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MAY 15, 1869.

Svo. PP

MOC'Irge. Poems. By W. J. McClure. 12mo. pp. 148. N. Y.: 1 Rosy DAWN STORIES. 6 vols. 18mo. pp. 160 each. Bost.: H.
P O Skea, CI. $150.

A. Young & Co. ci. In box, $t 50. Containing :-
The Picnic Party.

The Water Cress Girl. W KIEVER Breakers Ahead; or, Larry Dalton. By larriet

The Little Indian.

The Twin Brothers. B. McKeever. lomo. pp. 283. Phila. : J. P. Skeily & Co.

The Violet Girls.

The Two Birthdays. CL $1 25.

ROWELL. NA TEY. The Symbolism of Freemasonry. By A. G, Mackey,

G. P. Rowell & Co.'s American Newspaper DirecM. D. 12mo. Pp. 365. N. Y.; Clark & Maynard. $2 25.

tory; containing all the Newspapers and Periodicals pub.

lished in the United States aud Territories, Canada, and the VASTILLA Reciprocal Method for Learning Spanish or Engo

British Colonies of North America, etc. Svo. pp. 358. N. Y.: Metodo Bilingüe para Aprender el Inglés y el Es

G. P. Rouell & Co. CI. $5. patol. Por L. F. Mantilla, 12mo. Pp. X., 250. N. Y.:D

RUTHERFORD Appleton & Co. Hf, road, $1 50.

A Garden of Spices: extracts from the Religious WARRTAT. The Girls of Feversham. By Florence Marryat.

Letters of Rev. S. Rutherford ; with Essay, by Rev. A. C.

George, etc. 12mo. pp. 288. Cinc. : Hitchcock & Walden. Cl. Svo PP. 131.

Bost. : A. K. Loring. Pap. 75 cts. VARSI. The Tennesseean io Persia and Koordistan. Scenes SANDERSON. Jesus on the Holy Mount. By J. Sanderson, D.D. ap 1 incidents in the Life of S. A. Rhea. By Rev. D. W.

12ino. pp. 278. N. Y.: Am. Tr. Soc. C1, 50 cts. Marsh. 12mo. pp. 381. Phila. : Pres. Pub. Com. CI. $175.

SCOTT. Lame Allen. By Mrs. Scott. 16 mo. pp. 117.

Bost. : IELFILLE. The White Rose. A Novel By W. Melville

H. Hoyt. Cl. 75 cts. 16mo. Pp 3.57. Phila.: J. B. Lippincott & Co. Pap. 75 cls.

Semmes. Memoirs of Service Afloat during the War between (London print.)

the States. By R. Sem mes. Ports. aud Illusts. VOTOONERY Our Admiral's Flag Abroad. The Cruise of 833. Bait. : Kelly, Piet & Co. Cl. $5. Admiral Farragut in 1867-8, in the Flag-Ship Franklin. By

SHAW. The New Commandment. By Miss Jennie R. Shaw. J. E. Muotgomery. Illustr. Large Sro. pp. xri , 464. N. Y.: GP. Punam & Son. CI. $7; mor. $12. (By subscription.)

16mo. pp. 378. Bost.: Warren & Blakeslee. C1. $1. NE Naray Davenport. By Mrs. J. F. Moore. 16mo. pp.

Shining Hour SERIER. 8 vols. 18mo, pp. 160 each. N. Y.: N.

Tibbals & Co. Bost.: H. Hoyt. Cl. $1 50.

lu box, $4 80. (Edinburgh print.) Contain

ing:MORALNE. Shining Hours. By Paul Moraine. 16mo. pp. 394. Sunday Scholars.

Cousins Reconciled. Bist.: D. Lothrop & Co. ci. $1 50.

Annot's Pupil.

Goldsinith's Widow. WORKING STAR SERIES. 10 vols. 18mo. pp. 32 each. N. Y.:

Lycée Boys.

Martyr shepherd. 3. Tibals & Co. C1. In box, $1 30. (Edinburgh print.)

Herbert and Hugh.

Little Alfred. Cuataining:

Smith. History of Pittsfield, Mass., from 1734 to 1800. By J. Little Stories for Little People.

E. A. Smith. Portr. and Ilustr. Svo. pp. xii., 318. Bost. : Simple Tales for Youthful Readers.

Lee & Shepard. CI. $3. Fide Pictures and Nice Readings.

SMITH AND GrisCOM. The Two Prize Essays on the Physical Little Reading Book.

Iudications of Longevity. By J. V. C. Smith, M. D., and Short Stories, Toang Child's Picture Book.

J. H. Griscom, M, D. Svo. pp. 94, 112, 58, 16. N. Y.: W.

Wood & Co. Flex. cl. 75 cts.
Tables in Verse.
Maggie's Windows.

STEARNS. Temperance Hymn Book. A Collection of Choice Harry's Escape.

Songs and Hymas adapted to familiar Tunes. Compiled by Eyes for Everything.

J. N. Stearns. 24mo. pp. 128. N. Y.: Nat. Temp. Soc.

Bds. 15 cts. WCHLENBERG. Christ and the Bible ; not the Bible and Christ. by Rev. W. A. Muhlenberg. lsmo. pp. 52. N. Y.: A. D.

The Temperance Speaker: a Collection of Original and Se. F. Randolph & Co. Flex. cl. 40 cts.; cl. 60 cts.

lected Dialogues, addresses, &c. For Temperance Organizations, Schools, &c. Edited by J. N. Stearus.

18mo. PP SAPIER, Tommy Try, and what he did in Science. Illustr.

288. N. Y.: Nat. Temp. Soc. Cl. 75 cts. Cr. Svo pp. vii., 303. N. Y.: D. Appleton & Co. C1. $1 75.

STORRS. Annual Address before the Society of Inquiry, Union Sell's Mission. 18mo. pp. 139. N. Y.: R. Carter & Bros. Theol. Sem., Feb. 14, 1869. By Rev. R. S. Storrs, D. D. 1 60 cts.

Svo. pp. 30. N. Y.: Am. I'resh. Review Office. Pap. 25 cts. 5 York. Reports of Cases in the Court of Appeals of New The Hunter's GODE AND TRAPPER'S COMPANION. A complete York. By J Tiffany. Vol. 12. 8vo. Pp. 617. Albany:

guide in all the various methods by which to capture all W. Gould & Son Shp. $3 50.

kinds of game, fur animals, and how to cure and tan their SIENETER. Clinical Lectures on Pulmonary Phthisis. Trans. skins. 16mo. new ed. pp. 60. Hinsdale, N. H.: Hunter from the 2d German edition, by J. L. Parke. 12.v. pp. 116. & Co. NY: W. Wood & Co. Pap. $1 25; cl, $1 50.

TRANSCRIPT APPEALS. Vol. 6. The File of Opinions in Cases ÔLITE'S WORLD. 18mo. pp. 189. Phila. : Am. S. S. Union, Cl. before the Court of Appeals of New York, March Term. 1808.

8vo. Pp. xvii., 380. N. Y.: Transcript A8800. Pap. $1. PARTER. Hand-Book of the Great West. A Record of Statistics Twenty-Five Cents; or, The Grateful Irish Boy. 18mo. pp. ard Farts, with Practical Suggestions to Immigrants, etc. 126. Phila. : Am. S. S. Un. CI. 40 cts. By N. A. Parker. Maps. 8vo. pp. 162. N. Y.: Am. News.

WALLACE. The Malay Archipelago; with Studies of man and Co. Pap. $1.

Nature. By A R. Wallace Illustr. Cr. Svo. Pp. 638. Pastok. Will the Coming Man drink Wine? By J. Parton. N. Y.: Harper & Bros. CI. $3 50. lê mo. pp. 23, N. Y. : Nat Temp. Soc. Pap. 10 cts.

WARING, Earth-Closets: How to make them, and How to PETIT (LE) CATECHISME DE QUEBEC. 32mo. Pp. 144. Bost. : Use them. By G. E Waring, Jr. Second edition. 16io. pp. P. Donaloe. Pap. 10 cts.

45. N. Y.: Tribune A8800 Pap. 25 cts. PEILIPS.

Sketches for the Fireside. By Rose Phillips. WELLS. Report of the Special Commissioner of the Revenue, Ismo. Pp. 180. Phila. : Claxton, Remsen, & Haffelfinger. January, 1869. 8vo. Pp. 53. N. Y.: Eve. Post Office. Pap. CL 15 cts.

10 cts. QTEER DISCOUR3E3 on Queer Proverbs. By Old Merry. Sq. White (The) FOREIGNERS from Over the Water, Illustr. 16mo. 12mo. Pp. 136. Phila. : Claxton, Remsen, & Haffelfinger. Pp. 33. N. .: An, Tr. Soc. C1. 8. CL $1 30. (Loodon print.)

W 11.son. Digest of Parliamentary Law; also, the Rules of the 1973 AND WILLIAMSON. Hymns in the Dakota Language. Senate and House of Representatives, Constitution and Edited S. R. and J. P. Williamson, 18mo. Pp. 184.

Amendments, etc By 0. M. Wilson. 2d ed on. mo. SI: Am. Tr. Soc. Ci, 35 cts.

Phila. : Kay & Bros. CI. *2 30.

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pp. xli, 463

WORKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED IN GREAT BRITAIN, Her's Conrse of Sermons, 12mo. 58. cl.

Barker's Joint-Stock Companies Directory, 8vo. 218 cl. AdTeatures of Mrs. Hardcastle, by Lady Charles Thynne, 318. Barnes's Early England and the Saxon-English, 12m10, 38. cl.

Barnes's New and Improved System of Bookkeeping, 8vo. 11s. Algs ie's New Testament, from Greek Text of Tischendorf. cl. 2.00. 5.

Baxter's Taxation of the United Kingdom, Svo. 48. 6d. cl. limp. All ri's New Testament, revised, cr. 8vo. 68. cl.

Berjeau's Early Dutch, German, and English Printer's Marks, American Year Book, &c., for 1869, by D. N. Camp, Vol. 1, 8vo.

10$. 61.

Besant's Conic Sections, treated Geometrically, 12mo. 48. 6.1. Abea Ross, by Kennedy, new edit. 12mo. 18. swd.

cl. Anal Judy's May.Day Volume, ed. by Mrs. Gatty, 16mo. 58. Bosanquet's How shall I Pray? Sermons to Children, 10mo. cl.

18. 64. cl. Banserman's (J.) Sermons, cr. 8vo. 58. cl.

Boyce's Catechetical llints and Helpe, 18mo 28. cl. Baaks's (E. G., Hiuts on Oxford and Cambridge Aquatics, 38. Bradshaw's Invalid's Guide to the Continent, by Lee, 12mo.

78. 6. cl.

MAY 15, 1869.

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Bremner's Industries of Scotland, their Rise, Progress, &c., | Lee's (W.) Defoe, his Life and recently discovered Writings, 108. 60, cl.

368. cl. Brown's Civil Service, Army & University Arithmetical Guide, Le Fanu's Uncle Silas, 12mo. 24 bds 28.

Lever's that Boy of Norcott's, Svo. 128. cl. Bustamante's Spanish and English Dictionary, 18mo. 68. cl. Light at Eventide, Large Print Readings for the Sick, &c., 18. By-Goue Days in our Village, by J. W. L, 120. 28. cl.

60. cl. Cambridge University Calendar, 1869, 12mo, ts. cl.

Linton's He is not Guilty, cr. 8vo. 18, swd. Campbell's (A. G.) Life or Fra Polo Sarpi, 8vo. 78. 60. cl. Macdonald's Sound and Color, their Relations, 8vo. 38. 64. cl. Carlyle's Frederick the Great, Vols 5, 6, and 7, cr. Svo. 218. cl. Maclaren's Select Writings, ed. by Cox and Nicol, 2 vols. 158. Carlyle's History of the French Revolution, Vol 3, 8vo. 98. cl. cl. Carpenter's Lessous on the Four Gospels, 12ino. 18. 4d, limp. Macmillan's Magazine, Vol. 19, 8vo. 78, 6d. cl. Cassell's Illustrated Shakspeare, ed. by Clarke, Vol. 3, 128. od. Madame Silva's Secret, by Mrs. Eiloart, 3 vols. cr. Svo. 138. 6d. cl.

cl. Catalogne of Graduates in Univer. of Dublin (1591 to 1868), Malan's (Cæsar) Life, Labors, and Writings, by his Son, 78. 6d. Svo. 108. 6d.

cl. Cheshire's key to Commercial Invoices, 16mo. 38. 6d. cl. Martineau's (11.) Biographical Sketches, 1852–1868, 2d edit. Chope's Hymual, large type, cr. 8vo. 28. 6d. limp.

89. 641. Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain and Ireland, Vol. Mary Stanley, or the Secret Ones, 2 vols. c. 8vo. 318. 63. cl. 3, 108.

Maskell's Present Position of the High Church Party, Svo. 68. Church Association Lectures, 1869, 8v0. 28. 6d, limp.

cl. Cicero de Oficiis, Libri Tres, ed by Holden, cr. Svo. Mertonsville Park, or Herbert's Choice, cr, 8vo. 58. cl. Colet's Two Treatises on the Hierarchies of Dionysius, 8vo. Miller's (J.) Singers and Songs of the Church, post 8vo. 108.6d. 128. cl.

cl. Cook's Leo, a Novel, 12mo. 28. bds.

Miss Langley's Will, a Tale, 2 vols, cr. 8vo. 218. cl. Cooper's Novels, Vol. 7, cr. Svo. 2s. 6d. cl.

Moberly's Venerabilis Bæde Historia Ecclesiastica, 108. 61, el. Corner's Children's Owo Sunday Book, 12mo. 28. cl.

Moxon's Standard Penny Readings, ed. by Tom. Hood, 12mo. Count Seleki, a Story of Modern Jewish Life, cr. 8vo. 98. cl. 38. 6d cl D'Aumale's (Duc) Military Institutions of France, cr. 8vo. 68. Murphy's Habit and Intelligence, 2 vols. Sro. 168. cl. cl.

Naval Surgeon, by the Author of “Cavendish," 12mo. 28. bds. Davidson's Precedents in Conveyancing, Vol. 2, Part 2, 278. cl. Oldbury, by Annie Keary, 3 vols. cr. Svo. 318.6d, el. Davies's (W.) Works, by D. S. Evans, 3 vols. 8vo. 218. cl. Ouseley's (Sir F. A. G.) Treatise on Counterpoiot, 4to. 168. cl. Davis's Arithmetical Examples, and Key, 12mo 3s. cl. Peasant Life, Sketches of the Villagers, &c. of Glenaldie, cr. Dean's History of Civilization (7 vols.), Vols. I and 2, 8vo. 188. 8vo. 98. each.

Perry's (A.) Carthage and Tunis, Past and Present, 8vo. 188. Delamotte's Progressive Drawing Book for Beginners, cr. 8vo. cl. 28. 60.

Pinckney's Map of London, on roller, colored and varnished, De Rothschild's Letters on Judaism, 12mo. 28. 6d. cl.

58. Dingelstedt's (F.) The Ainazon, an Art Novel, fc. 8vo. 78. 6d. cl. Pinder's (North) Selections from Less-Known Latin Poets, 148. Dione, and other Poems, fc. 78. el,

cl. Direks's Nature and Study, 8vo. 129. 6d. cl.

Pinder's Selections from Less Known Latin Poets, 8vo. 158. cl. Dircks's Scientific Studies, 12o. 38. cl.

Plato's Apology of Socrates and Clito, by W. Wagner, 12mo. Dodd's Dictionary of Manufactures, Mining, &c., cr. Svo. 58. cl. 48. 6d. cl. Dolby's Highway Account-Book, tto. ts. bds.

Plymouth Pulpit: Sermons of H. W. Beecher, Brooklyn, 108. Doubles and Quits, by L. W. M. Lockhart, 2 vols. post 8vo. 64. cl. 218. cl.

Poitevin's Lectures de la Littérature Française, 12mo. 68. 6d. Dublin Acrostics, 2d edit. sq. 38. 6d. cl.

cl. Dunn's Teaching, its Pleasures, Trials, &c., cr. Svo. 28. 6d. cl. Pridham's (A.) Notes and Reflections on 2d Corinthians, 58. cl. Earley's How to Grow Mushrooms, 12mo. 18. swd.

Puttenham's Arte of Euglish Poesie (Arber's Reprints, No. 15), Fairbairn's Iron, its History, Manufacture, &c., 3d edit. Svo. 2s. 108. 60.

Racine, Théatre Complet, Notes by Lemaistre, 12mo 38. 6d. cl. Festu's Conjugation of French Verbs, 2d edit. cr. 8vo. 18. swd. Robertson's Auswers to Arithmetic, 12mo. 28. 6d. limp. Figuier's Iosect World, revised by Janson, 8vo. 168. cl. Robinson's For Her Sake, 3 vols, cr. Svo. 318, 6d. cl. Figuier's Ocean World, 8vo. 168. cl.

Rossini's Life, by H. Sutherland-Edwards, Svo. 158. cl. Five Centuries of the English Language and Literature, 18mo. Royal Picture Gallery of Kings and Queens of England, 23. 6d. 2x.

cl. Gibbon's Roman Empire, 7 vols. (Bohn's Lib.), 12mo. 218. cl. Ruff's Guide to the Turf, 1869, cr. 8vo. 38. 6d. limp. Girdlestone's Dies Irae, the Judgment, cr. 8vo. 68. cl.

Sacristan's Household, The, 2 vols. cr. Svo, 218. cl. Goethe's Egmont, Noles by Buchheim, 12mo. 38. cl.

Salts and Senna, a Character in Seven Doses, 12mo. 38. cl. Good Society, a Complete Manual of Manners, 12mno. 58. cl. Sans Merci, by Author of "Guy Livingstone, cr. Svo. 28. bds. Gothamite's Acrostics from across the Atlantic, &c., 16mo. 28. Shakspeareana Genealogica, coin piled by G. R. French, 8vo. od cl

158. cl. Goubaud's (Madame) Book of Guipure d'Art, 98 illust. 28. cl. Simpson's Plain Words on the Psalms, 12mo. 68. cl. Gould's Curious Myths of the Middle Ages, I vol. new edit. 68. Smith's (D. M.) Tales of Chivalry and Romance, 12mo. 38. 6d. cl.

cl. Grant's The Girl he Married, 3 vols, cr. 8vo. 318. Bd. cl. Songs and Verses, Social and Scientific, enlarged, fc. 8vo. 35. Gray's Country Attorney's Practice, by Patterson, 9th edit. 218.

6d cl. cl.

Southey's (R.) Book of the Church (Chandos Lib.) 12mo. 38. 6d. Hanover Square, Vol. 3, royal 8vo. 78. 6d. cl.

cl. Helps's Life of Pizzaro, cr 8vo. 68 cl.

Steps in the Dark, by H, M. 12mo. 28. cl. Herrick's (R.) Poems and other Remains, by Hazlitt, 2 vols. Stray Leaves from the Journal of One in Heaven, 16mo. 18. 6d. 88. cl.

cl. Hill's Life of Napoleon III , Svo. 98. cl.

Stretton's (Rev. H.) Progressive Latin Lesson-Book, 12mo. 2s. Home from India, a Novel, by John Pomeroy, 2 vols. cr. 8vo. 6/1. cl. 218.

Styffe's Iron and Steel, from the Swedish of Sandberg, Svo. Hood's Jingles and Jokes, 16mo. gilt extra, 28. 6d. cl.

128. cl. Hood's Jingles and Jokes for the Little Folks, fc. 4to. 18. bds. Symon's (G. J.) British Rainfall, 1868, 8vo. 58, cl. Household Words, conducted by Charles Dickens, Vol. 3, 8vo. Taylor's (Bayard) Views Afoot, or Europe Seen with Knap38. 6d

sack, le od Howard's (G., Earl of Carlisle) Poems, 12no. 68. cl.

Taylor's Holy Living and Dying, 18mo. each 18. cl. limp. Hughes's Solutions of Problems for Junior Scholarships, 12mo. Taylor's Holy Living and Dying, new edit., 18mo. 28. od. cl. 58.

The Jesus of History, Svo. 124. cl. Hughlings' Logic of Names, Intro. to Boole's Laws of Thought, Tim Doolan, the Irish Emigrant, cr. Svo. 38. 6d. el. 28. 60.

Tim Peglar's Secret, 18mo. 18. 6d. cl. lumann's Nautical Tables for British Seamen, roy. 8vo. 168. cl. Todd's Parliamentary Goverument, 2 vols., Vol. 2, 8vo. 218. cl. Inwards's Weather Lore, a Collection of Proverbs, &c., cr. Traill's Afar in the Forest, Life, &c. in Canada, 12mo. 28. cl. Syo. 28.

Travels of Fah-Hian and Sung-Yun, by Samuel Beal, 108. Jones's English System of Bookkeeping, Part 1, cr. 8vo. 38. limp. Trea-ury of Devotion, a Manual of Prayers, ed. by Carter, Kelly's (W.) Lectures on St. Paul's Epistles, cr. 8vo. 1 s. 6d. cl, 18mo. 28. 6d. Kiplock's (Lord) Faith's Jewels, and other Verses, cr. 8vo. 58. Trip Round the World, “ Europe." sq. 18. swd. cl.

Uhland's Poems, trans, into English Verse, by Sandars, cr. Kitto's Cyclopædia of Biblical Literature, cheap reissue, Vol. 8vo. 58. cl. 3, 188.

Wadham's English Versification, cr. Svo. 4s. Bd, cl. Krummacher's Elijah the Tishbite, 32mo. 1$. 60. cl.

Waite's Tables for Cubing Timber, 18 on card. Lamb': (Charles) Memoir, by Barry Cornwall, new edit. 8vo. Warren's (Mrs.) A House and its Furnishings, &c., cr. 8vo. 1s. Is, cl

swd. Lardner's Electric Telegraph, revised by Bright, cr. 8vo. 38. White's Guide to Civil Service, by Ewald, 10th edit. 12mo. 28. 60 cl.

6d cl. Lattey's Handybook to Judicial Committee of Privy Council, Will Watch, by the Author of "Cavendish." 12mo. 29. bds. 6s, cl.

Wood's (Ed. J.) Wedding-Day in all Ages and Couutries, 2 vols. Laughton's (Rev. J. B.) Christ the Counsellor, cr. 8vo. 78. 6d. cl.

Wood's (Lady) Sabina, 12mo 2s. bds.

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el London. Vol. X. for 1869. Sro. $7 50.

Diabetes. Second Edition. Svo. $3.

BRAIDWOOD, P. M.-On Pyemia or Suppurative Fever.
PAVY, F. W.-Researches on the Nature and Treatment FRESENIUS, C. R.--Qualitative Chemical Analysis.

MAY 15, 1869.
Wr. Wood & Co. respectfully offer their services to the Trade in supplying all Medical and
Scientific Books, Plates, &c. With the most complete and the largest stock in the country, and
musurpassed facilities for obtaining everything not published by themselves

, they believe they can fill orders with the greatest promptness and on the most favorable terms. Their importations of

ENGLISH SCIENTIFIC BOOKS have been very large this season, and their stock is very complete. New supplies have just been received of the following


YARSDEN, ALEX.-A New and Successful mode of HAUGHTON, S.—The Three Kingdoms of Nature briefly

Treating certain Forms of Cancer, 8vo. Colid plates. $3 25. Described. Illustrated. 12mo. $3 25. SYITH, R. A.-Disinfectants and Disinfection. 8vo. WURTZ, AD.- A History of Chemical Theory from the 2 50.

Age of Lavoisier to the Present Time. Translated by H. HARLEY, J.—The Old Vegetable Neurotics : Hemlock,

Watts. 12ino. $3. Opium, Belladonna, and Henbaue. Svo. $6.

NORTHCOTT, W. H.-A Treatise on Lathes and Turn. NOMENCLATURE OF DISEASE. Drawn up by a joint

ing: Simple, Mechanical, and Ornamental. Numerous illus.

trations. Svo. $9. Committee appointed by the Royal College of Physicians of London. Svo. $1 75.

BUCHANAN, ALEX.-Handy-Book of Meteorology.

Second Edition. 12mo. $1 25. CARPENTER, W. B.-Principles of Human Physiology. Edited by Henry Power, M. B. Lond. Seventh Ed. svo. $14. SOMERVILLE, MARY.—On Molecular and Microscopio

Science. Two vols, 12mo. $10 50. SQUIRE, P.—The Pharmacopias of the Seventeen London Hospitals. Second Edition. 16mo. $2 50.

CARPENTER, W.-The Microscope and its Revelations. HOOPER'S PHYSICIAN'S VADE-MECUM. Eighth Fourth Edition. 16mo. $6 25.

Edition, revised by Drs. Guy and Harley. 16mo. $6 25. PHILLIPS, J. A.— The Mining and Metallurgy of Gold
YEDICINE IN MODERN TIMES. By Drs. STOKES, and Silver. Royal 8vo. $15 75.
Årets, and others. 12mo. $3 75.

APPLEBY'S ILLUSTRATED HAND-BOOK OF MA. DUNCAN, J. M.- A Treatise on Perimetritis and Para

chinery aud Trop work. Svo. *6 25. metritis. 2o. $3. SMITH, E., The Wasting Diseases of Infants and Child- DONALDSON, W.-On the Art of Constructing Arches tea. 12mo. $375.

with Spiral Courses. Svo. $1 50. GUY, W. A.–The Principles of Forensic Medicine. COLBURN, Z.-An Inquiry into the Nature of Heat, Third Edition. 167o. $6 25.

and into its Mode of Action, &c. 8vo. $1. QUAIN'S ELEMENTS OF ANATOMY. Seventh Ed. YOUNG, C. T. F.—The Fouling and Corrosion of Iron Edited by Drs. Sharpy, Thompson, and Clelland. Two vols. Ships; their Causes and Means of Prevention, &c. 8vo. $5 23. ERICHSEN, J. E.—The Science and Art of Surgery. MAYNARD, H. S.- The Viaducts Work's Hand-Book : Elth Edition, enlarged and carefully revised.

Being a Collection of Examples from Actual Practice. Svo.

$2 50. WINSLOW, F-The Obscure Diseases of the Brain, and BURGH, N. P—The Indicator Diagram Practically Disorders of the Mind. Fourth Ed., revised. 12mo. $5 25.

Considered. 12mo. $3 75. BELL, BENJAMIN.-The Life, Character, and Writings CHAPMAN, R.-A Treatise on Ropo-Making, as Prac

tised in Public and Private Yards. 16mo. $150. SCHERFLER, H.-The Theory of Ocular Defects and CULLEN, W-On the Construction of the Turbine, or espectacles. Translated by R. B. Carter. 12mo. $375. Horizontal Water-wheel. 4to. Ilustrated. $3. THOMPSON, H.-The Diseases of the Prostate : their

Supplement to the same. 4to. $2 25. Pala siogy and Treat ment. Third Edition. Svo. $5. BAKER, B.—Diagrams giving the Weight of Iron Gir.

ders up to 200 feet span. $1 50. BURGH, N. P.-A Treatise on Sugar Machinery : In

cluding the Process of Producing Sugar from Cane, &c. &c.

4to. $15 00. POWEN, RICHARD.—The Anatomy of the Vertebrates. DELASSAUX and ELLIOTT.–Street Architecture : A $36 30.

Series of Shop Fronts and Façades. 4to. $6 25.


61 Walker Street,

Sro, $15 ij.

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Two vols.

d. 12o. $1 75.

Seventh Edition. Edited by Arthur Vacher.

8vo. $150.

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MAY 15, 1869.


To be Published during the Spring and Summer of 1869, by



Will be Ready May 25th.

WATERLOO; A Sequel to the Conscript of 1813. By ERCKMANN-CHATRIAN. 1 vol. 12mo., uniform with Madame Therese and The ConsCRIPT. With six

full-page illustrations. Price $1 50.

In this volume, Joseph, “the Conscript,” continues the story so charmingly begun in the work to which this is the sequel. It is characterized by the same exquisite simplicity of style and fidelity to nature which distinguish all the productions of ERCKMANN-Cuatrian, while its description of the Battle of Waterloo, coming, as it pretends to do, from a soldier actually engaged in the great struggle, is one of the most vivid and graphic ever written.

FOREIGN MISSIONS: Their Relations and Claims. By Rev. Rupos Anderson, D. D., LL. D., Secretary of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign

Missions. 1 vol. 12ino. Price $1 75.

Dr. ANDERSON's life-long devotion to the cause of Foreign Missions, and his thorough acquaintance with the subject in all its bearings, fit him, beyond any other writer, to discuss their relations and claims. From its broad and comprehensive views, and eloquent presentation of facts-many of them new to the large majority of readersthis volume is sure to excite renewed interest in the great work to the discussion of which it is devoted.

Will be published about June:


STATES. By Theodore D. Woolsey, D. D., LL. D., President of Yale College. 1 vol. 12mo.

The Essays here brought together originally appeared in the New Englander, where they attracted wide attention from the exactness and thoroughness with which they discussed the legal aspects of this great question, as well as from the sound discrimination displayed in the examination of its social aspects.

DR. BUSHNELL ON WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE. WOMEN'S SUFFRAGE: The Reform against Nature. By Horace BUSHNELL, D. D. 1 vol. 12mo. $1 50.

The title of this work sufficiently explains the view which Dr. BUSHNELL takes of this much-debated question. The discussion is marked by that force and originality which uniformly distinguish Dr. Bushnell's writings.

Will be Ready soon: THE ILLUSTRATED LIBRARY OF WONDERS. GREAT HUNTS. Adventures on the Great Hunting Grounds of the World. By Victor MEUNIER. Il

lustrated with twenty-two wood-cuts. 1 vol. 12.o., uniform with TouNDER AND LIGHTNING, WONDERS or Optics, and WONDERS OF Heat. Price $1 50.

Also Just Published: CHIPS FROM A GERMAN WORKSHOP. By Max MULLER, M. A., Fellow of All Souls College,

Oxford ; Author of " Lectures on the Science of Language,” etc. Reprinted from the second London revised edition, with copious Index. Vol. I. Essays On The Science of Religion. Vol. II. Essays on MYTHOLOGY, TRADITIONS, AND Customs. 2 vols. crown 8vo., uniform with LECTURES ON LANGUAGE. Price $5 00.

THE WONDERS OF HEAT. Ninety illustrations. 1 vol. 12mo. Price $1 50.
THE WONDERS OF OPTICS. Seventy illustrations. 1 vol. 12mo. Price $1 50.
THUNDER AND LIGHTNING. Thirty-nine illustrations. 1 vol. 12mo. Price $1 50.

These books sent, post paid,

any address, upon receipt of price.


654 Broadway, New York.

MAY 15, 1869.




654 Broadway, New York.

I. THE DIVINITY OF OUR LORD. THE BAMPTON LECTURES FOR 1866, preached before the University of Oxford. By HENRY PARRY LIDDON, M. A.

Edition. 12mo. Cloth extra, pp. 535. $2 50.



additional Sermons, each of which has obtained unusual popularity and favor. One vol. 12mo., uniforin with the above. $1 75.

III. In Preparation, by the same Author, Crown Svo., price $2 50: OCCASIONAL SERMONS. Completing the Uniform Edition of H. P. Lippon's Works.

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IV. FAMILY LIBRARY. A series of Origida! and Select Works in Biography, Voyages and Travels, Natural History and Science, &c. &c.; each in 16mo.,

cloth extra, with Portraits and Plates, viz.:1 The Life of Mahomet, Founder of tbe Religion of Islam, and buted more than any other work to form the taste of the of the Empire of the Saracens. By the Rev. SAMUEL GREEN. French nation, and give it a true relish for propriety and Frontispiece. Price $1 75.

correctness. : Sketches of Imposture, Deception, and Credulity. By the 10. D. Davidson's Pocket Biblical Dictionary, condensed from late R. A. DAVENPORT. Fine portrait. 81 75.

Calmet, Brown, Clarke, &c. 1 Smo. 1 2.5. 3 The Court and Camp of Buonaparte. With a full-length 11. Connection of Sacred and Profane History. 18mo. portrait of Prince Talleyrand, and other portraits. $1 75.

$1 25. The Life and Times of Richard I., surnamed Cour de Lion, Davidson's works are all but indispensable to the Bible King of England. By W. E AYTOUN, D. C. L., author of student, Sunday-school teacher, and, indeed, all engaged in

*Bothwell, “ Lays of the Scottish Cavaliers," &c. $1 75. tuition.
5 Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft. By Sir WALTER 12. Things Worth Knowing; or, The Book of Practical Infor.

Govt. Bart. Frontispiece, and numerous etchings by George mation, for the Younger Branches, 18mo. $1.
Craik hank. $2.

13. Vathek, an Arabian Tale. By WILLIAM BECKFORD. A new The Ereotfal History of the Mutiny and Piratical Seiznre of edition ; with Memoir, and copious explanatory notes. Illusthe Bouoty. by John BARROW, F. R. S. Ilustrated. $1 75. trated with full-page engravings. Fcp. 8vo. $1 25. 7. Lives of Individuals who raised themselves from Poverty 14. Cabinet Series. Illustrated. Imp. 32mo. Each $1. ja Eminence or Fortune. By the late R. A. DAVENPORT. 1. Robin Hood's Songs and Ballads. Edited hy Joux Hic $1 75.

LIN (of Nottingham). & History of the Mutiny at Spithead and the Nore. By J. II. Seven Chainpions of Christendom. A new and complete Ralf, Esq., anthor of "Cavendish " With ap Inquiry into

edition, its Origin and Treatment. With a portrait of Richard Par III. Southey's (R.) Life of Lord Nelson. With Life of the auker. $175.

thor. 3. Rochefoucauld's Moral Maxims and Reflections; with Me.

iv. Sterne's (L.) Sentimental Journey. With Life of the an

thor. noir of the Author, by the CHEVALIER DE CHATELAIX. 18mo.

v. Swift's (Jonathan) Tale of a Tab, and an Account of the 73 dents.

Battle of the Books.
Voltaire asserted that Rochefoucauld's Maxims had contri-

Mostrated with numerous Engravings. Crown 8vo. Cloth extra, *2 50.
*.*"It is a book that every young person should read.

The information which the student of these pages must seidentally acquire will be found most useful, and the grounds of our liberties, privileges, and rights may be traced clearly a car freedom-loving Saxon ancestors."

The illustrations give iacreased value to the work, which ought to be in the possession of all who care about English his

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Price 50 cents each (unless specified), bound either in stiff or flexible boards, richly illustrated.
BY THE Right Hox. B. DISRAELI, M. P.:

11. The Night Fossickers, &c. By J. S, BORLASE. 1. Young Duke: Tancred; Venetia : Contarini Fleming; Co. 12. Walter Goring. By Annie Thomas. $1. Digby: Sybil; Alroy; Ixion; Henrietta Temple; Vivian

13. On Guard, Ry ANNIE THOMAS. $1. Grey. Complete in 10 vols. Each 50 cents.

14. Doctor Weld. By M, M. Bell. $1.

15. Sir Harry and the Widows. 2 Vs Anat Prue's Railway Journey. By MRS. GASCOGNE.

16. Weary-foot Common. By LEITCH RITCHIE. 3. Lard Lyoo's Wife. By Author of "Lady Flavia.”

17. George Geith of Fen Court. By Mrs. RIDIELL. $1. 4. & rester Saand, the Somnambulist. $1.

18. Nigel Bartram's Ideal. By FLORENCE WILFORD. 5. Olime Blake's Good Work.By J. C. JEAPFREsox. $1.

19. Love's Conflict. By Miss MARRYAT. 6. Pootprints on the Road. By C. Kext. $1.

20. Woman against Woman. Tom Crackenthorpe's Adventures.

21. Gerald Estcourt. & Hanorána Sketches of Life. By ALBERT SMITH.

22. Too Good for Him. 9 Lure Mateh. By Author of "Valentine Vox.” $1.

23. For Ever and Ever.

$1 50. 10. The Saucy Arethasa. By CAPTAIN CHAMIER. $1.

VII. WARNE'S USEFUL BOOKS. (New Volumes. Full Lists may be obtained.) la foolscap 870., limp cloth or fancy boards, price 50 cents each. 1. Bird Keeping A Practical Guide. By the Author of " Home | 4. Modern Athletics. By H. F, WILKINSON. Pets." With colored plates.

6. The Horse; How to Feed him. By GEORGE ARMATAGE, M. 2 Microscope Book for Everybody. By M. C. Cooke. 1000 R. C. V.S. objects.

6. The Horse-owner and Stableman's Companion. By CEURG8 3. The Modern Fencer. By T. GRIFFITHS. With 24 pages of ARMATAGE, M. R. C. V.S. Plates.

VIIL. New, Uniform, and Com te Edition THOMAS CARLYLE'S WORKS.


Ready May 15, Vol. 3, containing THE FRENCH REVOLUTIOX; Vol. 2, THE CONSTITUTION.

These works sent postpaid, upon receipt of the price and ten per cent. in addition.

SCRIBNER, WELFORD & Co., 654 Broadway, N. Y.

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