits Age, Design, and Origin. -Suffragan Bishops.-logy.—There is no Death.—Miracles and their SigRitualism, and the Influence of the Judgment of the vificance.- Napoleon I. on Jesus Christ.-AuthenJudicial Committee.-The Status of the Church.– tication of the Records (S. G. Bulfinch, D. D.). — Notices of Books.

Spirit of the Religious Press.—Random Readings. Catholic World. May.

-Literary Notices. Boston: L. C. Bowles. The Woman Question.-Daybreak: continued. - Christian Eraminer. May. Problems of the Age and its Critics.--Heremore On the Alleged Decline of Our Religious InstitoBrandon: concluded.–Our Lady's Easter.- Two tions (E. Buckingham).—Dr. Beard's “Manual of Months in Spain during the Late Revolution.- Christian Evidence''(S. G. Bulfinch).—The English Pope or People.—Emily Linder: concluded.—The Bible (F. W. Holland).-Carthage and Tunis (A. Church Act of 1869.- My Mother's Only Son.-- Woodbury).—The King and the Book (J. W. Chad. Catholicity and Pantheism.-Aubrey de Vere in wick).—Keim's History of Jesus (S. Osgood).—ReAmerica.—About Several Things-- A Chinese Hus- ) view of Current Literature. New York: J. Miller.



over these pages with astonishment at their odd and Early Records of the City and County of Albany and striking portraiture of primitive times. The volume

Colony of Rensselaerswyck (1656-1675). Trans- will doubtless be appreciated, not only by those lated from the Original Dutch, with Notes. By specially connected with the persons or the locality Jonathan Pearson, Professor of Natural Philoso- with which it is connected, but generally by all phy in Union College. pp. vii., 528. Albany: students of early American history. We underJ. Munsell.

stand that only a limited number of copies, not exHere is another of those valuable, elaborate, and ceeding one hundred and forty, have been printed, tastefully printed contributions to American Archæ- so that those who intend to order it must act ology which bave issued from the press of Mr. promptly. Musell. It is a translation of all the papers bound in two volumes, labelled Deeds A and B, kept in

RELIGIOUS. the office of the clerk of the county of Albany, be- The Last Passover: an Account of the Closing Inciing the earliest records of the county. The original

dents in the Life upon Earth of Our Lord Jesus papers are of an extremely diversified character,

Christ; a Verbal Harmony of the Four Gospel including deeds, bonds, contracts, inventories of

Narratives. Arranged by John R. Whitney. pp. personal estate, marriage contracts, proposals and

172. Philadelphia: Claxton, Remsen & Hatfelsales of excise, indentures of apprenticeship, cor

finger. respondence with the governor and council, pro

In the well-written preface to this neat little ceedings of Indian councils; in a word, records of volume the author claims that, while his plan is all such formal transactions as were usually drawn similar to that of several other works, it is radiup by and acknowledged before the chief officer of cally different in execution, inasmuch as it gives a Fort Orange or the secretary of the village of Bever

"connected arrangement of the words," and not wyck. These papers are, in fact, the oldest public simply a narrative of the events, of Gospel history. records extant relating to the city and county of The care and precision with which the plan is exeAlbany, and have hitherto been sealed books, pot cuted are a fitting accompaniment of the fervid having been, until the year 1865, even included in piety which seems to have stimulated the underthe indexes of the office. To the lawyer, the local taking. historian, the curious in olden customs, and to the Mistress Margery; a Tale of the Lollards. By Emily descendants from that generation, the information Sarah Holt, author of "Memoirs of Royal Ladies." now produced for the first time is especially inter pp. xii., 212. Philadelphia : Claxton, Remsen & esting. The editor has paid critical attention to Haffelfinger. the interpretation of the proper names, and in sup A story of earnest faith, patient endurance, and plying the omitted surnames. We can scarcely martyrdom. It is vividly written, and exhibits conceive that any more valuable addition to the considerable knowledge of the manners and cusauthentic local history of Albany County can be toms of the English people towards the close of the made than is contained in the present volume. fourteenth century. A well-executed wood.cut We ourselves, though not of kin with the Knicker-forms the frontispiece of the volume, which in all bockers, and not “to the manor born," have turned respects is excelleutly manufactured.


MAY 16, 1869.


The companion pieces in the book will be found to A Treatise on the Law of Watercourses, and an Ap- be marked by quite the same degree of merit. pendir containing Statutes of Flowing, and Forras

MECHANICAL. of Declarations. By Joseph K. Angell, Sixth Kemlo's Watch-Repairer's Hand-book. By F. Kemlo; edition, revised, and very much enlarged by the addition of new matter to the text and notes.

with illustrations. pp. viii., 92. Boston: A.

Williams. By J. C. Perkins. pp. xxx., 862. Boston: Lit

In this hand-book an endeavor is made to collect tle, Brown & Co. Messrs. Little, Brown & Co. act upon the theory

such knowledge as every young watch-repairer and that test-books should be constantly kept brought every watch-owner would like to possess, expressed down to date in order thus to exhibit the actual in few and clear words, and arranged in a systein

atic manner. state of the law. Sometimes objection is made by are eight hundred and forty-five parts in the English

We are told by the author that there awyers to the multiplication of editions of such

lever watch. works, but it is after all cheaper to purchase fresh editions of a few leading text-books than to undertake

MISCELLANEOUS. to procure the numerous volumes of reports from The Free Masons, What they Are, What they Do, which the new material of the new edition is drawn. What they are Aiming at. From the French of The merit of Mr. Angell's treatises has been gene M. Segur.

pp. viii., 136.

Boston: Patrick rally recognized by the legal profession, and the Donahoe. Decessity for a new edition of the present one will In these few pages the author furnishes a vehebe readily recognized when we state that it is nearly ment polemic against Freemasonry, his object beEfteen years since the preceding edition appeared, ing to point out what he considers its dangers in a and that it has been for several years out of print. moral and religious view. The work has been much enlarged, both in text and The Symbolism of Free Masonry, Illustrating and Dotes, by Mr. Perkins. He has examined and cited

Explaining its Science and Philosophy, its Legends, over eight hundred cases, which did not appear in

Myths, and Symbols. By Albert G. Mackey, M. D. the previous edition, and added nearly a hundred

pp. 364. New York: Clark & Maynard. and ifty new sections, besides making many addi.

Dr. Mackey is the author of several Masonic tions to the former ones. The subject of “Surface works, and is doubtless well qualified to expound Water and Drainage" is a new contribution by the the mysteries of the craft. His work has evidently editor, and the discussion of “ Eave's Drip,” and been prepared with care, and embodies a good deal much of that part of the work relating to “Sub- of historical and traditionary lore on the subject. terranean Diversion," of underground streams and percolations of water, as well as that of implied The Trapper's Guide. By S. Newhouse, and other easements connected with water, are additions of

Trappers and Sportsmen. Third edition. Edited new matter to the volume. The index appears to

by the Oneida Community. pp. 215. New York: be quite copious.

Oakley, Mason & Co.

We have here a manual of instructions for cap

turing all kinds of fur-bearing animals, and curing POETRY.

their skins; with observations on the fur trade, Ve Sects in Heaven, and Other Poems. By Mrs. E. hints on life in the woods, and narratives of trap

H. J. Cleaveland. pp. 95. New York: Clark & ping and hunting excursions. The volume is Maynard.

chiefly designed for practical working men, who We are told that the first of these poems, and the make or propose to make trapping a means of one which gives the title to the volume, though livelihood, and, as the introduction states, might sritten by an American lady, has been circulated properly be dedicated to poor men who are looking to the extent of a hundred thousand copies in out for pleasant work and ways of making money, England. We are not surprised, for it hits most and especially to pioneers of settlement and civili. happily and effectively a popular vein of thought. , zation.


J. B. Lippincott of Co., Philadelphia.

Edson C. Eastman & Co., Concord, N. H. Life of Pizarro. By Arthur Helps.

Eastman's White Mountain Guide-Book for 1869, reBermons on the Lord's Prayer. By H. A. Worceg. vised and corrected. ter.

A. Williams of Co, Boston. The Countess Ghisela. By E. Marlitt, author of "Gold

The Four Gospels ; from the Text of Tischendorf. Elsie," etc.

Hall's Mason Prayers.
Charnbers's Miscellany. New and improved issue, Hall's Master Workman and Masonic Monitor.

first double vol.
White's Junior Student's Latin-English and English. E.-J. Hale & Son, New York.
Latin Dictionary.

The Comet; or, the Earth, in its varied Pbases, Past, Hymus, Ancient and Modern, with Tunes. Square

Present, and Future, as deduced from the highest

and most reliable authorities. In three parts, with Svo.

illustrations. Hymos, Ancient and Modern, and Appendix with Tunes. 16mo.

Claxton, Remsen, and Haffelfinger, Philadelphia. The Reason Why-Domestic Science.

Gems of German Lyrics : consisting of Selections from The Gardener's and Farmer's Reason Why.

Rueckert, Lenan, Chamisso, and others. TransVoltaire's Charles XII., in French, with Notes, and lated into English verse, by Henry D. Wireman.

10 English Vocabulary. By Gustave Masson, B. A., Taopi and bis Friends; or, The Indian's Wrongs and Assistant Master of Harrow School.

Rights. The Vicar of Ballhampton. By Anthony Trollope. Erastus Darrow, Rochester, New York. Lippincott's English Classics. (Pocket volumes.) A Daily Walk with God in his own Ordinances ; or the The Life and Teachings of Monsius. Edited by Jas. Bible Standard of Duty, as exemplified in the PrimiLegge, D.D.

tive Christians. By Rev. Stephen Porter.

MAY 15, 1869.

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AMONG THE Crags; or, Legends of the Covenanters. 18mo. EGAN Blue Eyed Witch : or, Not a Friend in the World. By pp. 182. N, Y.: Am. Tr, Soc. C. 40 cts.

Pierce Egan. Svo. Pp. 179.

N. Y.: R. M. De Wilt.


75 cts. ASPECTS OF HUMANITY, Brokenly Mirrored in the Ever Swell

ing Current of Human Speech. 12u1o. pp. 55. Phila.: J. B. FARMING BY INCHES ; or, “With Brains, Sir!" Svo. pp. 123. Lippincott & Co. CI. 75 cts.

Bost. : A. K. Loring. Pap. 50 cts. AU DO BON. Life of J. J. Audubon. Edited by his Widow. FAY. Norman Leslie ; a New York Story. By T. S. Fay.

Portr. Svo. pp. 420. N. Y.: G. P. Putnam & Son. CI. *2 50. 12mo. pp. 395. N. Y.: G. P. Putnam & Son. Cl. 31 75. BARRETT. The Story of William the Silent and the Nether- Erickson. Good Measure; a Story for Boys. By D. E. Erick

land War. By Mary Barrett. Maps and Illustr. 16mo. pp. 80n. 16mo, pp. 377. Bost. H. A. Young & Co. CI. $1 50. 480. Bost.: Warren & Blakeslee. CI. $150.

FARRAGUT. See MONTGOMERY. BAYLEY. The New Tale of a Tub. An Adventure in Verse.

FESSENDEN. Selections from the Sermons, Addresses, etc., of By F. W. N. Bayley. Illustr. Svo. pp. 23. N. Y.; J. Wiley

S. C. Fessenden. Portr. 12mo. Pp. 267. N. Y.: W. P. & Son. CI. 75 cts.

Tomlinson, CI $2. BEECHER. The Sermons of H. W. Beecher, from verbatim re

GERARDY. Centaurine. By D. Gerardy. 8vo. pp. 56. N. Y. : ports by T. J. Ellinwood. First Series, Sept. 1868—March,

The Author. Pap. 25 cts. 1869. Portr. sv0. pp. vi, 438. N, Y.; J. B. Ford & Co. CI. $2 50.

GIRL (THE) OF THE PERIOD; and the Fashionable Woman of BERRIEDALE. Unforgiven. A Norel. By Berriedale. 12mo.

the Period. 12mo. pp. 24. N. Y.: J. S. Redfield. Pap. 10 cts, pp. 125. N. Y.: G S Wilcox. Cl. $1 75.

HANN Hann. Eudoxia; a Picture of the 5th Century. From

the German of Ida Countess Hahn Haba. 12mo. pp. 297. BourdiLLON. The Parables of our Lord Explained and Applied. By Rev. F. Bourdillon. 12mo. pp. 320. N. Y.: Am.

Balt. : Kelly & Piet. Cl. $1 50. Tr. Soc. CI. SO cts.

HALL. History of Vermont, from its Discovery to its Admis

sion into the Union. BRACE. The New West; or, California in 1867–8. By C. L.

By H. Hall. Map. 8vo. pp. xii., 521. Brace.

CI. $t. 12mo. pp. 373. N. Y.; G. P. Putnam & Son. Cl.

Albany: J. Munsell. $175.

HANEY'S ART op TRAINING ANIMALS. Illustr. 12mo. pp. 210. BRAMLEIGH (THE) OF Bishop's FOLLY. A Novel. 8vo. Pp.

N. Y.: J. Haney & Co. Pap. 50 cts. 183. N. Y.: Harper & Bros. Pap. 50 cts.

HARKNESA. Elements of Latin Grammar. By A. Harkness. Brown. Thoughts Suggested by the Perusal of Gilfillan, etc.,

12mı). pp. xii., 156. N. Y.; D. Appleton & Co.

Hf, roan,

$1 25. on the Sabbath. By Rev. T. B Brown. 21mo. pp. 125. Alfred Center. N, Y.: A. Sab, Tr. Soc. CI. 75 cts.

HARRI BLAKE'S TROUBLE. 18mo. pp. 116. N. Y.: Am. Tr.

Soc. CI. 35 cts.
BUYSTEAD. On the Wing. A Book for Sportsmen. By J.
Bumstead. Illustr. 16mo. pp. 274. Bost : Fields, Osgood

Holcombe. The Sexes Here and Hereafter. By W. H. Hol& Co. CI. $2 50.

combe, M. D. pp. 277. Phila. : J. B. Lippincott &

Co. CI. $150.
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Baroness Bunsen. Second edition. Abridged and Corrected.

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