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JUNE 15, 1869.


Ar a recent sale of autographs in London, the At a recent sale of autographs in London, five following treasures were disposed of: The original lines written by Michael Angelo brought $75 ; a YS. of Jobinson's Life of Pope, inlaid in folio and letter from Jolin Calvin, $55 ; Charles I. to the illustrated with portraits, &c.; original MSS. of Marquis of Ormond, 8400; Oliver Cromwell to his Brelyu's Life of Mrs. Godolphin and Odes of Horace; son Richard, $200; John Dryden to Sir Robert Byron's original MS. of Lines to Thyrza and others Long, $130 ; Charles Edward Stuart, the Pretender, of the Oerasional Poems; a collection of autograph to Lady Webb, 863; Martin Luther, in German, letters loy, and connected with, Lord Nrlson, illus- $130; Francis Rabelais, in Greek and Latin, $250; trated with portraits and plates, in 1 vol. folio, mo- Sir Walter Raleigh, from the Tower, $150); Dean foto extra ; letters and MSS. of Burns, illustrated Swift to Ambrose Phillips, $155 ; John Wesley to and bound in like manner; letters and MS. music Mr. Collins, $85. of Tom Moore, illustrated with Maclise's original Drawings to the Irish Melodies, in 1 vol. folio, mo.

The rage for illustrating popular works continues pero extra, and MS. music of Moore's National unabated. There were lately sold by auction, in

London, an edition of Byron's Works with he Life Melodies, in 1 vol. oblong 4to. Also, a collection con prising royal letters from the date of Henry by Moore, expanded to twenty-six volumes quarto VII. to the present time, including those of Henry by nearly 5000 engravings; the “ Hours of IdleFill., Queen Elizabeth, James I. and Avne of Den ness” and “ English Bards,” in three volumes folio; mark, Privce Henry, Frederick and Elizabeth of Butler's "Hudibras"and Remains, extended to seven Bobruia, Charles I., Oliver Cromwell, James II., inlaid and profusely illustrated with highly-finished

volumes folio ; Tytler's " Life of Sir Walter Raleigh," Williato and Mary, and Queen Anne; with con. temporary statesnien, Sir Walter Raleighi, Earl of drawings, by Harding, rare autographs, &c., in three Esrx, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, Lord Bacon, in four volumes folio, and one volume quarto, russia

volumes folio, morocco extra ; " Evelyn's Memoirs,” Stratford, &c.; celebrated reformers, Luther, Calvin, Neianethon, Erasmus, &c.; French royal and noble

extra ; Jobuson's “ Life of Pope.” two volumes folio, personages from the tine of Henry IV.; and Sir russia extra ; Gray's Works, MS. Travels, &c., five

volumes folio. Walter Raleigh's Poems, with an autograph letter, and Pope's Essay on Man, with his autograph cor

There has been printed, for private distribution

only, “ Castelvines y Montesse: Tragi-Comedia,'' Mr. R. Belgrave Hoppner, who was consnl. by Lope de Vega, the Spanish dramatist, who was general at Venice during Lord Byron's residence contemporary with Shakspeare, translated by F. in that Ocean-Rome, has published a letter in the w. Cozens, an Engli-h gentleman. It is founded "Ath-bæam”in reply to Madame Guiccioli's recent

on the same Italian story which was used in the book in which he denies that he was acquainted Spanish play, Roselo, the hero, marries Julia, the

construction of our “ Romeo and Juliet." In the with her, though he saw her; declares his belief that Byron most probably went to Greece in 1823 heroine, and all ends happily. to get rid of the lady; and states that the mother Mr. Peter CONSINGHAM, son of Allan Cunningof little Allegra Byron was “ a young English girl, hamı, the poet, who was the “managing man” of Sir a kind of connection of Mrs. Shelley, whom he met Francis Chantrey, the sculptor, for many years, is at Genera." It would appear from Mr. Hoppner's among the recently deceased. He was fifty-four tone that he was out of temper when he wrote this years old ; had edited the works of Oliver Goldletter.

smith aud Horace Walpoie, but was best known by Yet another volume upon Shakspeare! Mr. B. B. his excellent “ Hand- Book of London,” which is Orridge is said to be preparing for publication, very well executed, and has had a large sale. "The City Friends of Shakspeare; with some Account of John -adler and Richard Quiney, Drug. author of " Mattie, a Stray,” is to commence, as a

“ STERN NECESSITY," by Frederick W. Robertson, gists and Growers, of Bucklersbury, and their De serial novel, in “ Belgravia” for July., kendants.” It will be remembered that Richard Gainey's son Thomas married Judith, who was

Sir John COLERIDGE's biography of the Rev. John Shakspeare's youngest daughter. In Halliwell's

Keble, author of “ The Christian Year,” is in a Lile of William Shakspeare” are letters from second edition, in London. Richard Quiney, who resided “at the Belie in Car Ir is stated in a German paper that a Mr. Miter Layne,” Londou, about borrowing money, and chotte, of Brussels, has given 150,000 francs for in 15:8 the pret actually lent him thirty poupils, all Rossini's manuscript posthumous works.--In which is equivalent to £120 at the present time.

Hamburg, the house in which Mendelssohn was Judith Shakspeare, a twin, was baptized in Feb-born, on the 8th of February, 1809, has just been ruary, 1581-5; married February, 1615-6; and marked by an inscription reco ding the event. The was buried at Stratford, February 9, 1061-2, leav- house is No. 14, Grosse Michaelis-trasse, at the coring no surviving male issue.

ner of the Brumpenstrasse. The likeness of the Is "Colburn's New Monthly Magazine" for June composer on a handsome bronze medallion occupies the oldest but one of the English mouthlies, and the centre of the commemorative inarble tablet. Successiorly edited by Thomas Campbell, Theodore

New editions of the writings of Charles Lamb and Hook, Thomas Hood, and W. H. Amsworth-is a

William Hazlitt appear to have been very successsecond paper on Lord Byron, entitled " Some Recol- ful in London. lections cuunected with his Name.” The first The profits of Queen Victoria's “Early Years of article took part with the great poet, as one more His Royal Highness the Prince Consort,' amountsinned against than sinning. lu“ Temple Bar” is ing to $12,500, have been applied to the establisha paper entitled “Lord Byron's Married Life." ment of school and college bursaries for the benefit

“Curistian Osborne's Friends,” by Mrs. Harriet of well-deserving scholars, in the district around Davidson (daughter of Hugh Miller, the geologist), Balmoral, her Scottish residence. is a story wiglily commended by some of the Eny The “Athenæum,” which lately stated that “ The lish crities. The "Athenæum” says: “ Modestly Spacious Firmament on High” was written, not by and easily written, ahounding in pleasant touches Joseph Addison, but Andrew Marvel, repeats the of ferling and description, it takes hold of us from assertion, and proves its truth. Addison did but the first, and keeps us to the end.”

quote the then unpublished but now popular hymn.

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JUNE 15, 1869.

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Sir ALEXANDER COCKBURN, Chief Justice of Eng-ment of a Free Library for his native city. His land, announces, as in the press, a work entitled father, Benjamin Rush, was one of the signers of

Nationality; or, The Law relating to Subjects and the Declaration of Independence, and his brother, Aliens, considered with a View to Future Legisla- Richard Rush, was successively minister to fngtion."

land and France, and Secretary of the United States MR. E. Deutsch, of the British Museum, anthor Treasury. of that article on “ The Talinud" in the “ Quarterly Review” which attracted great attention last year,

PERIODICALS. was sent to examine the explorations in Jernsalem, Lippincott's Magazine. July. and, the “Athenæum” says, * has returned to Lon

The Vicar of Bullhampton (Anthony Trollope). don from his Eastern journey, not only richer, - Thorwald's Lament (Edward Everett). - Annexagenerally, in knowledge of Semitic countries, but tion of Sova Scotia (A Nova Scotian).-My Sumwith curious additions to the special knowledge of mer Pels (Mrs. Mary Treat).- Inside a Chinese scholars in Semitic antiquities. Mr. Dentsch has Gambling-H-11 (E. Hepple Hall).—The Watcher: deciphered the inscriptions on the great stones' a poem (Edgar Fawcett).-- Beyond the Breakers : a of the Temple platform, and finds them to be Plice novel : Part VII. (Hon. Robert Dale Owen).–The nician masons' marks. Thus, we have an end of Housekeeper's Millennium (Mrs. M. E. Joslyn all doubts as to the original builders of that side of Gage). — The Philosophy of Absurdity (Walter the Temple wall. They were of the a # of Solomon, Edgar McCann). – Princess and Page: a poem and probably the craftsmen of Hiram, King of Tyre. (Lucy H. Hooper). -Only no Love: a tale after the Mr De sch bas also recovered the lost letters of German: concluded (Mrs. A. L. Wister). — The the Maccabean Hebrew alphabet. Two sah.finds' Devil's Cave : an Adventure in Mexico.-Our Relararely fall to the lot of a single traveller.

It is tions with England (Henry Flanders). Fancy understood that Mr. Deutsch will report on his Signatures (Carl Benson). — The Art of Getting to discoveries to the Committee of the Palestine Ex. Sleep (George Fitzhugh).-Our Monthly Gossip.ploration Fund.”

Literature of the Day. Philadelphia : J. B. LipThere was a great sale, in London, commencing pincott & Co. on the first of this month, of “a marvellous collec- Riverside Magazine. Juve. tion of books and inanuscripts, relating to North,

First School- Days of a Little Quaker: Chaps I., and particularly to South America, from the intro- II.- Joan of Are: No. I (G. M. Towle).—The Robduction of Printing in the New World to the present

ber Robin. - Pink's Chicken. Gardens. Three time-philological works of the greatest rarity- Little Mice (Louise Dupee).—The Judge's Pets (E. manuscripts of the highest importance, some in the Johnson).--The Purple Dove (Marian Douglas). – aboriginal languages As usual, the advertise- Joule's Equivalent (J. Abbott).- The Three Little ment, in a London paper, did not appear until May Artists again (Anne Silvernail).—Robby Singleton's 22d, whereby collectors in America could not pur- Mishap (P. H. Hayne).-Rambles in the City of the chase!

Grand Turk: No. III. (S. G. W. Benjamin). - The

Marriage Feast at Cana.–Our Start for the BonteOBITUARY.—LORD Broughton, better known in bok Flats (F. J. Mills).—The Comet (II. C. Anderliterature as Sir John Cam Hobhouse, died on the sen).—Jolly June.-Song of the Swingers (Mary E. 3d of June in his eighty-third year. He was one of Nealy); Music (Karl Merz). New York: Hurd & Lord Byron's earliest college friends, his companion Houghton. in his first journey to the East, wrote the votes to and Historical Dlustrations of the last canto of “Childe

Our Young Folks. June. Harold,” and was appointed one of bis esecutors Aldrich). -- Laurence at a Coal-Shaft (J. T. Trow

The Story of a Bad Boy: Chaps. XI.-XIII. (T. B. under the poble poet's last will and testament. this capacity, he obtained an injunction froin the bridge).- Under the Palm Trees (Julia C. R. Dorr). Court of Chancery to prohibit the publication, in Gardening for Girls.-- The Spray Sprite (Celia England, of his letters to Mrs. Byron (his mother) Corals (Mrs. E. C. Agassiz).—Candy. Making : 20

Thaxter). — The World we live on; Rerf-building and to Mr. Dallas, and is helieved to have prevented Paper (Mrs. Jane G. Austin). After Pickerel (G. the publication of Byron's autobiograplıy, the pro- Fay). --Last Voyage of René Ménard (5. H. A. Bone). perty of Thomas Moore. If, as is generally believed, —- Bobolink and Canary (Mrs. A.M. Wells). --A Few there is a copy of that much-talked of and hastily Words about the Crow (T. M. B.).—The Rivulet suppressed work, perhaps it may yet appear, unless Lord Wentworth, Byron's grandson, should have (Lucy Larcom) - Round the Evening Lamp.-Our

Letter-box. the power and will to prevent it. Lord Broughton

Boston: Fields, Osgood & Co. was author of a volume of translations and original Phrenological Journal. June. poems, of Travels in Albania, of a History of Napo Richard G. Pardee.-Brain Waves Again.-Great leon's Reign of the Hundred Days, and some pam- Men, Small Heads.-The Planchette Mystery: conphlets on politics. He was a strong Liberal at one tinued - Alaska and its people. - Swedenborg.time, but took office under Lord Grey, and sobered James Harper. Where are the Housekeepers ? down into a moderate Whig. He was raised to the (Jennie June).-R. A. McMurray, the Accountant. peerage in 1851, and retired from the Cabinet office — The Boys' Two Rules.- What Can I do Best ? No. of viinister for India in February, 1852, since which II.- John Folgate, the Ohio Centenarian.—Sir John time he took no part in public life. Having no son, Young.—Heinrich Barth. N. Y.: S. R. Wells. his title of Baron dies with him, but his brother, Church Monthly. May. now Sir Henry William, aged seventy-eight, suc Editorial. - Religious Problems of the Day, from

DR. JAMES KUSH, Of Philadelphia, author of several Prayer Book. --Archdeacon Freeman on the Holy valuable books, particularly one on the Voice, which Eucharist.-Notes on the Order of Arrangement of he never allowed his publisher to send for review our Lord's Parables.- Religious Education. - Medito any literary journal, has died, aged eighty-four, tation.-Turning to the East. — Prayers for the since our last issue, and has left his vast fortune, Dead.-A Table of Colors.--Spirit of the Press.which made him more than a millionaire, in trust Notes on Books. -Supplement; Letter of Pope Pius to the Library Company of Philadelphia (estab. IX. to the Archbishop of Paris. N. Y.: Church lished by Benjamin Franklin), for the establish- | Monthly.

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are five in number, entitled " Jesus of Nazareth,'' A Treatise on the Laws of Shipping and the Law and " The Holy One and the Just,” “The Man of Sor

Practice of Admiralty. By Theophilus Parsons, row:3," "The Risen One," and "The King." To
LL.D. 2 vols., pp. Ixv., 647; xii., 931. Little, these is appended an address on “ The Teaching of
Brown & Co., Boston.

Jesus Christ," delivered at the opening of the Salle In this voluminous treatise two suhjects, distioct de la Réformation, at Geneva, in September, 18 57. Fet mutually related, are fully treated by the au. There is a fervid and elevated piety in these disthor. The whole work is divided into two books, courses which will render them irresistibly attractive the first of which, extending through the first vol to the devont reader. The loving and tender nature une and one hundred and fifty pages of the second, of Christ is unfolded with a charm and swertness treats of the Laws of Shipping, while the second which we have rarely seen. If, to adopt the quotabook, extending through the remainder of the se

tion of the translator, Jane Sturze, in her brief and cond volume, is devoted to the Law and Jurisdiction terse preface, “the seret of oratory lies not in sayof Admiralty. The present volumes are really an ing new things, but in saying things with a certain espansion of the author's former treatise on Mari- power that moves the hearers," assuredly the author time Law. The writer says, in his preface, “ I have occnpies no mean rank as an eloquent teacher, so Dot called this work a serond edition of the former, well calıul thd is his work to kindle and keep alive as it is not only much enl rged, but its most im- an enthusiastic and rhorrent admiration for the portant topics re-written, and it seemed to ine more character of the founder of our religion. accurate to publish it as a new work.” The suhstantial features and much of the matter of the

BIOGRAPHY AND HISTORY. former work are accordingly retained, and the recent History of the American Revolution, with a Prelimi. important decisions on the subject are incorporated.

nory View of the Charurter and Principles of the In its present shape the treatise is almost indispen

Colonists. By Samuel F. Wilson. pp. vi., 372. sable to a practitioner dealing with the matters

Baltimore: Kelly, Piet & Co. either of doctrine or of praktice to which it is nePoted. We are not aware of any American public after a large examination of the leading works in

Mr. Wilson has evidently prepared his history cation which contains so large a body of recent and this department, but has not been satisfied with a reliable law relating to the important topics here mere mechanical compilation froin these sources. discussed.

His work is framed upon a plan somewhat original. The Statutes at Large of the United States of America Instead of narrating nere military transactions he

Pussed at the Third Session of the Fortieth Con- has sought to present the civil, social, and political gress, 1868-69, and Treaties. Boston: Little, events and principles preceding and accompanying Brown & Co.

the Revolution, and of which it was the logical reThis is the well-known anthorized and official sult. In this respect the work possesses a decided edition of the acts of Congress, and is, we believe, superiority over inost of those of the same class, the only edition quoted or referred to by the Su- with which we are acquainter. It is, in merit, far preme Court of the United States. The acts are above the large number of meagre and jujune carefully collated and compared with the original school histories in current use, and it embodies molls and the publication possesses all the accuracy many of the results contained in the more adwhich can characterize a work of this sort.

vanced and philosophical inquiries into the origin RELIGIJUS.

and development of American institutions.
The Perfect Man. By Rev. T. A. Goodwin, A. M.

pp. to. Cincinnati : Western Methodist Book The Habermeister, a Tale of the Bavarian Moun-
The object of tbis small volume is to treat of the

tains. Translated from the German of Herman subject of Christian Perfection. The anthor claims


New York: Leypoldt & that its doctrines are not only scriptoral but Wes

Holt. legan, and that its mode of presenting and illus

The word Habermeister means the presiding trativg the subject is somewhat novel.

judge or chief offices of a tribunal known as the

Haberfirld Court, which is so callert because it was Drops in the Brook by the Way; a Text and Prayer generally held in an oatfield (haberfel.), and at the for Erery Day in the Year. pp. 196.

end of he oat-harvest. It had its origin in the Consolation in Conflict, Sickness and Sorrow. pp. darkest period of the history of Bavaria, was a sevi., 96.

cret and mysterious tribunal, a id directed its judgEach of these is from the American Tract Society, nients against crimes for which there was po punBoston. The first of them is in prose, and re- ishment in the law, and against those criminals printed from the Londou Religions Tract Society. who were above the law. Schmid, the author, The second volume is a collection of select ro- though fonid of literature, is a lawyer, and was for ligious poetry. Both are handsomely printed. some time Secretary of the Criminal Court of Mu. The Son of Min: Discourses on the Humanity of

nich. Jesus Christ. By Frank Coulin, D. D., Minister Stretton, a Novel. By Henry Kingsley. pp. 250. of the National Church at Geneva. Translated New York: Ley poldt & Holt. with the Sanction of the Anthor. pp. viii., 311. Most novel readers have read some one of Henry Philadelphia: Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger. Kingsley's stories, either • Rivenshow," "Grotfry

This is, in all respects, a creditable volume- Hainlyn,” or “ Hillyars and the Burtons.” excellently conceived, excellently written, excel. call the pleasure with which we perused the first of leully printed and manufactured. The Discourses the works we have named, and so far as we have

pp. 379.

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JUNE 15, 1869.

yet entered upon Stretton, it seems to us less epi- , of course, be appreciated by students of general or sodical, more compact in its narrative, more spirited of local history, and the appearance of the works in its incidents, and somewhat more pointed and above noted will not be overlooked by those interbrilliant in its general style than the first of its ested in this department of research. We desire, predecessors.

however, to bear testimony to the admirable manThe Villa on the Rhine. By Berthold Anerbach. ner in which these volumes have been issued by

the publishers. Immediately upon opening them pp. vii. 990. New York: Ley poldt & Holt. The present rolume completes this long story. was done, and we fouvd it credited to the “Ohio

wesought to ascertain where the typographical work It closes by transferring the scene to the new trans. Valley Press : Robert Clarke & Co., Cincinnati, o.” Atlantic world, which will not make any abatement we rejoice to see that such an extreme degree of from its general interest for Ameri:an readers, al-1 though the introduction of American politics is cer

taste in book manufacture has passed westward and

Mr. Mosell, of tainly out of place in a German domestic novel. I has there become appreciated. We have that sort of thing ad nausean in our

Albany, must look after his laurels. We noticed, own productions, and it is no relief to have it also recently, Foster's work, issued by Griggs & Co., of importet from abroad. The publishers have issued Chicago, on The Mississippi Valley,” as a specimen the work in various styles adapted to the taste of of admirable bandiwork for a volume intended for buyers.

general circulation, and in the Ohio Valley Series

of Clarke & Co., we have a style of manufacture still Leonora Casaloni, or The Marriage Secret. By T. more choice, because intended for a more select

Adolphus Trollope pp. 311. Philadelphia: T. class of buyers. Messrs. Clarke & Co. are entitled B. Peterson & Brothers.

to the highest commendation for the taste and Mr. T. Adolphus Trollope seems to have made a praiseworthy manner in which they have produced special study of Italian fiction. Competent critics these works. have pronounced his portraiture of life and manners to be accurate and faithful. Messrs. Peterson

JUVENILE. & Brothers are publishing his works in uniform The Golden Pheasant Library. Baltimore : Kelly style, and they are attracting to themselves a large

Piet & Co. number of appreciative readers.

Four small volumes, put up in a box, constitute

this “Library.” The stories are adapted to quite The History of Pendennis, his Fortunes and Misfor- youthful readers, and are based on interesting his

tunes, his Friends and his Greatest Enemy. pp. iorical incidents. viii., 524.

Behind the Curtain. By Leelinan. pp. vii., 335. The Newcomes; Memoirs of a Most Respectable Boston : Andrew W. Graves.

Fumily. Edited by Arthur Pendennis, Esq. pp. This is the first of a series of three volumes, to iv., 551.

be called “The Golden Spring Series." The two We have here two additional volumes of the re- remaining volumes are in preparation. cent“ Household Edition" of Thackeray's povels Children of Many Lands. By Rev. J. D. Strong. issued by Fields, Osgood & Co., Busion. In form and general appearance the edition resewbles that of Charles Reade's novels by the same publishers.

From the American Tract Society, Boston. The pages are double columned, avd the type though

MISCELLANEOUS. compact is quite legible. It is altogether a conve

Woman's Suffrage, the Rejorm against Nature. By nient and inexpensive form of these popular works,

Horace Bushnell. pp. 18+. New York: Charles and will doubtless be highly acceptable to general Seribuer & Co. readers.

Those who can read a book written in rather a

dry, heavy style, upon a subject wbich many peoLOCAL HISTORY.

ple think scarcely worth such elaborate treatinent, History of Athens County, Ohio, and Incidentally of may perhaps enjoy these lucubrations. The oppo

the Ohio Land Company, und the First Settlement nen s of the writer's arguments will, perchance, seek of the State at Murietia, with Personal and Bio- to draw from his preface sowe inatter for observation grophical Sketches of the Eurly Seuilers, Nurrutive on the score of inconsis ency. The book is dedicated of Pioneer Adventures, etc. ; with map and por- to a lady who is spoken of in such laudatory terms

traits (pp. viii., 600). By Charles M. Walker. that other women will be found saying. why should Col. George Clarke's Sketch of his Campaign in Illi- not such an one as she be allowed to utter her voice

nois, in 1778-9, with an lutroduction by Hon. at the ballot-box? We, however, take no part in this Henry Pirtle, of Louisville, and an Appendix con- discussion of the mutual relation of band-boxes and taiping the public and private instructions to ballot-boxes. A closer examination of the language Col. Clark, and Major Bowwan's Journal of the of the prefatory “ acknowledgment” will give us taking of Post St. Vincents.

pp. vi, 119.

pause, for we are told that the lady supplied "inspiEach of these volumes is published by Robert rations enough to have made a hero, if they had not Clarke & Co., Cincinnati. They are a portion of the lacked the timber.The exact relation of timör, either “Ohio Valley Historical Series,” which the same

to inspirations or to a hero, is beyond our comprepublishers are now issuing. The first number of bension. So in a few sentences thereafter we are the series was Bouquet's Expedition ayawst the told something or other about divine moistenings, Ohio Indians in 1764. The second and third puu- which moistenings, together with the timber of inspibers are the works above mentioved. The succeed rations, and wany other things of the same sort ing volumes, so far as announced, as in press, are found in the book, are nothing more nor less than Reminiscential Letters, by the late Daniel Drake, great swelling words." M. V., Pioneer Biography in two volumes, by the Color. By Madame Marie Elizabeth Cavé. pp. late James McBride, of Hamilton, a History of Ham viii., 110, New York: G. P. Putnam & Son. ilton County, Ohio; a History of Oxford and Miama The Cavé method has, we believe, been a pplied University, and a Reprint of the Remarkable Occur- and used in some of the normal schools of France. rences in the Life and Travels of Col. Jame. Smith, Iu the letters here contained there is a great deal during his captivity with the Indians in 1755-59. of pitby instruction, conveyed in an earnest and The intrinsic value of all these publications will, I euthusiastic style.

pp. 108.

JUNE 15, 1869.


Robert Carter & Bros., New York.

A Report on the Progress of Practical and Scientific Shining Ligbt. By the author of The Memorials Medicine. By Horace Dobell, M. D., assisted by of Captain Vicars."

numerous and distinguished coadjutors. Autobiography and Memoir of F. W. Krummacher, Lessons in Elementary Chemistry, Inorganic and OrD. D.

ganic. By Henry E. Roscoe. Revised edition. D'Aubigne's History of the Reformation in the Time Engravings, and a colored frontispiece. of Calvin. Vol. 5.

Clinical Notes on Diseases of the Larynx. By Wil. Tibby the Charwoman.

liam Marcet, M. D., etc., Assistant Physician to Stories of Vinegar Hill. 5 vols. in a box. By the the Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of the

author of “Ellen Montgomery's Bookshelf,” etc Chest, Brompton. Butterfly's Flights. By a popular writer. 6 vols. in A Manual of Orthopraxy. By Heather Bigg, Assoc. & box.

Inst. C. E. 2d ed. Illustrated. Bible Wonders. By the Rev. Dr. Newton.

T. B. Peterson & Bros., Philadelphia. Little Effie's Home. By the author of " Bertie Lee,"

Gemma ; & Tale Love and Jealousy. By T. A. ** Donald Fraser," etc.

Trollope. New edition. Sorrow. By the Rev. John Reid, author of “ Voices

Marietta ; or, Life in Tuscany. By T. A. Trollope. of the Soul answered in God."

New edition. Bessie at School Uniform with the “Bessie Books."

Beppo, the Conscript. By T. A. Trollope. New edition. Mr. Browning's Parish. By the author of the Win

Hans Breitmann's Ballads. By Chas. G. Leland, Esq. and Wear" Series.

Complete in one volume. Pawne, Holden & Co., Dayton, Ohio.

The Bride's Fate ; a Sequel to “ The Changed Hall's Common School Register.

Brides." By Mrs. E. D. E. N. Southworth. Cook's Combined School and Class Register, adapted J. B. Lippincott of Co., Philadelphia. for Graded Schonls.

Adventures of a Baltimore Trader. By George Hall's Universal School Register.


A Wreath of Rhymes. By Millie Mayfield. William Wood & Co., New York.

Vol. II. of “ Daisy;" & Novel. By author of A Complete Practical Text-Book of Surgery. By Queechy,” etc.

Prof. Frank H. Hamilton, M. D., of Bellevue Medi. Evidences of Natural and Revealed Theology. By cal College. Illustrated.

Rev. C. E. Lord. A Text-Book of Obstetrics. By Prof. Wm. H. By Stories for Sundays, illustrating the Catechism. Reford, M. D., of Medical College. Illustrated.

vised and edited by A. Cleveland Coxe. A Treatise on Epilepsy. By M. Gonzalez Echever. The Starless Crown; a Selection of Poems.

ria, M. D. Illustrated by steel plates and chromo Hints for Six Months in Europe. By J. H. B. Lalithographs.

trobe. Wood's Vest-Pocket Medical Lexicon. Edited by D. Historical Sketch of Nazareth Hall. By W. C. B. St. J. Roosa, M. D. Revised and enlarged.

Reichel. Politzer on the Tympanum. Translated by Drs. New. Apostles of Mediæral Europe. By Rev. G. F.

ton and Mathewson. Engravings and chromo. Maclear. lithographs.

Our Own Birds. By W. L. Baily. Revised and A Practical Compendium of Electricity and Electro edited by E. D. Cope. Liberally illustrated.

Therapeutics. By Drs. Beard and Rockwell. Diseases of the Mouth and Associate Parts. By J. E. Many engravings.

Garretson, M. D. Illustrated Archives of Opbtbalmology and Otology. Edited by Key to the Holy Bible. By J. H. Blunt, M. A.

Pross. Koapp and Moos. Half-yearly. Illustrated The Stomach and its Difficulties. By Sir Jus. Eyre. by fine lithographs and chromos.

Mrs. Hemans's Poems. 24 mo. edition


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Want a copy of “Prince's Owl Creek Letters.''

LIST OF BOOKS RECENTLY PUBLISHED IN THE UNITED STATES. ABBET. Stories in Verse. By H. Abbey. 12mo. pp. 128. BARNES. Rural Poems. By W. Barnes. sq. 18mo. pp. 159. X. Y.: A. D. F. Randolph & Co. CI. $1; f. gt. $125.

Bost, : Roberts Bros. Cl. f. gt. $1 25. AIKIS AND BARBAULD. Evenings at Home. By Dr. Aikio and Bates. Stories from the Moorland ; or, Tales of the CovenantMrx. Barbaald. 18mo. pp. 357. Phila.; J. B. Lippincott &

ers. By Miss Lizzie Bates. 16mo. pp. 236. Bost. : Warren Co. Cl. 75 cts. (Edinburgh print.)

& Blakeslee. C1 1 25.

BEHIND THE CORtain; or, Leclinan. 16mo. pp. 335. Bost. : AMERICAN Baptist Year Book, 1869. 12mo, pp. 144. Phila. :

A. F. Graves. Cl. $1 25. Am. Bap. Pub. Soc. Pap. 50 cts.

Bowles. Our New West. A Record of Trarel between the ATERT. Handbook for Consumptives; a Practical Guide for Mississippi and the Pacific. By S. Bowles. Map, Purtr, the Invalid and Student. By H. N. Avery, M. D.

and Ulustr. Svo. pp. 521. Hartf.; Hfd Pub. Co. Ci. 31. N. Y.; S.P. Heermance & Son. Pap. 50 cts.

$350. (By subscription only.)

Svo. PP.

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