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JUNE 1, 1869.

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WORKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED IN GREAT BRITAIN. Annie de Vere, a Tale, by A. M. C. A., cr. 8vo. 28. 6d. cl. Jeffrey's Conchology, Vol. 5, Marine Shells, cr. 8vo. 32s. cl.; Anglican Missal, complete, Hto, in packet, 308.

col 37%. Arabian Nights' Entertainmeuis, illust cr. Sro. 3$ 6d. cl. Jerrold's (W. B.) Life of Douglas Jerrold. cr. 8vo. 68 cl. Bacon's Pictorial Map of England and Wales, roller, 78. 60. ken's (Bp.) Approach to the Altar, new edit. Imo 2$ el. Bacot's The Bahamas, 8vo. 28 6d. limp cl.

Kuight's (C.) Cyclopædia of Geography, Supplement to, 4to. Barilett's (J.) Familiar Quotations, cr. Svo. 38 6d. cl.

158. cl. Beauclerk's (Lady Di) True Lure, post svo. 10x. 60. el

Lady Lee's Widowhood, by Col. E. B. Hamley, new edit. Beddome's (Major R. H.) Ferus of British India, Vol. 2, 808. 12mo. 2N bds.

Landor (Walter Savage), a Biography, by John Forster, 2 vols. Bellows's Old World in its New Face, 2 vols cr. 8vo. 118. cl. 258. Bennett's Proposals for Ballad History of England, cr, ovo. Leslie's (M.) Bible Pearls, a Book for Girls, 1 mo 2*, cl. 08. cl.

Light (The) of the West, by a Cambridge Graduate, cr. 8vo. Black's (R.) Blackbird of Baden, &c cr. 8vo. 68. cl.

78. 60 cl Bloxam's (C. L.) Laboratory Teaching, cr svo. 58. 6d cl. Luard's Chronicles and Memorials, Vols. 4 and 5, roy. Sro. Bouru's (H H.) Christ in the Pentateuch, cr 8vo. 58. cl. Brewer å ud Bullen's Calendar of Carew Manuscripts, roy. Mackenna's (B V.) Francisco Moyen, 8vo. 78. 6d. cl. Svo. 158.

Macpherson's Baths and Wells oi Europe, 12mo 68. 6d. cl. Buckley's (R. W.) Metrical Translations and Lyrics, sq. fe. Madame Louise de France, Life of, cr svo, 68. cl. 58. cl.

Maiden Houis and Maiden Wiles, 20 Plates by Beaujolais, Buchanan's (R.) Ballad Stories of the Affections, 18mo. 28. folio, 158 Burnaud's (FC) Out of Town 12no. 28. od. cl.

Maiden's (Sir F.) Chronicles and Memorials of Great Britain, Burrows's (M) Constitutional Progress, cr. 8vo. 68. 6d. cl.

TON Butterfly Chase (A), illust by Frölich, imp. Svo. 38. 6d. cl. Martineau's Essays, Philosophical and Theological, Vol. 2, Carlyle's (T.) Life of Schiller, svo 78.

138 601 cl Cazenove's (J. G.) Some Aspects of the Reformation, Sro. 48. cl. Martineau's (J.) Letters from Australia, post Svo. 78 6d. cl Chosen Words from Christian Writers, 12mo. 18. 6d. cl.

McCaul's Christian Epitaphs of the First six Centuries, svo. Ciceronis de Finibus, edited by N. Madrig, roy &vo. 268, cl. 58. el Clarke's (B ) Crocker the Clown, A Tale for Boys, 38. 6d. cl. Moore's Poetical Works (Shamrock edit.), illust. 12mo. 18. 68. Cust's (Sir E) Warriors who have commanded, 2 vols, cr. $vo.

cl. gilt. 188.

Morris's (Rev. A. J.) The Opeu Secret: Sermons, cr. Sro 6x. cl. Cut Adrift, by Albany Fonblanque, 3 vols. post 8vo. 318. 6d. Murray's Handbook to Cathedrals of England, North Div., cl.

2 vols 218 Daems's Rev. S.) The Double Sacrifice, from the Flemish, Nerinn's (J. L.) China and the Chinese, cr. 8vo. 8x. 6d cl. 12mo. 48.

New Testament, with Explanatory Notes by Rev. J. Wesley, Daubuey's (C. G, B.) Fugitive Poems, cr. 8vo. 48 6d. cl.

38. 64. cl. Davis's (H. F. A.) Law of Industrial and Provident Societies, Obstetrical Society of London (Transactions of), Vol. 10, 1868, 88. cl.

1:38 Deane on Waste and Supply in Human System, 12mo 28. cl. Olmsted's (Rev. M. N.) Walks and Words of Jesus, 12m0. Dixon's W. Hepworth) New America, new edit. er 8vo. 28 6d. cl. Douglas's (J.) Texi-Book of Geography, 12mo. 28. tid.; maps, Our Children, Sketches in Pepeil and Verse, tto. 58. cl. 38. cl.

Page's (D.) Chips and Chapters, cr. Svo 5x. cl. Dowson's (Prof ) History of India, Vol 2, 8vo. 188. cl.

Pepper's (J. H ) Cyclopædic Science Simplified, 98. cl. Doyle's (M.) Notes and Gleanings relatiug to Co. Wexford, Planchette, or The Despair of Science, 12mo 6d. cl. SVO. 68.

Randolph's Lectures on Book of Common Prayer, 28. 6d. cl. Edelweiss, by B. Bauerbacb, translated by E. Frothingham, swd. 58. cl.

Ringer's (S ) Handbook of Thera peutics, cr 8vo. 108. 6d. cl. Eden's (Lizzie S.) My Holiday in Austria, post Svo. 108 6d. cl. Roscoe's (H. E.) Spectrum Analymis, Svo. 218. cl. Faber's (Mrs.) Legend of Dundrum Castle, Co. Dublin, 12w0. ! Routledge's Picture ecrap-Book, 600 illust. Ato, bds. 58. 38. 6d. cl.

Rupert Godwin, by Author of “Lady Audley's Secret,"' 12mo. False Colors, a Novel, by Annie Thomas, 3 vols. post Svo. 28, bds. 318.6d, cl.

Rushton's (W.) Rules and Cautions in English Grammar, 12mo. Five Years in a Protestant Sisterhood, &c., an Autobiography, i 38. 6d. 7*, od.

Sadler's Plain Speaking on Deep Truths, 12mo. 68. cl. Floral Album for Photographs, fto. 1S*. cl. ; 218 bound Sargent's (G. E.) George Burley, His History, 48. 64. cl. Fouud Dead, by Author of " Bloudel Parva," cr. Svo. 108. 6d. Sala's (G. A.) Rome and Venice, Wanderings in Italy, 1866-67, cl.

16. Gascoigne's (Mrs.) Dr. Harold's Note Book, 12mo. 6s. cl. Select Lessons in Physicai Science, 12mo. 28. 6d. cl. Gentleman's Magazine, Vol. 2, Svo 78. cl.

Shakspeare's Works, edit. by C. Knight, illust. 1?mo. 38. 6d. Georges's Ladies Book of Needlework, tto. 158. el. German Poetry, edit. by H. E Goldschmidt, cr. Svo. 58. cl. Scott's (G. C.) Fishing in American Waters, cr. Svo. 148. cl. Gibbon's (E.) Decline and Fall of Roman Empire, Vol. 3, cr. Scott's (Sir W.) Minstrelsy of the Borders, cr. 8vo. te cl. Svo. 68

Sertum, a Greek Reading-Book for Fourth Form at Eton, Gorrie's (D.) Summers and Winters in the Orkneys, 2d edit. 28 6d, el. 78. 64.

Shining Light, by Author of "Life of Dr. W. Marsh," 12mo. Gospels (The) Consolidated, with Index, sm. 4to. 68. cl.

28. 64. cl. Grant's (J.) Religious Tendencies of the Times, Vol. 2, 12mo. Sibree'm (M.) The Dying Saviour and the Gypsy Girl, sq. 18. cl. 68. cl.

Six Years in the Prisons of Englaud, by a Merchant, cr. Sro. Gray's (J. C.) Topics for Teachers, Vol. 1, cr. 8vo. 38. 6d. cl. 5x. cl. Green (The) of the Period, cr. Svo. 28. 6d. cl.

Sketches of Young Couples, by Quiz, illust. by Phiz, 12mo. Greenwell's (D.) Carminia Crucis, cr. Svo. 98. cl.

3x. 60. cl. Greenwood's (G.) A Year Abroad, 12mo 28. cl.

Smith's (W. S.) Christian Faith, fc. 850), 38. 60 cl. Grettis Saga, from the Icelandic, by Magnusson and Morris, Son of God, by Author of Moral Glory of Lord Jesus Christ," 28. 68. cl.

Sowerby's (J. E.) English Bulany, Vol. 9 col., royal Svo., Grindon's Emblems, 12mo. 18 6d, cl.

384 cl Halley's (R.) Lancashire, its Puritanism, &c., 2 vols. 8vo. 308. St. Aldin's Abbey, a Story by Four Authors, cr. Svo 38. 64, cl. cl.

Stearns's Shakspeare Treasury of Wisdom and Knowledge, Hallahan's (Mother Margaret Mary) Life, 8vo. 108. cl.

88. od, cl. Hazlitt's The Round Table, po. 28. 6d. cl.

Steinmetz's (Rev. H ) History of Modern Europe, cr. Svo. 58. 6d. Hellon's (H. G.; Lord Harrie and Leila, &c. 12mo. 78. cl.

cl. Henderson's (A.) Latio Proverbs and Quotations, &c., sm. 4to. Stowe's (H. B.) Old-Town Folks, 3 vols. post 8vo. 318. od. cl. 168. cl.

Strathmore, by Quida, cr. Svo 58. cl. Hessey's (Dr. F.) Lessons on Book of Common Prayer, Vol. 1, Taylor's (C.) Gospel in the Law, sro. 108. 6d. cl. 68. cl.

Thackeray's Works, Vol. 19.–Ballads and Tales, Svo.78 Hinks's (Sir F.) Religious Endowments in Canada, 8vo. 2s. 6d. Todhunter's (1.) Mensuration for Beginners, 15mo. 2x 6d cl. swd.

Tozer's Researches in Highlands of Turkey, 2 vols. cr. Svo. Homilies of Aphraates, the Persian Sage, by Wright, Vol. 1, 248. cl. 428 cl.

Trevor's Rome, from Fall of Western Empire, sro. 88. cl. Hood's (T.) Early Poems and Sketches, edit. by his Daughter, Trollope's (A.) He knew he was Right, 2 vols. Svo. 218. cl. 28. 6d.

t'rquhart's (J.) Memoir, by W. Orme, 12mo. 38. 6d, cl. Hood's Memorials, new edit. cr. vo. 68. cl.

Veitch's (J.) Memoir of Sir William Hamilton, Bart., Svo. Hopkins (T.) on Atmospheric Changes, &c. 8vn. 98. cl.

188 cl. Huxley's (T. H.) Introduction to ibe Classification of Ani Viardot's (Louis) A pology of an Unbeliever, 12mo 28. cl. mals, 68.

Ward's (Artemus) Lecture at Egyptian Hall, 68. cl. Index to the Times Newspaper, Vol. 6 (to March 31), ito. 108. Wilmot's (Sir R. and Lady) Prayers and Notes, cr. Svo. 78.6d. cl.

cl Jameson's (Rev. F, J.) Heaven's Whispers in the Storm, sq Witt's (Madam G. De) The Lady of Latham, 8vo. 1ts. cl. 28. cl.

Wray's (Rev. G.) Sermons on Doctrines for Middle Classes, Jarry's (Gen.) Outpost Duty, cr. Svo. 58. cl.

58, od. cl.


el, gilt.

JUNE 1, 1869.

List of some of the Latest New Books of the Season: all the best English Editions.



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History and Biography.

Hall's Adventures of a Bric-a-Brac Hunter.

A Suro mer in Iceland. By C. W. PALJKULL. The Annals of our Time. By Joseph Irving.

Travels of a Hindoo. By J. TALBOYS WHEELER. Nisrepresentations in Campbell's Lyndhurst and Brougham.

Chesney's Narrative of the Euphrates Expedition.
D'Aubigoe's Reformation in the Time of Calvin. Vol. V.

Brett's Indian Tribes of Guiana.
Lucrezia Borgia. A Biography. By W. GILBERT.
Cray: History of England. Vol. I.

Poetry and Fiction.
Teodal Castles of France-Western Provinces.

A Pedlar's Pack of Ballads.
Lagoan's Life and Times of Edward III.

Cruiksbank's Omnibus.
Esud's Last Century of Universal History,
Campbell's Lives of Lords Lyndhurst and Brougham.

Help's Realmah. 2 vols.

Moore's Epicurean. Xaniey's Memorials of Westminster Abbey.

Bab Ballads. Necrir of Dr. W. H. Harvey.

Carols of Cockayne.
Wright'- Caricature History of the Georges.

Puck on Pegasus.
L'a of David Garrick. By PERCY FITZGERALD.
Lifa of Sir William Hamilton.

Dr. Syntax's Three Tours.
L'an Louis Napoleon.

Grimin's Tales. By CRUIKSHANK and Roskin. Erards' Life of Rossini.

Moore's Poems (Shamrock Edition). St John's Life of Ralegh.

Gould's Curious Myths.

Ford's Dramatic Works, 3 vols.
Came:s from Boglish History. By C. M. YONGE.
B-collections of Massimo d'Azeglio.

Herrick's Poems (Library of Old Authors).

Hamerton's Loch Awe.
Life of Columbus. By ARTHUR HELPs.

Hood's Whims and Oddities.
Eise Polko's Reminiscences of Mendelssohn.
Nemoirs of Leopold I., King of the Belgians. By T. JUSTE.

Paul Wynter's Sacrifice. By Mrs. Dupfuis HARDY.

Love the Avenger. Riley's Memorials of London Life.

By Baroness BLAZE DE BORY. Persocal Recollections of English Engineers.

The Rivals. By HENRIK SCHARLING Life of Dr. George Petrie. By WILLIAM STOKES.

Ballads and other Poems. By Sir EDMUND HEAD. Life of Edmund Kean. By F. W. HAWKINS.

Count Teleki: A Story of Modern Jewish Life. Chaucer's England, By MATTHEW Brown,

The Ring and the Book By ROBERT BROWNING. Prince Charles and the Spanish Marriage. By S. R. GARDINER.

Tinykin's Transformations. Horiti's Northern Heights of London.

Hatton's Pippins and Cheese. Dasrieat's Recollections of Mendelssohn.

Blake's Songs of Innocence, &c.

Blake's Poems.
The Gladstone Government: Cabinet Pictures.
B. Fell's Life of Johnson.

Beckford's Vathek (Bayard Edition).
Ward'. House of Austria.

Beckford's Vathek (Teggs Edition). Birdes' Early English.

Johnson's Rasselas (Bayard Edition). Saint Louis and Calvin, By M. Guizot.

Sir Harry and the Widows. History of Greece. By Professor CURTIUS. Vol. II.

Night Fossickers. The Poyal Engineer. By Sir FRANCIS B. HEAD.

Thompson's Day Dreams of Schoolmaster. Authentic Memoirs of Louis XVII. By A. Meves.

Within an Ace. By Mrs. C. JENKIN.
Milan's Annals of St. Paul's Cathedral.

The Poems of Uhland. By W. C. Sandars.
I fe of Franz Schubert. By K. vox HELBORN.
Historical Characters. By Sir H. L. BULWER.

Divinity, Science, and Miscellanea.
Le al Bishop Atterbury. By FOLKESTONE WILLIAMS.

Lecky's History of European Morals. Praeman's History of the Norman Conquest.

Religious Republics: Six Essa ys. Tonge's Life of Lord Liverpool.

Church's Sermons before the University of Oxford. Historical Essays. By JULES VAN PRAET.

Horse and Man. By C. S. MARCH PHILLIPS. Strickland's Lives of the Tudor Princesses.

Burty's Chefs-d'Eavre of the Industrial Arts. Bacbanan's Life of Audubon, the Naturalist.

The Victor in the Condict: Oxford Lent Sermons. Memoir of Hugh Elliot. By the COUNTESS OF MINTO.

The Polar World. By Dr G. HARTWIG. Cox' Recollections of Oxford.

Eastlake's Hints on Household Taste. Palzire's House of Commons.

On Labor. By W. T. THORNTON. Cales' Dictionary of Biography.

Lectures on Poetry. By Sir F. H. DOYLE.

Realities of Irish Life. By W. S. TRENCH.
Voyages and Travels.

Word Gossip. By Rev. W. L. BLACKLEY. & Clair and Brophy's Residence in Bulgaria.

Dirck's Nature-Study. Por Life in Japan. By Jepason and ECMUIRST.

Coulin's Son of Man. Gheel. By the author of "Flemish Interiors."

Price on Currency. Markham's History of the Abyssinian Expedition.

Murphy's Habit and Intelligence. Priace Salm-Salm's Diary in Mexico.

Miller's Songs and Singers. Maximilian's Recollections of Travel.

Brennier's Industries of Scotland. Pissot Life in the North.

McCausland's Adam and Adamite. l'odorhill's West Indies.

Six Years in the Prisons of England La Corte Letters from Spain.

Blunt's Reformation of the Church of England. Arold's Levant. 2 vols.

A Political Survey. By M. E. GRANT DIFF Hra's Babbles from Brunnen.

English Photograpbs. By an American. Bales' Amazons.

Chesney's Waterloo Lectures. Lapard's Nineveh and Babylon.

Primeval Man. By the Duke OP ARGYLL. Gorrie's Sammer in the Orkneys.

Mill's Analysis of the Human Mind. Lau: Winter in the United States. By F. B. ZINCKE.

Froude's Inaugural Address at St. Andrew's, 1869. Lord Carnarvon's Athens and the Morea.

The House of Commons: Three Lectures By R. PALGRAVE. The Raped Cities of Zalu Land. By H. M. W ALMSLEY.

Allies' Formation of Christendom. Part II. Flood, Field, and Forest. By George Rooper.

Wordsworth's Eight Sermons on the Church of Ireland. Rauam s Narrative of the Mission to Theodore.

Smyth's Intellectual Antiquity of Man. Kaker: Ceylon.

Pyramid and the Bible. Bardeker's Guide Book.

Henderson's Latin Proverbs. Bradshaw's Guide Book.

Protestant Sisterhoods and Catholic Convents. Carzon's Monasteries of the Levant.

Sutton's Faith and Science, Darwin's Voyage of a Naturalist.

French's Shakesperiana Genealogica. Bullock's Across Mexico.

New Life of Defoe. Brigaods of the Morea.

Wm. Morris: The Story of Grettir the Strong. Geu, Rod, and Saddle. By UBIQUE.

Binney's Sermons in the King's Weigh-House Chapel. Cader Egypian Palms. By Howard HOPLEY.

The Handy Horse-Book. By a Cavalry Officer. The Captive Missionary. By Rev. II. A. STERN.

Dawning Lights. By Francis Power COBBE. Vesuvias. By Joux PullLIPS.

Friswell's E-says on English Writers. Barton's Highlands of the Brazil.

Mary Somerville on Molecular and Microscopic Science. The Naturalist in Norway. By Rev. J. BOWDEN.

Circle of Light. By H. P. MALET. Saxon's Five Years within the Golden Gate.

Literary and Social Judgments. By W. R. GREGG. And many others in all classes of Literature, details of which may be obtained by applying to S. W. & Co. for their new and fall Catalogues—THEOLOGICAL, ARTS AND Sciences, STANDARD LITERARY Books, Bour's LIBRARIES, MONTHLY BOOKBurer, &c. &c.

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JUNE 1 1869.


To meet the long-felt want of an edition of THACKERAY's Novels at once UNIFORM, COMPACT, HANDSOME, AND CHEAP, MESSRS. FIELDS, Osgood & Co. have prepared and will immediately issue a


of these unsurpassed works of fiction. The style of this edition is in all respects similar to that of the Household Edition of CHARLES READE'S Novels recently published and received with immediate and universal favor. The edition will consist of six volumes, as follows:Vanity Fair

One Volume.
The Newcomes
The Virginians
The Adventures of Philip
Henry Esmond
Lovel the Widower


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Price $1 25 a volume.

In his subtle, spiritual analysis of men and women, as we see them and live with them ; in his power of detecting the enduring passions and desires, the strengths, the weaknesses, and the deceits of the race, from under the mask of ordinary worldly and town life—making a dandy or a dancing girl as real, as “moving delicate and full of life,' as the most heroic incarnations of good and evil ; in his vitality and yet lightness of handling, doing it once and forever, and never a touch too little or too much-in all these respects he stood and stands alone and matchless.”—DR. John Brown.

*** This Edition will be sold by all Booksellers, or will be sent postpaid on receipt of price by the Publishers,



JUNE 1, 1869.

NEW LAW BOOKS AND NEW EDITIONS Published by LITTLE, BROWN & CO. since January, 1869.

Treatise on the Law of Shipping and the Law and Practice The Law of Wills. By Hon. I. F. REDFIELD. 8vo.
of Admiralty. By Hon. TheopHILUS Parsons. 2 6. Svo.


The ANGELL ON WATERCOURSES. SIXTH EDITION. A Law of Vendors and Purchasers of Real Property. By Treatise on the Common Law in relation to Watercourses. FRANCIS HILLIARD, Esq. Revised and greatly enlarged. 8vo. By J. K. Angell, Esq. Revised and greatly enlarged by BATCHELDER ON MANUFACTURING CORPORAHon. J. C. Perkins. Svo.

TIONS. The Law of Manufacturing Corporations in MassaUNITED STATES SESSION LAWS. The Statutes at

chusetts. By SAMUEL BATCHELDER, Jr., Esq. Large of the United States of America, passed at the Second REPORT OF THE CASE OF THE STEAMSHIP MEand Third Sessions of the Fortieth Congress. Edited by Hon.

TEOR, libelled for alleged violation of the Neutrality Act. GEORGE P. SASGER. Two Parts. Royal 8vo. Paper.

Edited by F. V. Balch, Esq. 8vo.
GRAY'S REPORTS. Vol. XV. Reports of Cases Ar-
goed and Determined in the Supreme Court of Massachu-
setts. By Hon. HORACE GRAY, Jr. Svo.

Nearly Ready.
Treatise on the Limitations of Actions at Law and Suits in WALKER'S INTRODUCTION TO AMERICAN LAW.
Equity and Admiralty. By J. K. ANGELL, Esq. Revised

Fifth Edition. Revised and enlarged. Designed as a First and enlarged by John W. May, Esq. Svo.

Book for Students. By Hon. Timothy WALKER. Svo. CLIFFORD'S REPORTS. Vol. I. Reports of Cases UNITED STATES DIGEST. Vol. XXVI. Digest of Argued and Determined in the Circuit Court of the United

the Decisions of the Courts of Common Law and Admiralty Staies for the First Circuit. By Hon. Nathax CLIFFORD. 8vo.

in the United States. Royal 8vo. KING'S TENNESSEE DIGEST. A Digest of the Ju- STORY ON AGENCY. Seventu Edition. Commentdicial Decisions of tbe State of Tennessee from the year 1796 aries on the Law of Agency as a Branch of Commercial and to Jaly, 1868. With Notes by Henry Clay King, Esq. 4 vols. Maritime Jurisprudence. By Hon. JOSEPH STORY. Revised Royal 8vo.

and enlarged. 8vo.

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In Press and Preparation.
Desigued as a supplement to illustrate and accompany Mr. OF MASSACHUSETTS. By URIEL H. CROCKER and GEORGE
Justice Story's Treatise on Equity Pleadings. By GEORGE G. CROCKER.

8vo. T. CURTIS, Esq. 8vo.


1869. By E. H. BENNETT and F. F. HEARD, Esqs. 8vo.
Large of the United States of America, passed at the First
Session of the Forty-first Congress. Edited by Hon. George UNITED STATES STATUTES AT LARGE. Vol. XV.
P. SANGER. Royal 8vo. Paper.

Royal Svo.
TION. Å Treatise on the American Law of Landlord and Overruled, Doubted, or Limited in their Application. 8vo.
Tenant. By Jous N. TAYLOR, Esq. Svo.

BLAKE ON CORPORATIONS. Presenting the Modern
BLACKWELL ON TAX TITLES. THIRD EDITION. A Law of Corporations as now held in the English and Ameri-
Practical Treatise on the Power to sell Land for the Non-

can Courts; with an Historical Sketch of the Origin and Depayment of Taxes. Edited by F. V. Balci, Esq. Svo.

velopment of its Doctrine. By Charles F. BLAKE, Esq. GRAY'S REPORTS. Vol. XVI. Reports of Cases Ar- ABBOT ON INSURANCE. The Law of Life, Accident,

and Guarantee Insurance. By E. H. ABBOT, JEREMIAH SMITH, gued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Massachu

and B. F. STEVEXS. setts, By Hon. HORACE GRAY, Jr. Svo.


the Decisions of the Courts of Common Law and Admiralty Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Circuit Court in the United States. Royal Svo. of the United States for the First Circuit. By Hon. NATHAN CLIFFORD. Svo.


AWARDS. By Hon. J. C. PERKINS. 8vo.

F. BEARD, Esqs. 2 vols. Svo.

By J. W. PERRY, Esq. 8vo.
Cases decided in the Superior Court and Supreme Court of

bracing Husband and Wife; Guardian and Ward ; Parent Errors of the State of Connecticut, and in the United S:ates and Child; Infancy; and Master and Servant. By JAMES Courts for the District of Connecticut. By Simeon E. BALD


Wix, of the New Haven County Bar.

A Praetical Treatise on Civil Pleading and Practice; with a
Collection of Forms and Precedents. By Isaac F. RDFIELD, WHITTIER ON THE LAW OF GUARANTY AND
LL.D., and WILLIAM A, HERRICK. 2 vols. Svo.

MAY ON INSURANCE. A Treatise on the Law of MORSE ON BANKS AND BANKING. A Treatise on

the Law of Banks and Banking; with an Appendix containlopurance as applicable to Fire, Life, Accident, and other

ing the National Banking Act, with Decisions, &c. 8vo. By Risks not Maritime. By John W. Mar, Esq. Svo.

OF MASSACHUSETTS. By a Member of the Suffolk Bar. rish Officers. With all the necessary Forms and Parliament-

ary Rules.


No. 110 Washington St., Boston.


JUNE 1, 1869.



Nos. 819 and 821 Market Street, Philadelphia.

JUST PUBLISHED. Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress. One vol. crown 8vo. | The Elements of Theoretical and Descriptive As.

Fully illustrated with elegant colored lithograph plates, and TRONOMY, for the use of Colleges and Academies. By printed in double pica type. Cloth, $3; cloth, gilt edge, CHARLES J. WHITE, A, M., Assistant Professor of Astronomy $3 50 ; Turkey antique, *3; tree call, $10.

and Navigation in the United States Naval Academy. With

numerous illustrations. One vol, deini octavo. $2. A Doctrinal and Ritualistic View of the Holy The Christian Sabbath Vindicated; and the Sab

Eucharist. By Hon. George S. Lacey, Member of the
Louisiana Bar. 12m0., cloth, gilt sides, red edges. $1 50.

bath in its Political Aspects. By lanotus. 12mo., cl. $1 50.

The Last Passover. A Harmony of the Evangelists. Companion for the Sunday-School. By a Teacher.

Au account of the closing incidents in the life of Jesus Christ, One vol. 16no., cloth. Flexible red edge. 45 cents.

Our Pannover; showing the verbal harmony of the four Gos

pel narratives, arranged by John R. WHITNEY. 160., cl. $1. Gleimair;

Life in Scotland. By HELEN HAZLETT, The Works of Thomas Dick, LL. D. Complete.

or, author of " Heights of Eidelberg." 12mo. Cloth, $1 50.

Ten vols. in five. New edition. T'inted paper, fine cloth, Leander; or, Secrets of the Priesthood. By Ernest gilt top, $10; sheep, library style, $11 25 ; half calf, plain TRUMAN 8vo., paper cover. 50 cents.

edge, $16 25; half call, extra, gilt, marble edge, $18 75. Mabel Clifton. A Novel. By Frank BRIERWOOD. Think and Act. A Series of Articles pertaining to 12mv., cloth. $1 50.

Men aod Women, Work and Wages. By VIRGINIA PESNI.

12mo., cloth. $1 50. Marooners’ Island. By the author of " The Young Typhaines Abbey. By Count de Gobineau, French Marooners." 16mo., cloth. Illustrated. $1 50.

Ambassador to Brazil. Translated from the French by Ch. Recollection of Men and Things at Washington D. Meigs, M. D., of Philadelphia. 12m0., cloth. $1 75.

during the third of a Century. By L. A. Gobrigat. lžmo., Mistress Margery: A Tale of the Lollards. By cloth. $1 75.

EMILY SARAH Holt, author of "Royal Ladies." One vol. Springdale Abbey. Extracts from the Diaries and 16mo., cloth. $1 50. Letters of an English Preacher. Edited by Joseph Parker. Queer Discourses on Queer Proverbs. By OLD D. D. One vol. 12mo. $2.

MERRY. One vol. 12mo., cloth. Mustrated. $1 50. Studies in Shakspeare. A Book of Essays. By Foxe's Book of Martyrs. With Fifteen Illustrations. Miss Mary Preston. 16mo., cloth.' $1.

Preface by the Hon. and Right Rev. Samuel Waldegrave, The Architectural Review and American Builder's

D. D., Lord Bishop of Carlisle. One vol. 18m0., cloth, 60 cts. JOURNAL: An Illustrated Monthly. By Samuel. SLOAN, Vulgarisms, and other Errors of Speech. To which Architect. Per aquum, $6; single number, 50 cents. Back is added a Review of Mr. G. Washington Sloon's "Dean's Ennumbers furnished on receipt of price.

glish"and “ Bad English." Second Edition. 16mo., cl. $1 25.

IN PRESS: American Fairies for my Pet. By Julian Paol. | Memoir of the Life of the Right Reverend George Square 16mo., cloth.

BURGESS, D. D., First Bishop of Maine. Edited by his Southland Writers. Biographical and Critical Brother, Rev. ALEXANDER BORGESS, D. D., Rector of St. John's Sketch of the Living Female Writers of the South, with ex

Church, Brooklyn, New York. I vol.demy Svo., about 500 pp. tracts from their writings. By IDA RAYMOND. Demi octavo, Elements of Grammar. The First Book of English cloth With Lithographic Frontispiece.

Grammar, Prepared as a Text-Book for Public Schools and The Eneid of Publius Virgilius Maro. Elucidated for the Primary Classes of High-Schools and Academies. By

by Euglish Notes, Critical, Historical, and Mythological. H. D. WALKER, A.' M., laie Principal and Professor of the With a Metrical Index and Map, and illustrated by Antique Theory and Practice of Teaching in the Orangeville, Pa., Statues, Gems, Coins, and Medals. To which is added a

Normal school. Copious Dictionary, giving the ineaning of all the words with Son of Man. Discourses on the Humanity of Jesus critical exactness. By NATHAN Covington Brooks, LL. D., President of tbe Baltimore Female College. 12mo.

Christ. By Frank Coulin, D. D., Minister of the National

Church of Geneva. One vol. 16mo., cloth,
The Three Bernices ; or, Ansermo of the Crag. An Legends of Fairy Land. By Mrs. Anna Bache,

Historical Romance of the First Century. By Mrs. AMANDA
M. BRIGHT. 12m0., cloth.

author of the “Firescreen," "Little Clara," "Stories for

Little Clara,” “Clara's Amusements, “ The Sibyl's Cave," Whispers to a Bride, and Christian Households.

etc. etc. Square 16mo., cloth. Illustrated. By Mrs. LINCOLN PHELPS. With an Appendix containing a Protestant Gems of the Prayer Book. By Rev. J. History of the Order of Deaconesses. 12mo.

P. DU HAMEL, Diocese of Delaware. Square 16mo. Braley on the Horse's Feet. A Treatise on the The Poetical Works of Eliza Cook.

New edition. Horse's Feet, their Diseases, and how to treat them, By Dr. L. A. BRALEY, Chief Veterinary Surgeon, U. S. A. With Containing her recent productions. 12mo., cloth. Illustrated. sixty-fivo eugravivgs, illustrating the horse's foot in all its The Young Wrecker of the Florida Reef; or, points, as well as the diseases to which it is incident. 410

The Trials and Adventures of Fred Ransom. By RICHAKD pages, 8vo.

MEADE BACHE. Fifth Edition. 16mo., cloth. Hlustrated. Remarkable Facts Illustrative and Confirmative of $1 50.

Different Portions of Holy Scripture. By the Rev. J. Leif. Notes on the Settlement and Indian Wars of the CHILD, D. D. With a Preface by his Son. One vol. 12mo.

Western part of Virginia and Pennsylvania, from 1763 to Horse and Man. A Treatise on Riding, Handling, and 1783. With a View of the State of Society and Manners of Suppling the Horse. By C. S. MARCA Paillips, One vol. 16mo.

the First Settlers of the Western Country. By the Rev. JOSEPH

DODDRIDGE, D. D. With a Biographical Memoir of the AuLife of Samuel Miller, D. D., LL. D., Second Pro thor, by his Daughter. And an Appendix containing Logan,

lessor in the Theological Seminary of the Presbyterian Church the last of the race of Shikellemus, Chief of the Cayuga at Princeton, New Jersey. By SAMUEL MILLER, In 2 vols. Nation. 12mo., cloth. 12m0., with Two Portraits, and a copious Iudex to each Jenkins's Handy Lexicon, on the basis of the Vest volume. Cloth, bevelled boards. $150.

Pocket Lexicon: A Dictionary of all except Familiar Words, Soimeme. A Story of a Wilful Life. One vol. 16mo.

including the principal Scientific and Technical Terms, and The Gabled House ; or, Self-Sacrifice. By the

Foreign Moneys, Weights, and Measures. By JABEZ JENKINS.

18o. Cloth, $100 ; Roan, flexible, $1 25 . author of “The Climbers," "Paul Venner," Purpose,” &c. &c. One vol. 12mo.

Sea Drift. By FADETTE. 12mo., cloth.

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