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DEC. 1, 1869.

pp. 351.

science of ophthalmology. The contents are di- į vein of reflectiveness runs through the work which vided into two parts—the first of which includes the will be appreciated by the heart of many a reader, pathology and treatment of eye-diseases, while the , who has felt what the author is describing, but who second treats of the operative surgery of the eye. i never knew before that it could be described. Many of the practical portions are drawn from pro- | A Bible Hand-Book, Theologically Arranged; defessional experience of the author.

signed to facilitate the Finding of Proof-terts on MISCELLANEOUS.

the Leading Doctrines of the Bible. By Rev. F. Wonders of the Deep; A Companion to Stray Leares

C. Holliday, D. D. pp. 332. Cincinnati : Hitch

cock & Walden. from the Book of Nature. By M. Schele de Vere. New York: G. Putnam & Son,

Students of Scripture, clergymen, and SabbathThere are twelve separate papers collected in this school teachers will find from the use of this book volume, their titles being, Fables and facts ; odd that it really is, as the author too modestly says,

a time-saver." It is indeed more, for the bringFish ; Pearls ; Corals ; The Knight in Armor ; A Pint of Salt; Mine Oyster; Light at Sea ; Lighthouse

ing together of passages of scripture in the leading Stories ; A Grain of Sand ; Mercury; The Earth in doctrines of religion is, in fact, presenting a system Trouble. The style is easy and colloquial, and a itself, and one of the best helps to sound and full

I of biblical theology in the language of the Bible great deal of curious information is imparted in a

doctrinal study. very pleasant manner. It is a book of instructive and interesting reading.

Seed Thoughts, or Selections from Caryl's Erposition The Army Reunion ; with Reports of the Meetings of

of Job.

With an Introduction, by Rev. J. E. the Societies of the Armies of the Cumberland, the

Rockwell, D. D. pp. 180. Philadelphia: PresTennessee, the Ohio, and Georgiu, held at Chicago,

byterian Board of Publication. Dec. 15 and 16, 1868. pp. 350. Chicago : S. C,

Caryl's Exposition of Job is a most voluminous Griggs & Co.

work, published in London in 1672, now become This magnificent volume furnishes full reports of very scarce, and never likely to be reprinted. It is the meetings as described in the title, and contains said, however, to possess considerable merit, and portraits on steel of Lieut.-Gen. Wm. T. Sherman, Dr. Blackwell has culled from its pages a number and of Major-Generals George H. Thomas, John A. of short passages and single sentences, which are Rawlins, George W. Schofield, and Henry W. Slo. well worth perusal. cum, and engravings in rich colors of the badges of The Shepherd of Israel, or Illustrations of the Inner the respective armies mentioned above. Full re- | Life. By the Rev. Duncan Macgregor, M. A. Pp. ports are given of all the orations delivered at the 339. New York: Robert Carter & Brothers.

icago Opera House and banquet, the letters of Mr. Macgregor is generally recognized as possessdistinguished invited guests, and lists of the mem- ing very striking qualities as a religious writer. bers of the societies. It is beautifully printed on He is earnest and direct in his appeals, happy in tinted paper, and has a very attractive appearance. his illustrative use of Scripture, and in the employ. The Hunter's Guide and Trapper's Companion. A ment of personal incidents to enforce what he says.

Complete Guide in all the various methods to Rirers and Lakes of Scripture. By Reverend W. K. Capture all kinds of Game, Fur Animals, &c. Tweedie, D. D. pp. vi., 181. Cincinnati : HichAlso full directions how to Cure and Tan all kinds cock & Walden. of Skins, &c., together with numerous Arts, Se Dr. Tweedie's aim is to express some of the lescrets, and much other valuable and interesting 'sons which may be learned or deepened beside the reading matter, not to be found elsewhere. By chief rivers and lakes mentioned in the Scripture. an experienced Woodman. pp. 58. Hinsdale, There are seventeen wood-cuts of localities deN. 11.: Hunter & Co.

scribed in the text. The title of this work explains so fully the nature John Ploughman's Talk, or Plain Advice for Plain of the contents, that further remark is unnecessary. People. By C. H. Spurgeon. pp. 177. New The Lost Rosary, or Our Irish Girls; their Trials, York: Sheldon & Co. Temptations, and Triumphs. By Cou. O'Leary. Mr. Spurgeon's style here is intentionally differBoston : Patrick Donahoe.

ent from that of his other works. He uses the The story told in this volume illustrates and plainest language, is at times humorous, avoids all practically exemplifies the subjects indicated in fine expressions, and talks in a manner calculated the title. Mr. O'Leary is a writer who well knows to fix the attention of the people of the work-shop how to deal effectively with such elements as he is and the field. A good many of his proverbial senhere handling.

tences are expressed with the happiest point and The Working Man's Way 10 Wealth ; a Practical effect. “It is hard to shave an egg,” “Do not put

Treatise on Building Associations; What they are, a cat on a coach box," “ No sweat, no sweet,' A and Ilow to Use Them. By Edmund Wrigley. pp. good character is the best tornbstone," "Long iv., 108. Philadelphia : J. K. Simon.

tongue, short hand,” are a few of his pitly sayings Mr. Wrigley has been for a number of years which we light upon as we turn over the pages. connected with the associations to which his work The Smaller Catechism. pp. 75. refers. They exist to a large extent in this city | The Lurger Catechism. pp. 149. and State, and perhaps elsewhere, and we are not From Ilitchcock & Walden, Cincinnati. These aware of anything else in print which aims to ex- catechisms were prepared by the Rev. Wm. Nast, plain their operations.

D. D., under the authority of the General Confer

ence, for the use of the German Societies of the MORAL AND RELIGIOUS.

Methodist Episcopal Church. They are now preSorrow. By Rev. John Reid. pp. ix., 373. New sented in an English edition, for the use of the York: Robert Carter & Brothers.

church at large. Mr. Reid has analyzed his subject and discoursed The Primeval World of Hebrew Tradition. By Fredabout it in all its phases, philosophical, ethical, i erick Henry Hedge. pp. 283. Boston: Roberts and religions. He writes with a well-sustained Brothers. neatness of expression, and we not unfrequently There are twelve chapters in this work, and their meet with passages both of beauty and pathos. A subjects are: The World a Divine Creation ; Man

pp. x., 220,

DEC. 1, 1869.

in the Image of God; Man in Paradise ; The Brute are possessed by many who, as poets, blow most Creation ; Paradise Lost; Cain, or Property and vehemently their own trumpets, and get other people Strise as Agents in Civilization ; Nine Hundred and to blow too. In a free and easy vein, admitting of Sixty-nine Years? The Failure of Primitive So- much flexibility of expression, with many changes ciety; The Deluge ; The Great Dispersion ; Jeho of the key-note of the thought, he discourses suggesvah and Abraham- A Hebrew Idyl; The Heritage tively upon topics which are recognized as often of the Inner Life. The book is produced in a taste- starting upon the minds of all people who ever ful style of manufacture highly creditable to the turn the eye or ear inward upon themselves. We publishers and to the University Press of Welch, are not surprised that Whittier, Emerson, and others Bigelow & Co.

of that stamp, have not hesitated to praise “The

Modern Job" very highly. The Scriptural Doctrine of Hades : comprising an In

quiry into the State of the Righteous and Wicked Dead between Death and the General Judgment, and

POLITICAL demonstrating from the Bible that the Atonement

American Institutions. By Alexis de Tocqueville. was neither made on the Cross nor yet in this world. Translated by Henry Reeve, Esq. ; revised and By the Rev. George Bartle, D.'D., Principal of edited, with notes, by Francis Bowen. pp. xxiii.,559. Walton College, Liverpool. pp. xv., 202. Phila- Boston and Cambridge : Sever, Francis & Co. delphia : J. B. Lippincott, & Co.

This publication is identical with the first volThose who are interested in ivquiries touching ume of “ Democracy in America," and is issued in the intermediate state, will find some suggestions its present style to furnish the most valuable porhere that are novel, or put in a novel way. The tion of the work in a cheaper and more popular work is not, however, one of erudition, nor does its form, and with especial reference to its use as a textauthor possess any philosophical ability.

The book. It has been nearly thirty years since the character of his mind may be perhaps indicated by work was first written, and many of its details, and his suggestion that when Satan “had the impu- some of its generalizations, have, since then, been dence'' to appear among the sons of God, “ ndoubt- modified by tiine. Professor Bowen's editorial laedly on such an occasion he was dressed in his best bors consist only of a few notes, mostly brief, pointattire,'' p. 183.

ing out errors in the text, or corrections, which

subsequent events require to be made. A Sketch of the Early History of the Cutholic Church on the Island of New York. By Rev. J. K. Bayley,

SCIENCE Secretary to the Archbishop of New York. pp. xii., 242. New York: The Catholic Publication Agricultural Qualitative and Quantitatire Chemical Society.

Analysis: afier E. Woli, Fresenius, Krocker and The first edition of this work appeared in 1853.

others. Edited by G. C. Caldwell, Professor of Being now out of print, it has been revised, some Agricultural Chemistry in the Cornell Univererrors corrected, and several notes and documents sity. pp. vi., 304. New York: Orange Judd & added. It contains portraits of Bishops Concanen,

Co. Connolly, Dubois, and Hughes.

The author states that it has been his purpose to

supply a complete manual of chemical analysis for May Christians Dance ? By James H. Brookes, D.D. the use especially of agricultural students. The pp. 143. St. Louis : J. W. McIntyre.

chapters on Special Analysis consist, in the main, The subject of this little volume is by no means of translations from the work of Emil Wolff, which a new one, having from time to time occupied the is one of bigh authority in Germany. The other attention of many eminent divines. In this case, chapters on reagents, manipulation, etc., are based the writer, after reviewing at some length all that

on Fresenius. may be said for or against dancing, arrives at the conclusion that it is immoral, and should not be

TRAVELS indulged in by Christians, not only on accouut of its being a relic of barbarism, but because it often Across America and Asia : Notes of a Five Years' leads to unhappy results.

Journey Around the World, and of Residence in

Arizona, Japan, and China. By Raphael PumHou Jenine found her Lord, and flow she thanked pelly. pp. xvi., 454. New York : Ley poldt &

Ilim. By the author of the “Golden Ladder” Holt.
Series. pp. 99. New York: Robert Carter & Mr. Pumpelly, after returning from his extended

tour, prepared a volume of “Geological Researches This is a pretty litte religious story in verse, in China, Mongolia, and Japan,” for publication hy suitable for children. It contains several illustra- the Smithsonian Institution. That work was, of tions.

course, addressed rather to professed scientists or

students, and did not afford opportunity for perPOETRY.

sonal narrative nor for those innumerable and imThe Book of Praise, from the best English Ilymn- portant observations suggested by such diversified

Writers. Selected and arranged by Roundell and novel experience. In the present volume we Palmer. pp. xxi., 523.

have a varrative of the journey itself, which encir

cled the earth in the northern temperate zone at a The Sunday Book of Poetry. Selected and arranged time of unusual interest in several of the countries by C. F. Alexander. pp. viii., 335.

visited. “ Extensive travel,'' says our author, “in Each of these works belongs to the “Golden the interior of Japan and Chiva under commission Treasury series of Sever, Francis & Co., Cam- from the vative governments, and the long journey bridge. They are well known and highly appreci- from China over the table lands of Central Asia, ated. The present edition is issued by the pub- and through Siberia to Europe, brought me face lishers in a cheaper form, but printed from the same to face with the inhabitants of these interesting plates on good paper, and neatly bound.

countries, and with the intluences which nature The Modern Job. By Henry Peterson. pp. 124. has used in moulding them to their present forms." Philadelphia : H. Peterson & Co.

Mr. Pumpelly has a habit of observing things In this modest and unpretending production, Mr. around him and of describing some of them in a Peterson has displayed more good qualities than matter-of-fact style. The value of his book lies in

DEC. 1, 1869.

pp. 14.

pp. 32.


the useful information imparts, and its suggest- From Mr. Thomas Baker, London--A Catalogue of ireless, as respects the topics he discusses, but he Theological Works. pp. 4. does not write with any marked degree of grace- From Mr. C. F. Blackburn, Leamington, Eng.-A fulness of style, nor give evidence of the possession

Catalogue of second-hand Miscellaneous Works. of much literary ability. This opinion was formed pretty soon after we had made some progress in reading the book. It was shaken by the chapter

From Mr. Richard Kimpton, London-A Catalogue on Japanese Art, which is extremely neat and terse,

of Books, chiefly second hand, in Medicine, Sur. but at the end of that chapter we found the initials

gery, Chemistry, and the kindred Sciences. pp.

12. of another name.

From Mr. William Brough, Birmingham, Eng.-A THE EDITOR'S TABLE.

Catalogue of English and Foreign Books. pp. 12. We have received the following catalogues,

Also a Catalogue of second-hand Ancient and

Modern Books. pp. 12. pamphlets, and periodicals :-From Messrs. William Wood of Co., New York- From Mr. George Bumstead, London--A Catalogue * The Medical Record," a Semi-Monthly Journal

of rare, curious, and amusing second-hand Books. of Medicine and Surgery. November 15. From Mr. Alexander Moore, Boston—"Good Health,” From U. Cadby, Birmingham, Eng.- A Catalogue a Monthly Magazine, devoted to Physical and

of Books, chiefly second hand. pp. 24. Mental Culture. December.

From Mr. W. George, Bristol, Eng.Part 39 of his From The American News Company, New York-

Catalogue of second-hand Books. pp. 32. " Frank Leslie's Lady's Magazine.” December.

From. Mr. James H. Fennell, London-No. 38 of his From The Author, 295 Broome Street, New York

Catalogue of curious old Books, Prints, &c. pp. 4. “ Bestandtheile der Englischen Aussprache,” by From Mr. John Miller, London - A Catalogue of John Appleton. A little manual of instruction Books, comprising some about Spain, its History, for Germans for their assistance in the mastery

Literature, and Customs, with the usual miscelof English pronunciation. pp. 30.

laneous, curious, uncommon, and scarce matters From Jessis. Alfred A. Sewell & Co., Chicago

relating to History, Poetry, and the Drama, Tie " The Little Corporal," a Magazine for Boys and

pography, Remarkable Trials, Interesting Voy

ages and Travels, and a few Pictorial and IllusGirls. December.

trated books. pp. 16. From Messrs. Voore, Wilstach & Moore, New York- From Messrs. Nattali of Bond, London - A Catalogue • The Theological Eclectic," a Magazine devoted

of a select collection of English and Foreign chietly to Foreigu Theological Literature. Oc

Books, comprising many scarce and valuable tober.

works in Fine Arts, Architecture, Books of Prints, From Vessrs. Littell f. Gay, Boston—"Littell's Liv

History, Biography, Topography, Voyages and ing age.” November 27.

Travels, Greek and Latin Classics, and General From The Office, Chicago “The Chronicle," a Literature. pp. 46.

Weekly Journal of Insurance. November 18. From Mr. A. Nicholls, LondonA Catalogue of En. From Messrs. T. S. Arthur & Sons, Philadelphia graved Portraits, English and Foreign, together

“Once a Month," a handsome little Ilustrated with a collection of Miscellaneous Prints, the Magazine for Children, containing several nicely greatest portion accompanied by concise biowritten tales and short instructive articles. De graphical and descriptive notices. pp. 15. cember. Also “ The Children's Hour,” an illus- From Messrs. C. of G. Noble, London---A Catalogue trated Magazine for the little ones. December.

of Useful, Curious, Antique, and Rare Books, in From Messrs. Murphy & Co., Baltimore--Their Cata various languages, many in choice old and

logue of Standard Catholic and other works. pp. modern bindings. pp. 20. 12.

From Messrs. Reeres g. Turner, London—A CataFrom Messrs. Porter & Coates, Philadelphia—Their logue of Cheap and Valuable second-hand Books

Illustrated Holiday Catalogue of Standard, Mis in all departments of literature. pp. 32.

cellaneous, and Juvenile Books. pp. 48. From Mr. Joel Rousell, London-A Catalogue of a From Plessis, Charles Scribner f. Co., New York valuable collection of second-hand books, ancient

A descriptive Catalogue of their Publications. and modern, in various languages, including Hispp. 162. A beautifully printed catalogue, taste tory, Biography, Voyages, and Travels, Divivity, fully arranged, with lengthy descriptions of each and Classics, Fine Arts, Splendid Illustrated work.

books, Modern Miscellaneous books, and a collecFrom Jessrs. Little, Broun f. Co., Boston- A Cata

tion of valuable works in the various departments logue of Books, comprising works in every class

of Natural History. pp. 80. of Literature, selected from their large and valu. From Mr. James Sage, Lonlon-A Miscellaneous able stock. pp. 78. Also a Catalogue of their List of Valuable and Interesting Books, includLaw and Miscellaneous Books.

Both ing many from the libraries of the late Sir Henry are perfect models of what catalogues should be, Ellis, Lord Farnham, and others, pp. 16. and the latter contains the titles of the noblest From Afr. John Salkeld, London-A Catalogue of law library published by any house in America.

second-hand Books, ancient and modern, in vaFrom Mr. Bernard Quaritch, London, Eng.A ('ata rious languages. pp. 16.

logue of Valuable Rare Books, many of them es- From Mr. John Russell Smith, London-A Catalogue pecially fit for the American Market.

of Choice, Useful, and Curious Books, comprising Also a List of certain books Mr. Quaritch wants

many valuable works on Philology, Heraldry, to purchase.

Neumismatics, Topography, Voyages and Travels, From Jr. Thomas Arthur, London-A Catalogue of Belles-Lettres, Reprints of Early English and

Curious Books in Various Languages, including Shakspearian Literature, Spalding Club Publicasome scarce works relating to Ireland, Scotland, tions, also those of the Percy and Camden Socie. and Wales. pp. 90.

ties. pp. 32.

pp. 44.

pp. 32.

DEC. 1. 1969.

From Jlessrs. Henry Sotheran f. Co., London-Their Martin Process.- Better Iron Rails.—The Werder

Monthly Catalogue of Superior second-hand Rifle.-The Field-Gun of the Future.-Hydrostatic Books, Ancient and Modern, comprising works in Steering Apparatus.-Working Results obtained at inost branches of Literature. pp. 36.

the Newburg Bessemer Steel Works. — GovernFrom Mr. G. Stockley, London—A Catalogue of ment Aid to Science.—The Sewage of Towns.- Pene

Theological and Miscellaneous second-hand trating Inclined Armor.-Surveying Instruments.books. pp. 16.

Sub-aquatic Tunnels.-The Manufacture of Rails.

Scientific vs. Practical Schools.—The Duty of InSubscribers can have any of the above Foreign Cata-jectors.-Aero-Steam Engines.-Removal of Silicon logues sent them on application, and remitting stamps from Pig-Iron.- Asphalted Surfaces.-Siemen’s Refor postage.

generative Furnaces.— Railway Working. — Stiff

ness of the Rope.—The Gerner Boiler. -Coinbustion PERIODICALS.

uwder Pressure.-Coignet's Artificial Stone.-Blast Atlantic Monthly. December.

Furnace Blowing Engines. New York: D. Van Uncle Sam's Treatment of his Servants.—The Nostrand. Dead Level.—The Mormon Prophet's Tragedy:- Good Words for the Young. December. The Brick Moon : III.-Ainerican Industry in the

Ranald Bannerman's Boyhood (Geo. Macdonald, Census.—Mr. Bruce.—The Increase of Human LL. D.): Part II. Three Illustrations.—The French Life.— In My Vineyard.–The Foe in the Household : Doll (the author of "Hester Kirton”). Illustrated. X. -Life Saving as a Business Duty:- John.-Un- - Willie's Question (the Editor): continued. The der the Midnight Sun.—Reviews and Literary No- Seven-Leagued Boots (William Gilbert): Four Illustices. Boston: Fields, Osgood & Co.

trations.-Something Like a Story: Five IllustraFutnam's Magazine. December.

tiovs.-Hymnus for the Young: No. II. “Little Sovereignty of the Seas.-To-day: concluded. - Birds Sleep Sweetly.” Music by John Hullah.- At Keene Delights.-Leaves from a Publisher's Leiter the back of the North Wind (George Macdonald): Book: 111.-Lady Cinella: concluded.-Contemporary Four Illustrations.—Bits of Nature ; a Poem (one French Literature.-The Unestablished Church. of the authors of “Child-World”): Illustrated.Crimson, Blue, and Gold.—The Foci of the Solar Our Jack, the Turkey-Cock (Mrs. George Cupples). Eclipse.—Memory is Immortal.-Dumb Guides to —Bush Neighbors; a Tale (Edward Howe): Ilusthe Pole.-Sketches in Color.—Recollections of trated.-Fairy Fun; a Poem: Two Illustrations.Childhood (Father Hyacinthe).-Table Talk.-- Keeping the" Cornucopia ;” a Passage of Californian Literature at Home. Literature, Art, and Science Adventure: Part II. Illustrated.—Master Ephrain Abroad.-Current Events.- New Publications. New Bines, Jr. Illustrated. — Bad Example; a Poem York: G. P. Putnam & Son.

(the author of “Poems Written for a Child”). New York Medical Journal. December.

Philadelphia : J. B. Lippincott & Co. Review of Dr. Wragg's “Report on the Epidemic Lippincott's Magazine. December. of Yellow Fever at Wilmington, N. C., in 1862" The Vicar of Bullhampton (Anthony Trollope): (William George Thomas, M. D.).—The Large In- Part VI.-Too Late; a Poern (Edward Renaud). testine in Infancy (J. Lewis Smith, M. D.).—Report The Coming Crisis in Canada.-Incompatible; a of Three Cases of Hydrophobia (B. S. Catlin, M. D.). Tale (Mrs. A. W. H. Howard).-With the Yam-A Case of Cystic Disease of the Kidney, with Di. Eaters (Stephen Rowers).—The East : How I Enlatation of the Ureter, and Atrophy of the Bladder tered and How I Left It.— Beyond the Breakers ; a (C. C. Sherard, M. D.).- Proceedings of Societies, Novel: Part XII. (Hon. Robert Dale Owen).--The &c.-Reviews, Bibliographical, and Literary Notes. Banned Priest: a Legend of Betsdorf.—The Seventy - Reports on the Progress of Medicine, Surgery, Thousand (Mrs. A. L. Johnson).-Tobacco.-One Diseases of Children, Obstetrics and Diseases of Woman of the World ; a Tale (Kate P. Kereven).— Women.—Miscellaneous and Scientific Notes. New Shall they be Educated ? A Reply to “ The FreedYork: D. Appleton & Co.

man and his Future” (William R. Hooper).—The Sunday Magazine. December.

Actuary's Story (Edinund Kirke).—The Indian Episodes in an Obscure Life; being Experiences Summer (Cecil Dare). -Our Monthly Gossip:in the Tower Hamlets (A Curate): Part III. Three Literature of the Day. Philadelphia: J. B. LipIllustrations. The Companions of St. Paul (John pincott & Co. S. Howson, D. D., Dean of Chester): Part III. St. Harper's Jagazine. December. Luke.-Marine Parishes (Commander W. Dawson, Frederick the Great.- Beast, Bird, and Fish.-A R. N.): Illustrated.-Upward Glances (Rev. C. Passing Wish. - The Fisherinan's Daughter.Pritchard, late President of the Royal Astronomical Dolly.—The University Rowing Match.--A Brave Society): No. II.-Light.—Lost and Found (Rev. Lady.-My Enemy's Daughter.-A Mistake.John Monsell, LL. D.): Illustrated.-Questions that Horse-taming in Hawaii.-(Ecumenical Councils.are Always Turning Up (Rev. Professor Milligan): The Old Fairy Joanva.-Border Reminiscences.ll. The Repression of Sin in the Christian Church. By the Wayside.-In Clover.- Editor's Easy Chair. - The Song of the Sword (Rev. Samuel Cox): - Editor's Literary Record.-Editor's Scientific ReIllustrated.-The Struggle in Ferrara (Wm. Gil. cord.-Editor's Historical Record.--Editor's Drawer. bert): Part II. Three Ilustrations.-A Visit to New York: Harper & Bros. Bethlehem (W. Lindsay-Alexander, D. D.) — The Phrenological Journal. December. Strength of Weak Things (Benjamin Orme, M. A.).

Justus Von Liebig.–Temperaments.- Education. Illustrated.—On the Miracles of Our Lord (George —Hope.-Living Ghosts.—Little Dick.-Hugh AlMacdonald, LL. D.): III. Miracles of Healing Un- lan.-Ruskin on Marriage.--Across the Ocean to solicited.--About Amusements (late Reverend A. J. Scotland. - The Sin of being over Fifty.-Salem Morris). --Av Early Morning Walk (Rev. E. Hor- Witchcraft.-Jephtha's Daughter.—Losses to Sciton). Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co.

ence.—Valedictory.-Our Experiences.—The Holil'an Nostrand's Electric Engineering Jayazine. De- days.-Good By !—The Restoration of the Stuarts, cember.

Chas. II.–Vaccination ; Is it of any Use? --To our The Late Ordnance Committee.-Steam Power Correspondents.— Literary Notices.- Publisher's Meters.—Designolle's New Powier.—The Highways Department.-General Items. New York: S. R. of Nations.-Concretit Brilling.–The Siemens- / Wells.

DEC. 1, 1869.

Hours at Home. December.

| Ghost. - Literary Notices.- The Round Table. The Spiritual Muse (Rev. G. B. Bacon).--A Back- , Boston. ward Look (Alice Cary). - Strange Wanderers ; No. Galary. December. 1: Birds of Passage (Prof. Schele de Vere), Susan Fielding : continued (Mrs. Edwards).-On Twenty Minutes Under the Knife (M. Thomson).- the Red Desert (A. S. Evans).–The Old Gate (H. Comfort in its Relations to Physical Culture (Dr. H.).-The Breath of Life (John C. Draper, M. D.). S. B. Hunt).-Compton Friars : continued (Miss --Put Yourself in his Place : continued (Charles Manning). — Bible Animals.-The Jet-black Tress Reade).—The Cardinal d'Andrea (His Secretary);(Erckmann-Chatrian).-A New Nationality. (Prof. Latter Spring (Rose Terry).— A Marriage and a W. Wells).-Our Gospel a Gift to the Imagination Theory (E. Fawcett).-A November Afternoon (Re(Horace Bushnell).- Why Love is Blind. Trans-becca Harding Davis).—Mrs. Strongitharm's Related from the Persian (R. H. Stoddard).- L'ather port (Jane Strongitharm).-An Editor's Tales; II. : Hyacinthe and the Throes of Catholicism (P: A. Josephine Montmorenci (Anthony Trollope).—Thie Perrin).—The Childhood of Joseph Addison Alex. Morals and Manners of Jourvalism: 1st Article ander (Rev. H. C. Alexander). — Leisure Moments. (Richard Grant White).- The Galaxy Miscellany:— Books and Authors Abroad.--Literature of the Drift-Wood.-Literature and Art.-Nebulæ. New Day. New York : C. Scribner & Co.

York: Sheldon & Co. Christian Eraminer. November.

Riverside Jagazine. December. Hope of the South (E. D. Cheney).—The Wise

Two Christinas Gifts.--Chicken-Grethe's Family: Men of the East (C. H. Brigham).- Folsom's Trans- II. (Ilans Christian Andersen).- Atloat on Ice in lation of the Gospels (A. G. Bullfinch).–The Di- the Mississippi (Martha M. Thomas).-Two Scenes vine Teachings in Nature (W. R. Alger).- Nature's from Scott's “ Lady of the Lake.”—How I Conquered Politics (D). A. Wasson).- Revelation and Intuition the Pirate (Harry Boling broke). –The Yosemite Considered as Sources of our Knowledge (H. W. Fall.—My Higgins Fright (Sophie May).—Lily's Bellows).—Machinery as a Gospel Worker (J. c. Reward (G. B. Mumford).-—Tom's Opinion (Marian Kimball).—Reviews of Current Literature.–New Douglas)-Four Pictures from “Mother Goose.” — Publications received. New York : Jas. Miller.

Cædmon, the Saxon Poet (H. E. G. Pardee).

Sketches Illustrative of the Wild Life of a Hunter Congregational Review. November.

in South Africa (F. J. Mills).-How Merry Lost her Celsus (Rev. Enoch Pond).-Should a Pastor be Birthday Party.-The Fiery Cross.-The Olden a Member of his Own Church? (Rev. E. K. Alden). Time in New England (L. E. S.).—The Story of a -The Pagan Creed (Rev. E. P. Tenny).—The End Book: IV. (Editor). — To Thaliarchus: Horace, in 1896 (Rev. M. T. Runnels).–Free Churohes Book I., Ode IX.- Jack Horner's Corner.- A (Rev. J. M. Whiton).—The Temple of the Holy French Carol. New York: Hurd & Houghton.



ABBOTT. A Treatise on the Practice of the United States Courts. AndrOS TRACTS (THE). Vol. 2. Containing various early Tracts

Vol. i. Roy. Svo. pp. 639. N. Y.: Vivssy & Co. Shp. 87 30. reprinted in one voluine. 4to. pp. various. Boston : Prince ABBOTT. Practice Reports. Vol. 6. By Benjamin Vaughan Society. Pap. $5. (By subscription only.) and Austin Abbott. Svo. pp. 570. N. Y.: Diossy & Co. Shp. ARTHUR. Fireside Angel, and Other Stories. By T. S. Arthur.

Illustr. 18mo. pp. 198. Boston: D. Lothrop & Co.

CI. 73 cis ADAMS. Down the Rhine. (Yonng America Abroad Series. AUTOBIOGRAPHY OP A SMALL Boy. By the Author of “School

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