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JUNE 1, 1869.

pp. 195.

very favorably. The repulsiveness and tediousness

RELIGIOUS. of the pure Ollendorf system are completely broken Short and Familiar Answers to the Most Common 0bdown; the various lessons, as they progress, assume jections Urged Against Religion. From the French a wider range, and should, as we suppose, really of L'Abbé de Ségur. Edited by J. V. Huntington. become interesting to the student. Elements of Latin Grammar for Schools. By Albert Tho Forty Hours. pp. 96. Harkness, Ph. D. pp. xii., 156.

Each of these is from Patrick Donahoe, Boston.

The first of them is said to have passed through Mantilla's Reciprocal Method for Learning Spanish twenty-seven editions in Frauce in about four of English. By Louis Felipe Mantilla. pp. vii., years, above one hundred thousand copies having 248.

been sold. Each of these is from D. Appleton & Co., New Why Men do not Believe; or the Principal Causes of York. The manual of Prof. Harkness is on the same plan as his larger work, which has rapidly

Infidelity. By N. J. Laforet, Rector of the CathoTeached an extended sale, but is intended for more

lic University of Louvain. pp. xiv., 251. New

York: The Catholic Publication Society. elementary instruction. The Spanish method of Prof. Mantilla seems to have been prepared judi, history and patristic literature, as might indeed be

The author appears not only familiar with church ciously and carefully. He aims at a pure and idiomatic use of the language rather than a merely expected from his position, but also conversant with literal one.

those particulars in recent literature, especially

French, in which there is a real or apparent antagoA Summary of English and French History for the nism between science and faith. We suppose he

Use of Schools. New York and Chicago : A. s. may properly be regarded as one of the most vigoBarnes & Co.

rous of recent Catholic apologists. His work is well To those who know rightly how to use them, worthy the attention of thoughtful men. The Sosmall compends, such as these, are extremely valu- ciety has issued it in an excellent style of manuable. The summary of English History occupies facture. 18 pages; that of French, 12 pages; and to these is History and Repository of Pulpit Eloquence (Deceased added a summary of American History, coming Divines), containing the Masterpieces of Bossuet, down to the close of 1868, in 46 pages.

Bourdaloue, Massillon, etc. By Henry C. Fisk, Payot's French Series.

D. D. pp. xiii., 613; vi., 616. New York: M. Henry Payot & Co., San Francisco, are issuing an

W. Dodd. elementary French series, of which two numbers

This work appeared originally in 1856 in two are before us, one being a pronouncing primer, and volumes, both of which are now bound together in the other a first reader. The latter work is not, trative of the Greek and Latin, the English, the

It contains a large number of sermons illushowever, supplied with a lexicon.

German, the Scottish, the American, and the Welsh The First Sir Books of Virgil's Æneid. With Expla- pulpit. Some of the sermons have not heretofore

Datory Notes, a Lexicon, and a Map, together appeared in print. It is scarcely necessary to say with an Appendix containing Dr. S. H. Taylor's that such a volume is a storehouse of eloquence Questions on Virgil and Metrical Index. By Ed- and faith, one which cannot be explored without ward Seering, A. M., Professor of Latin in Milton being found profitable and suggestive. The introCollege, Wisconsin. pp. xxij., 421. New York ductory chapters, by the editor, abound in historical and Chicago: A. S. Barnes & Co.

and biographical information. The principal characteristic of this edition of Foreign Missions, their Relations and Claims. By Virgil is the fact that it is supplied with an appropriate Lexicon, and certainly this is an important

Rufus Anderson, D. D., LL. D. pp. xiv., 373.

New York: Charles Scribner & Co. feature in its favor. The notes are brief, but to the point, the pumerous pictorial illustrations add inte-American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Mis

Dr. Anderson, by his long connection with the rest to the text, and, taken altogether, it is in many sions, as their Secretary, became peculiarly qualified respects a very useful edition.

for the preparation of such a work as the present. The First Six Books of Homer's Iliad. With Ex- It had its immediate origin in a series of lectures planatory Notes intended for Beginners in the delivered in the Theological Seminary at Andover, Epic Dialect, accompanied with numerous refer- and subsequently before the seminaries at Bangor, ences to Hadley's Greek Grammar, Kühner's larger Hartford, Auburn, Princeton, and the Union SemiGrammar, and to Goodwin's Greek Moods and nary. The lectures are fifteen in number, and they Tenses. By James R. Boise. pp. ix., 235. discuss practically the various aspects of the misChicago: S. C. Griggs & Co.

sionary question. Ten papers constitute an appenProfessor Boise has pursued in his Homer the dix, in which various special topics are more briefly same general plan followed by him in editing the presented. Anabasis. His notes are chiefly grammatical, and like all such notes fail sufficiently to point out æs

MEDICAL thetic beauties in the text, or awaken literary en

Cases of Orthopaedic Surgery. Read before the Masthusiasm in the student. In his reference to authori

sachusetts Medical Society at its annual meeting, ties on the subject of "the Homeric question," he

June 3, 1868. By Buckminster Brown, M. D., &c. refers to Smith and Grote, but not to Gladstone,

With Photographic Illustrations of the Cases PreBlackie, and others of high authority. He thinks

sented. 8vo., pp. 23. Boston: James Campbell. that the discussion of that topic is out of place in an

Valuable as showing the results of treatment of elementary work. Whereas, we believe just the re

deformities. Ferse, and are confident that no better service could Journals received :

rendered to the student just entering on Homer, The American Journal of the Medical Sciences, than to present, in a preliminary essay, a chapter April, 1869. Philadelphia : Henry C. Lea. embodying the literary history of the great epic, The American Naturalist, May, 1869. Salem, aud of the discussions to which it has given rise Mass. : Peabody Academy of Science. among scholars. The text used is that of Dindorf, A Guide to the Study of Insects, &c. Part vi. as published by B. G. Teubner.

Salem, Mass.: Press of the Essex Institute.

JUNE 1, 1869,

pp. 202.

Pacific Medical and Surgical Journal, April, | Love, or Self-Sacrifice; a Story. By Lady Herbert. 1869. San Francisco: Bancroft & Co.

The Cincinnati Medical Repertory, May, 1869. Winifred, Countess of Nithsdale ; a Tale of the Cincinnati, Ohio: Medical Journal Association.

Jacobite Wars. By Lady Dacre. pp. 320. The Medical Record, May, 1869. New York: W. Each of these is from D. & J. Sadlier & Co., New Wood & Co.

York. Lady Herbert's story is stated to be, in the The Chemical News, May, 1869. New York: W. main, true, and is intended to show how we may A. Townsend & Adams.

entail suffering on ourselves by acting even on a A Practical Manual of the Treatment of Club-Foot. generous impulse. Lady Dacre's volume is founded

By Lewis A. Sayre, M. D. pp. vii., 91. New on incidents in Scottish history.
York: D. Appleton & Co.

Problematical Characters; a Novel. By Friedrich The object of this monograph has been to convey Spielhagen. pp. viii., 507. New York: Leyin as concise a manner as possible the practical in

poldt & Holt. formation and instruction necessary to enable the Leypoldt & Holt announce a series of six novels general practitioner to apply that plan of treatment from the German of Friedrich Spielhagen, of which which has been so successful in the author's hands. the present one, translated by Professor Schele De Dr. Sayre is well known as Professor of Orthopædic Vere, is the first. The publication is stated to be Surgery in Bellevue Hospital College. The text is made by copyright arrangement with the author. illustrated with numerous drawings.

Spielhagen was born in Magdeburg in 1829, and is NATURAL HISTORY,

now residing in Berlin. His life appears to have The Birds of East Pennsylvania and New Jersey. including fiction, poetry, and criticism.

been passed in literary pursuits of different kinds, By William P. Turnbull, LL.D., &c. 8vo., pp. “Westminster Review' says that, in Germany, he

The 50. Richard McCaulley. A valuable catalogue of the resident and migra- rank amongst the modern writers of fiction.

is generally acknowledged to occupy the foremost tory birds found in Pennsylvania eastward of the Alleghany Mountains, and of New Jersey, including Vanity Fair; a Novel without a Hero. By William the coast line from Sandy Hook to Cape May. It

Makepeace Thackeray. pp. viii., 464. Boston : also furnishes us with a list of those birds which Fields, Osgood & Co. have disappeared, and calls attention to the neces

We have before referred to this Household Edisity of further legislation to prevent species, now tion of Thackeray's novels. It corresponds in becoming rare, from being totally destroyed. general appearance with the recent edition of

The Frogs and their Contributions to Science. By John Charles Reade's novels, by the same house. V. Lansing, M. D. Pamphlet. 8vo., pp. 18.

volumes are quite cheap, considering their excellent An interesting article, read before the Albany In- style of manufacture ; are printed on good paper, with stitute.

legible type, and neatly bound in green morocco

cloth. Such an edition of these popular works has FICTION.

long beeu needed, and the public will doubtless Oldtown Folks. By Harriet Beecher Stowe.

appreciate the energy of the publishers in supply.

pp. viii., 608. Boston : Fields, Osgood & Co.

ing the deficiency. The author, in a preface signed Horace Holyoke, Malbone, an Old Port Romance. By Thomas Wentstates that the object of this story is to interpret to

· worth Higginson. pp. 244. Boston: Fields, Osthe world the New England life and character in good & Co. that particular time of its history which may be

Mr. Higginson's former volume, “Qut-Door Pacalled the seminal period. The publishers state pers,” consisted of a collection of miscellaneous esthat this is the first novel Mrs. Stowe has written says on various subjects. In his present work, since 1852, and that the author herself declares however, we have a connected story written in the that she has never been more interested in any same vigorous and impressive style. Another publiterary work she has undertaken.

lication by the same author is announced entitled The Changeil Brides. By Mrs. Emma D. E. N. “Army Life in a Black Regiment.” Southworth.

Philadelphia : T. B. Waterloo, a Sequel to the Conscript of 1813. TransPeterson & Bros.

lated from the French of Erckmann-Chatrian. This is, we believe, the twenty ninth of Mrs. South With six full-page illustrations. pp. 368. New worth's works, and, judging from the rapidity York: Charles Scribner & Co. with which large editions of her numerous stories The London “ Army and Navy Gazette,” in speakare absorbed by the public, she must have many ing of " The Conscript,"' by the same authors, says admiring readers.

that since the days of De Foe there has probably Waverley Novels.

never been written a fiction which looked so like D. Appleton & Co., New York, have completed an truth as the story of the great Napoleonic Wars. additional volume of their new edition of Waverley, The present volume carries the narrative forward containing “ The Heart of Mid-Lothian,” “Count to the culminating point. It enters into detail, and Robert of Paris,” “Fair Maid of Perth,' and may be studied by the reader as a systematic and “ Woodstock.” They are published at a low rate, intelligible sketch of the movements of the troops. are printed from new stereotype plates, are compact in form, illustrated, and furnished with all the notes

POETRY. of the author.

Beautiful Snow, and Other Poems. By J. W. Watson. Norman Leslie: A New York Story. By Theodore pp. 96. Philadelphia : Turner Brothers.

S. Fay. pp. 391. New York : G. P. Putnam & Mr. Watson writes with vigor, and we have read Son.

most of the contents of the volume with a great Mr. Fay's story appeared originally nearly forty deal of pleasure. Several of the pieces can scarceyears ago. It is now revised, without any attempt ly fail to impress the reader very forcibly, and will to remove what the author modestly designates as touch the feelings by their tenderness. The vol“ its evidences of youthfulness and inexperience.” ume has been produced by the publishers in a The trial scenes especially are written with graphic handsome style of typography and general mandvigor.


pp. 503.

JUNE 1, 1869.

pp. 334.

Pp. 363.

Hae Lisa Lored the King. By George Eliot. pp.

MISCELLANEOUS. 48. Boston : Field-, Osgood & Co.

The Mississippi Valley, its Physical Geography : inThe admirers of the authoress, and she deservedly cluding Sketches of the Topography, Botany, has many, will not fail to be drawn towards this, Climate, Geology, and Mineral Resources, and of the latest production of her pen.

It is of course the Progress of Development in Population and far less elaborately constructed than “ The Spanish Material Wealth. By J. W. Foster, LL.D. pp. Gypsy," but it is artistic and complete, and, xvi., 443. Chicago : S. C. Griggs & Co. although not foreibly striking, is nevertheless quite The work before us cannot fail to take a high energetic. It is bised on one of Boccacio's stories. rank among those which are devoted to the same The Poetical Works of Henry Kirke White. With general subject. Mr. Foster has devoted many

Life by Robert Southey. pp. viii., 456. New years to explorations in different parts of the MisYork: D. Appleton & Co.

sissippi valley, and the study of its natural features. This is an addition to the popular edition of stand- Already this valley contains a majority of the people ard poets which the publishers are now issuing. of the United States, and each year is adding greatly 'The werit in the selection of the authors, and the to its resources and influence. While a scientific low price of the volumes, should insure the success, element pervades the author's method of treatment, of the series.

all that he says is nevertheless quite intelligible Potas. By Theophilus H. Hill. pp. 155. New to the general reader. Some of the topics discussYork: Hurd & Houghton.

ed, as for instance the influence of climate on man, From the fact that Mr. Hill's volume is copy- the great problems of human history, and shed

in the eleventh chapter, connect themselves withi righted in the District Court of the Pamlico District of North Carolina, and from the tone of his light on the past no less than the present. Numer*. Proemial Stanzas," we infer that he is a South

ous maps and tables add to the value of the text. ron. As a poet, he displays marked ability. We The work will attract attention from the intrinsic base read a number of his pieces with real pleasure. it has been produced by Messrs. Griggs & Co., the

excellence of its contents, and we should add that He writes with simoothness and force, without banderism or affectation, and is quite the equal of publishers, in a style which reflects the highest

commendation upon

their taste and skill. most of our recent versifiers.

Men, Women, and Ghosts. By Elizabeth Stuart JUVENILE.

Phelps, Author of " Gates Ajar,” etc. Is Earnest, or Edith Palmer's Motto By Fay Hun Boston : Fields, Osgood & Co. tington. pp. iv., 219.

It is impossible, of course, to say from this title From J. P. Skelly & Co., Philadelphia.

what are the contents of the volume.

We state, Grandfather's Nill, or What Happened at the Toll.! therefore, that the book consists of ten stories, the gale. By the author of “Squire Downing's Heirs,” respective subjects of which are “ No New 3,” “The

Tenth of January, Night Watches,”' “ The Day etc. From Robert Carter & Bros., New York.

of my Death," " Little Tommy Tucker,” “One of

the Elect,' What was the Matter ?” “ In the Gray Tomy Try, and What Ile Did in Science. By Goth," “ Calico," " Kentucky's Ghost.” Charles Ottley Groom Napier.

pp. vii., 303. New York: D. Appleton & Co.

Women in Prison.' By Caroline H. Woods. pp. Few books could be written which would more

vi., 193. New York: Hurd & Houghton. pleasanily excite in the youthful mind the curi

This purports to be the experience of a matron of

a prison. It contains graphic narratives of exusity which preinpts to a study of natural and physical science. The illustrations are numerous, the periences among prisoners in a congregate institusubjects of the different chapters are diversified, tion, for po such events could possibly take place end each of them is presented in an interesting under a system which separated the convicts from

each other. and attractive manner. 'The volume will be a favorite in the families into which it may be intro- Views of Life; Audresses on the Social and Religious duced.

Questions of the Age. By W. T. Moore. pp. 351.

Cincinnati : R. W. Carroll & Co. Good Measure ; a Story for Boys. By D. S. Erick

There are thirteen addresses in this volume. pp. 377. Boston: Henry A. Young & Co. The publishers have produced this volume in an

Some people may admire them, some may be beneexcellent style of manufacture. Paper, typography,

fited by them, perhaps their effect on all may be

beneficial. There are, nevertheless, particular pasand binding are excellent. Corwin's Nest Series. Boston: Andrew F. Graves. which we cannot but regard as open to exception,

sages and sentiments scattered through the volume There are three volumes in this series : "Little though their exceptional aspect may perhaps arise Tot's Lesson," " Birth-day Party,”

,"? " Bessie and the from the extreme forin in which the author has Squirrels.” They are well printed, in legible style, frequently expressed himself for the purpose, it and very neatly bound.

may be, of drawing attention to his views. Whether Molly's Bible. By Mary Dwipell Chellis. pp. 404. the words on page 73, indicating the trivity of the From Henry A. Young & Co., Boston.

Hebrews and of the Greeks, stand in need of more Glimpses of Pleasant Homes, a Few Tales for Youth. accurate scholarship or more accurate proof-reading, By a Member of the Order of Mercy. pp. xv.,

we cannot, of course, say, but they certainly need 236. New York: The Catholic Publication So- revision. The publishers have issued the book in ciety.

an extremely creditable style. The views of the authoress as expressed in the Mental Photographs, an Album for Confessions ; or preface deserve most serious attention, and the Tastes, Habits, and Convictions. Edited by Rofacts of recent social life in this country go far to bert Saxon. New York : Leypoldt & Holt. confirm what she says.

The Stories which she This is a pleasant way of obtaining a record of tells illustrate her sentiments in an admirable and the taste and character of one's friends. The album pointed way, and serve to call marked attention to contains a number of questions, and the answers the contrast between the system of education by the will indicate the mental qualities of the answerer ; State, or by proxy, and the olden system of home a space being also left for pasting in a photographio education,



JUNE 1, 1869.


Little, Brown & Co., Boston.
A Treatise on the Constitutional Limitations which

rest upon the Legislative Power of the States of
the American Union. By Hon. Thomas M. Cooley,

of the Supreme Court of Michigan. Serer, Francis s Co., Boston.

The Happy Boy. By Björnson.
The Sunday Book of Poetry. By C. F. Alexander.

The Handy Edition.
W. V. Spencer, Boston.
New Affinities of Faith; a Plea for Christian Union.

By James Martineau.
East Lynne; a Drama in Five Acts, adapted from the

popular novel of that name. By Mrs. llenry

The Hidden Hand; a Drama in Five Acts. By

Robert Jones.
William H. Dennet, Boston.
Introductory Lessons on Morals and Christian Evi.

dences. By Richard Whately, D. D., LL.D. With
a Preface, by F. D. Huntington, D. D., Bishop of

the Diocese of Central New York. 0. Ditson & Co., Boston.

Rossini's Messe Solennelle.
W. J. Wildleton, New York,

Wayside Thoughts. By Samuel H. Lloyd.
W. I. Pooley, New York.
Inez. By Augusta J. Evans, author of “Beulah,"

“ St. Elmo, etc.
The Famous College Library, 3 vols., containing-

" St. Winifred,' * Julian Home," and “Eric. Meister Kearl's Sketch Book. By Charles G. Le

land A. Roman & Co., New York. Hittell's Resources of California. New edition, con

taining an Appendix on the State of Nevada,

White Pine, and the Pacific Railroad.
Golden Dawn, and Other Stories. By May Went.


Hurd & Houghton, New York.
The Life and Times of Hon, William Jarvis, of

Weathersfield, Vermont. By his daughter, Mary

P. S Cutts.
Poems. By Theophilus H. Hill.
Sheldon & Co., New York.

Cipher,” a Novel. By Jane G. Austin. 8vo.

Moral Philosophy. By J. M. Fairchilds, President

of Oberlin College.
The Office and Work of the Christian Ministry. By

Prof. Hoppin, of Yale Theological Seminary,
Oakley, Mason & Co., New York.

The Dance of Modern Society. By W. C. Wilkinson.
T. B. Peterson & Bros., Philadelphia.

Leonora Casaloni. By T. A. Trollope.

The Brides' Fate. By Mrs. Southworth.
J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia.

A new work by “Quida."
Vol. III. Lippincott's Magazine. Ilustrated.

First Series of “The Sunday Library,” 4 vols.
Lindsay & Blakiston, Philadelphia.

Trousseau's Lectures on Clinical Medicine. Vol. II.
Bloxam's Laboratory Teaching, with illustrations.
Fox's Handbook of Skin Diseases. Second edition.
Beale on the Liver. New enlarged edition.
Heath's Manual of Dissections. Second edition.
Andrews' Handbook of the Principles and Practice of

Perkinpine & Higgins, Philadelphia.
The Old Way and Only Method of Salvation. By

Rev. Samuel G. Rheads.
The Juvenile Library. By Mrs. Tuthill, Miss Howitt,

and others. New edition.
Porter & Coates, Philadelphia.
Tales of a Grandfather. By Sir Walter Scott. First,

Second, Third, and Fourth Series. Illustrated. Half Hours with the Best Authors. By Charles


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ABBOTT. A Digest of Reports of U. S. Courts and Acts of Con- CLARK, COL. GEORGE ROGERB. Sketch of his Campaign in the

gress to July, 1868. By B. V and A Abbott. Vol. 4. Large Minois in 1778, 79, with an Introduction by Hon Henry vo. pp. 617. N. Y.: Diosey & Co. Shp. $7 50.

Pirtle, of Louisville, and an Appendix, containing the pubANNIE'S GOLD CROSS AND ITS MYSTERIOUS MOTTO. By the an

lic and private instructions to Col. Clark, and Major Bowthor of " Nellie Gray." 16mo. pp. 267. Phila. : Pres. Pub.

man's Journal of the taking of Post St. Vincent's. 8vo. *2. Com. CI. $1 10.

Large paper, iinpl. Svo. pp. vii., 119. Cinc.: Robert Clarke

& Co. $1. BEACH The Christian Worker; a Call to the Laity. By

NOTARIES' HANDBOOK Rev. C. F. Beach. 16mo. pp. 111. Phila.: J. B. Lippincoit COMMASTONERS' AND

8vo. Pp. 40. & Co. CI. $1.

N. Y.; Baker, Voorhis & Co. Pap. 75 cts CI. $1 50. BINKERD (A. D., M. D ). The Mammoth Cave and its Deni- COTTAGE PIETY EXEMPLIFIED By the author of “Union to zens; a Complete Descriptive Guide. 8vo. pp. 96. Cinc.: Christ," etc. 12mv. pp. 316. Phila.: J. B. Lippincott & Robert Clarke & Co, Swd 50 cte.

CO. CI $1 25. BOURGUIGNON. On the Cattle Plague; or, Contagious Typhus Doisy. Helen May; or, “Unto Her Life's Eod " By Louisa in Horned Cattle; its History aud Treatment. By H. Bour

Doisy. 18mo. pp. 22. N. Y.: Ev Knowl, Soc. C1. 80 cts. guignon. 12mo. pp. 379. Phila. : J. B. Lippincott & Co. Cl. $1 25.

ELIOT, GEORGE. See Evans, Miss. Box A Practical Treatise on Heat, as Applied to the Useful EVANS How Lisa Loved the King By Miss Evans (George Arts, for the Use of Eugineers, etc. By T. Box, Ilust.

Eliot). 16mo. pp. 48. Bost. : Fields, Osgood & Co, CI. 12mv. pp. viii., 216. vii. Phila.: H. C. Baird. C1. $1 25.

50 cts. (London print.) CALVERT. Ellen; a Poem. By G. H. Calvert. 16mo. pp. 57.

FICATE. The Science of Rights By J. G. Fichte. Translated

Phila. : N. Y.: Sheldon & Co. Pap. 50 cts.

from the German by A, E Kroeger, 12mo. pp. 505.

J B. Lippincott & Co. Cl. $2.
CHELLIB. Molly's Bible. By Mary D. Chellis. 10mo. pp. 404.
Bost.: H. A. Young & Co. CI. $150.

FOSTER. The Mississippi Valley Including Sketches of its CLARK The Birthday Present, and Other Stories. By Mary

Topography, Botany, Climate. Geology, etc By J W. Fos

Chic.: L. Clark. 18mo. pp. 174. Bost.: D. Luthrop & Co. Cl.

ter, LL D. Maps and Sectione. 8vo. pp. xvi., 413. 75 cts.

S. (Griggs & Co. CI. *3 50. CLARKB. Primary Truths of Religion. By T. M. Clarke, FRANK HARVEY IN PARIS, AND How He SPENT Hrs SONDAYS.

Bishop of R. I. 16mo. pp. 313. N. Y.: D. Appleton & Co. By the anthor of " Mopey," etc. 18mno. pp. 197. Phila. : CI. $1 25.

Presb. Pub. Com. CI. 65 cts.

JUNE 1, 1869.

Pp 191.

GKEIT. The Mamler Spirit-Photograph Case. An Argument New YORK, Reports of Cases in the Conrt of Appeals of New

DE E T. Gerry. Svo, pp. 56. N. Y.: Baker, Voorhis & Co. York By J. Tiffany Vol. 12. 8vo. pp. 517. Albany: Pap. 58 cts

W. Gould & Son. Shp, $3 50. GYLD (TAE) Ker; a Dramatic Story. Transl. from the French.

NIERITZ Busy Hands and Patient Hearts; or, The Plant Boy 160 pp. 112 Phila: J. B. Lippincott & Co. Cl. $1.

of Dresden and his Friends. From the German of G. Nie

ritz, by Annie Harwood. Hlust. sq. 12mo pp. 91. Phila. : Gopis. Daisy, and Other Stories. By Mrs. M. M. B. Good

J. B. Lippincott & Co. Cl. $1. (London print.) lomno. PP. 66. Cinc.: R. W. Carroll & Co. CI. 50 cts.

NOEL. Beatrice. By Hon R. Noel. Sq. 18mo. pp. 106.

Phila.: J. B. Lippincott & Co. Cl. $1. GoedFis. Mary Holmes; or, Pride and Repentance. By Osborn. Igo da Este. Uberto. The Cid of Seville. TrageMN MM. B. Goodwin. 18mo. pp. 78. Ciuc.: E. W. Car

dies. By L. Osborn. 12mo. pp. 269. N. Y.: J. Miller. Cl. rol & Co. CI. 50 cts.

$1 50. GRANDFATHER'S NELL; or, What Happened at the Toll-Gate.

Oris. Sacred and Constructive Art; its Origin and Progress. By the autbor of " Squire Downing's Heirs," etc. 16mo.

A Series of Essays. By C. N. Otis, Architect. 16mo. pp. PP 3:33. V Y.: R. Carter & Bros CI. $12).

305. N. Y.; GP. Putnam & Son. Cl. $1 25. Griccioli. My Recollections of Lord Byron, and those of Eye Outlines OF THE OLD TESTAMENT History, for Youth. 18mo. Fitasses of his Life. By Countess Guiccioli. Portr. 8vo.

Phila.: Luth Bd. Pub. CI 90 cts.

Pp. 20.5. 2 rol in 1, pp. viii., 159 ; iv. 1.)3. Phila.: J. B. Lippincott Co Cl. per vol. $1 25. (London print.)

PARSONS, Treatise on the Propagation, Cultivation, and His.

tory of the Rose. By S. B. Parsons. New and revised edi. HALL Legends of the West: Sketches Illustrative of the tien Ilust. 12mo. pp. 215 N. Y.: 0. Juid & Co. Cl.

Habits, Occupation. Privations, Adventures and sports of $1 50. ibe Pioneers of ihe West. By James Hall. 12mo. Ciuc. :

PHELP. Men, Women, and Ghosts. By E. Stuart Phelps. Rubert Clarke & Co.

16mo pp. 331. Bost. : Fields, 08good & Co. (1. $1 50. Hisxas. Journal of Rer, S. D. Hinman, Missionary to the Bagtet, Sioux, and Tarpi. By Bishop Whipple. 2mo. pp.

QUAKER (Tae) PARTISANS By the author of "The Scout." 87. Phila. : Mccalla, Starely & Co., Prs. Pap. 2.5 cis.

Illust. 16mo. pp. 221. Phila. : J. B. Lippincott & Co. CI.

$150. HODDER. Lost in Paris, aod Other Tales. By E. Hodder. Sq. isto. Pp. 125. Phila. : J. B. Lippincott & Co. CI. $150.

Reavis A Change of National Empire ; or, Arguments for HOLNEs. Eihelyn's Mistake ; or, The Home in the West. A

the Removal of the National Capital from Washiugton to the 8.571. By Mrs. Mary J. Holmes. 12mo. pp. 380. N. Y.;

Mississippi Valley Maps. By L U Reavis. 8vo. pp. 170.

St. Louis: J. F Torrey. Pap. 50 cts.
G. F. Carleton. CI. $1.
HOTABD. New York Practice Reports By v Howard, Jr. RED. A Practical Treatise on Portland Cement.

By H. Fol. 36, 8vo. pp. iv., 611. Albany: W. Gould & Son. Shp.

Reid. With a translation of Lipowski's work on a New Ger$130.

man Method of Mannfacturing that Cement. Hlust. Svo. pp. xvi, 78

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