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DEC. 1, 1869.



ILLUSTRATED JUVENILE SERIES. "MEN WHO HAVE RISEN" LIBRARY. In small 8vo., with numerous wood engravings, bound Small 8vo., extra cloth, gilt, $1 50 each. in extra cloth. Price per volume, $1 50. Men Who Have Risen: A Book for Boys.

With eight Nlustrations, printed on toned paper. 1. Foxholme Hall: A Legend of Christmas; and

other Amusing Tales for Boys. By W. H G. Kingstox. Small Beginnings; or, The Way to Get On. 30 Illustrations.

With eight Illustrations, printed on toned paper. 2. The Pirate's Treasure: A Legend of Panama; The Steady Aim: A Book of Examples and and other Tales for Boys. By W. H. G. Kingston, 33

Encouragements from Modern Biography By W. H. DA

VEXPORT ADAMS. With eight Illustrations, printed on toned Illastrations,

paper. 3. The Perils and Adventures of Harry Skip- Famous London Merchants : A Book for Boys. with. By W. H. G. KingstoN. Numerous Illustrations. With twenty-four Illustrations. By H. Fox BOURNE, author

of " Merchant Princes of England.' 4. Now or Never; or, The Trials and Perils of

Frederick Lonsdale. By Charles A. BEACH, author of
“ Lost Leonore," etc. Nuinerous Illustrations.

BOOKS FOR LEISURE HOURS. 5. Tales of Many Lands. By M. FRASER TYT- Sandford and Merton. By T. Day. The ori. Numerous Illustrations.

ginal edition, unabridged. With eight Illustratious by 6. Friendly Hands and Kindly Words. Sto- Small 8vo., extra cloth, gili

Groves, printed on toned paper.

$1 50 ries Illustrative of the Law of Kindness, the Power of Perseverance, and the Ad sautages of Little Helps. 21 The Vicar of Wakefield. By OLIVER GOLDIllustrations.

With twelve choice full-page Illustrations, printed on toned paper. Small 8vo., extra cloth, gilt

$1 50 NEW LIBRARY AND GIFT BOOKS. Tales of Chivalry and Romance. By David

M. Suite, author of “Karl of the Locket and his Three A Book about Dominies. By Ascott R. Wishes," etc. With numerous illustrations, Hope. Being the Reflections and Recollections of a Member Small 8vo., extra cloth

$1 50 of the Profession. Crown Svo., cloth extra


The Wave and the Battle-Field: Stories of A Book about Boys. By ASCOTT R. HOPE,

Adventure by Sea and Land. By LOUISA STEWART, author author of "A Book about Dominies."

of "Atheline," etc Cruwu 8vo., cloth

With numerous Illustrations. extra $1 25 Small 8vo., e.ctra cloth

$1 50 Stories of School Life. By Ascott R. HOPE,

The Canadian Crusoes: A Tale of the Rice

Lake Plains. By MRS. TRAILL. Edited by Miss STRICKLAND). author of " A Book about Boys.'' Crowa Sro., cl. ex. $1 75

Illustrated by Harvey. Curiosities of the Pulpit, and Pulpit Litera- Small 8vo., extra cloth

$1 50 ture. Memorabilia, Anecdotes, etc, of Celebrated Preachers, Grecian Stories. By MARIA HACK. New edifrom the Fourth Century of the Christian Era to the Present Time. By THOMAS JACKSON, M. A., Prebendary of St. Paul's

tion, with eight Illustrations. Cathedral, London. Svo., toued paper, extra cloth. $2.00 Small 8vo., cloth

$1 25



Women of Worth: or, The Strettons' Summer in Normandy. By Mrs. JAMES A Book for Girls. With eight Illustrations by W. Dickes, GAMBIER. With eight Ilustrations by Charles Altamont printed on toned paper. DOYLE, printed on toned paper.

Small 8x0., cloth, gilt

$1 50 Small 8vo., cloth gilt

$1 75 ** A Summer Holiday in Normandy" will serve to amuse both

The Star of Hope and the Staff of Duty: boys and girls, and may also prove instructive, as conveying Tales of Womanly Trials and Victories. With eight Illusnccarate and youthful impressions of all that is strange upon trations by Julian Portch, printed on toued paper. a first visit to a foreign country. The book is founded upon Small 8vo., cloth gilt fact ; and the many adventures of the Stretton family, upon

$1 50 their charming little Summer tours, may claim for " Holiday Adventures" i place beside “The Swiss Family Robinson,” | Aunt Agnes ; and other books prized by young readers.

Or, The Why and the Wherefore of Life. An Autobiography. Adventures in the Ice.

By a Clergyman's Daughter. With eight Illustrations by A Comprehensive Summary of Arctic Explorations, Dis Keeley Halswelle, printed on toned paper. covery, and Adventure, including Experiences of Captain Small 8vo., cloth, gilt

$1 50 Penny, the Veteran Whaler, now first published. With

A story replete with incident and character, teaching the Portraits of Sir John Franklin, Captain Penny, Dr. Elisha

great truth that all is for the best, however singular it may at Kent Kane, Dr. Isaac I. Hayes, and fourteen other Illustra- first appear to our untutored minds. The scenes of everyday tions. By Joun Tillotsox.

life are painted truthfully and without exaggeration; and the Small 8vo., cloth extra

$1 50

volume may warmly be commended as peculiarly adapted for

perusal by the young. Pioneers of Civilization.

By the author of "Lives of Eminent Men," etc. With Por. Heroines of the Household:
traits of Dr. Livingstone, Captain Clapperton, William Peun, A Gallery of Good Women. By the Rev. WILLIAM WILSON,
Captain Cook, Lord Robert Clive, Captain Flinders, Rev. M A., author of "The Heavenward Path.” With twenty-
Henry Martin, and ten other page Illustrations.

eight Illustrations.
Small 8vo., cloth, gilt
$1 50 Small 8vo., cloth

$1 50

DEC. 1, 1869.



THE HOLY BIBLE. WATCHERS FOR THE DAWN, and other Studies of With a Practical and Explanatory Commentary. The

Christian Character. By Mrs. W. R. LLOYD. With Old Testament by the Rev. Robert Jamieson, and the eight Illustrations by James Godwin, printed on toned New Testament by the Rev. E. H. Bickersteth, M.A. paper. Small 8vo. Cloth gilt, $1 50.

The text printed in handsome, clear type, and embel. PICTURES OF HEROES, and Lessons froin their Lives.

lished with above 40 superb steel engravings, in the By Mrs. W. R. Lloyd. With eight Illustrations by c. A. Doyle, printed on toned paper.

Small 8vo.

first style of art. Cloth gilt, $1 50.

Two volumes folio, morocco extra


Complete Edition, presenting a clear, handsome text, THE DEVOTIONAL FAMILY BIBLE. with twelve choice Illustrations by C. A. Doyle, printed on toned paper. Small 8vo. Cloth gilt, $1 50.

With Critical Notes and Practical Reflections.

By the Rev. Alexander Fletcher, D.D. THE SAINT AND HIS SAVIOUR; or, The Progress of the Soul in the knowledge of Jesus. By the Rev.

The characteristic feature of this Bible is, that in ad. C. H. SPURGEON. Small 8vo. Cloth, $1 50.

dition to the sacred text, printed in large, clear type, there are notes, in smaller type, at the foot of every page,

in which Dr. Fletcher has endeavored to aid the devout POPULAR RELIGIOUS WORKS,

reader in his meditations, and by means of appropriate

questions to facilitate the important work of self-examiSUITABLE FOR PRESENTATION.

nation. In small 320., handsomely bound in extra cloth, antique, $1 2.3 The illustrations consist of thirty steel engravings, and each.

an ornamental Family Record. CHRISTIAN COMFORT. By the Author of " Emblems of Jesus." A book suited not only for the home cir

Levant morocco antique,

$40 00 cle, but wherever suffering may be found, mental, spi.

Morocco panelled, gilt clasps,

50 00 ritual, or physical.


tian Comfort." A book for the mourner, and one full In which the various persons, places, and subjects menof consolation.

tioned in the Holy Scriptures are accurately referred GLIMPSES OF THE CELESTIAL CITY, and Guide to to, and every word briefly explained. Also, a Chronothe Inheritance. With Introduction by the Rev. Joan

logical Arrangement of the whole Bible, by which the MACFARLANE, LL. D., Clapham, London.

Seriptures may be read in one connected narrative.
Illustrated with steel engravings.
8v0., extra cloth,


GUIDE TO FAMILY DEVOTION. In small 8vo., Illustrated, elegantly hound in cloth extra, le

velled boards, gilt back and side, giit ages, price *1 enrh. Comprising a Hymn and a portion of Scripture, with MOUNTAIN PATRIOT3: A Tale of the Reformation in suitable Reflections, and a Devotional Exercise for the

Savoy. By Mrs. A. S. ORR, author of the “ Roseville Morning and Evening of every day throughout the Family,” etc.

year. By the Rev. Alexander Fletcher, D. D. IllusA FATHER'S LEGACY TO HIS DAUGHTERS: A trated by 26 splendid steel engravings. Book for Young Women. By Dr. GREGORY



ROYAL 4TO. EDITIOX. GREAT MEN OF EUROPEAN HISTORY. By DAVID Extra cloth, gilt elges, $ 8 Cloth, gilt edges, $12 PRYDE, M. A.

Half morocco, extra, 10 Half morocco, extra, 16 NAOMI; or, The Last Days of Jerusalem.

Br Mrs. J. Full morocco, extra,

14 Full morocco, ertra, B. WEBB. With view of Jerusalem and numerous wood and steel Engravings after Gilbert, Bartlett, etc. 19th! edition. One volume. Morocco extra, $5.

WORKS OF JOHN BUNYAN. THE CHAMPIONS OF THE REFORMATION: The A Complete Edition of his Writings. Edited with Ori.

Stories of their Lives. By JANET Gordon. Profusely illustrated. Small 8vo. Richly bound in cloth, gilt

ginal Introductions, Notes, and Memoir of the Author, edges, $1 25.

by the Rev. Henry Stebbing, D. D. Illustrated by 28

steel engravings, and numerous illustrations on wood. LEAH: A Tale of Ancient Palestine. Illustratire of the

Story of Naaman the Syrian. By Mrs. A. S. ORR, au Four volumes, imperial 8vo., ertra cloth, $20 00 thor of "Mountain Patriots, "The Roseville Fam

half morocco, ext. 30 00 ily." Profusely illustrated. Small 8vo. Richly bound

morocco, extra, 40 00 in cloth, gilt edges, $1 25.

bound in two,

30 00 THE KIND GOVERNESS; or, How to Make IIome Happy. Small 8vo. Cloth extra, gilt edges, illus.

PILGRIM'S PROGRESS. trated, 75 cents.

By John Bunyan. To which is added his authenticated AT HOME AND ABROAD; or, Uncle William's Ad. third part, The Travels of the Ungodly, being the Life ventures. Small 8vo. Cloth extra, gilt edges, illus

and Denth of Mr. Badman. Printed in a large, clear trated, 75 cents.

type, with notes, by the Rev. Robert Philip. IllusORIGINAL POEMS FOR INFANT MINDS. By the

trated with numerous steel engravings. Authors of " Rhymes for the Nursery." Illustrated by II. Anelay, and engraved by J. and G. Nicholls. Demy Svo., extra cloth,

$3 50 Sinull 8vo. Cloth extra, gilt, $2 50.

moiocco, antique

7 50

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London : S. W. PARTRIDGE & CO., 9, Paternoster Row, E.C.


Now Ready, the YEARLY VOLUME, sor 1869, of THE FRIENDLY VISITOR.

A Magazine for the Aged and Sick, Hospitals, &c. One Penny Monthly. 16 pp.

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London : SEELEY, JACKSON, & HALLIDAY, 54, Fleet Street.

S. W. PARTRIDGE & CO., 9, Paternoster Row, E.C.

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