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group of characters was nothing more than “a foul in one of the most picturesqne and beautiful porand pestilent congregation" of leeches, harlots, and tions of Ireland,-"the result of his sojourn for hypocrites. The events narrated are of the most many a summer month under canvas amid the marvellous and incredible sort, and appeal for their high mountain ranges, and of his due attendance interest only to the lower sentiments and feelings at wake and wedding, dance, Patron, and fair, and of our nature. If this jumble of trash and false- merry-makings of every description among the hood is put forward to represent in any way, or in peasantry." He writes in full sympathy with his any part, the house of Montague, we may well ex. subject, and brings out graphically and spiritedly claim “a plague upon” it. The taste of a great more than a half score of the rare old traditions of many readers is getting so sophisticated, that men the Emerald Isle. must needs write, and publishers must needs publish, books seasoned even with moral poison in

HISTORY AND BIOGRAPHY. order to tickle a palate that has become callons to History of the Boston Massacre, March 5, 1770; wholesome or patural food. From what we have

consisting of the Narrative of the Town, the Trial thus “intimated," as the Londoners say, our readers

of the Soldiers, and a Historical Introduction, may infer what opinion we would express about this book if we were to express any opinion at all.

containing Unpublished Documents of Jolin

Adams, and Explanatory Notes. By Frederick Hedged In. _By Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. pp. 295. Kidder. pp 291. Albany: Joel Munsell. Boston : Fields, Osgood & Co.

We have here a very valuable reproduction of "The Gates Ajar," by the same authoress, de rare and carious contemporary documents relative servedly procured for itself a large circle of readers. Ito an important event in our colonial history as to The same vigor, penetration, and suggestiveness' which Mr. Webster once said, " from that moment mark the present work. It possesses the feminine we may date the severance of the British Empire." keenness and shrewdness of thought, without its : The trial of the British soldiers, including the tesweakness and diffusiveness. The words have been 'timony of the witnesses, argument of counsel (excarefully selected, and the thought is effectively cept that of Robert Treat Paine) and charge of the presented without being overlaid with ambitious court by Justice Trowbridge, is given at length, novelties or rhetorical prettiness of style.

occupying over one hundred and fifty pages of the The Antiquary. By Sir Walter Scott, Bart. pp. 438. volume. There is also furnished an old plan of

Boston and picture of the massacre. The verdiet Edinburgh : Adam and Charles Black. We have in previous numbers called attention to of them guilty of manslaughter, who prayed the

in the proceedings against the soldiers found some the new, and in some respects improved " Cente- benefit of clergy, which was allowed them, and nary Edition" of Scott's novels. The present vol- thereupon they were each of them burnt in the ume is a continuation of the series. Rob Roy, band in open court and discharged. Among the forming the fourth issue, will appear on the first of next month. Those who are purchasing a set of Mansell has published in sach neat form, this will

many works touching our early history which Mr. Scott will probably prefer this edition, on account be regarded as one of the most interesting. of its merit and correctness, as well as its comparative cheapness. We receive it from Little, Brown & Co., Boston.

JUVENILE. The Unkind Word, and Other Stories. By the au

The Golden Cap, or the Beautiful Legend of Fostethor of " John Halifax, Gentleman," etc.

dina and Adyillus, and Other Stories. By the

pp. 478. New York: Harper & Brothers.

Rev. J. D. Liefde, Amsterdam. pp. 350. The series of novels, about twenty in number,' A Braid of Cords. By A. L. O. E. pp. 375. from the same anthor, which have been repub. Bessie on her Travels. By Joanna H. Matthews. lished in this country by Harper & Brothers, have met with a welcome and widely extended reception, Fergus Morton: a Story of a Scottish Boy. By d. There are over thirty papers, some original and

R. Macduff, D.D. pp. 110. some reprints, collected in this volume, and they form a body of very pleasant and diversified read. Yo k. Each is printed on good paper, and marked

These are from Robert Carter & Brother, Nes ing. The one entitled " The House of Commons” by that pure morality and general excellence whicla contains a graphic sketch of Mr. Gladstone and of characterize all the juveniles issued by the pubother celebrities.

lishers. The one first named will be found by the Mauprat, a Novel. By George Sand. Translated young folks to be extremely entertaining.

from the French by Virginia Vaughan. pp. 324. Boston : Roberts Brothers.

Little Meg's Children. By the author of " The Chil. Madame Sand must be admitted to be one of the cren of Claverly," etc. pp. iv., 160. most vigorous and effective writers of fiction of the Jesus and the Little Ones. By the Rev. Edward present time. She has in many respects been mis-, Payson Hammond, author of “The Better Life," conceived or misrepresented, but chiefly by those etc. pp. 144. who have not closely or thoroughly read her. One The American Baptist Publication Society, Phils. of her most powerful stories is here reproduced in delpbia, has issued these. Mr. Hammond's little quite a neat form by the Messrs. Roberts. “Mau- volume contains a great many tender and touching prat,” we are told by the author, is intended “to passages. It has been well said that he under. paint an eternal, exclusive love; a love inspired stands how to be childlike without being childish. before and continuing after marriage." Therefore, says she, “I made the hero of my book declare, at

MEDICAL. eighty years of age, bis fidelity to the only woman Diseases of Children. By J. Forsyth Meigs, M.D., he ever loved."

and William Pepper, M.D. pp. 921. Philadel. Legends of the Wars in Ireland. By Robert Dwyer phia: Lindsay & Blakiston.

joyce, M. D. pp. 352. Boston: Patrick Dona. The study of the diseases appertaining to child. hoe.

hood is one of great importance, fraught with pe. Mr. Joyce tells us that the legends and wild lore culiar interest and proportionately difficult in its here collected are his gleanings, since his boyhood, pursuit. The inability of the little sufferer to make

pp. 376.

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known its ailment, and the frequent incompetency

POETRY. of its attendants, combine to make it a perplexing The Cross: a Poem. By Robert Wharton Landis. and troublesome matter to arrive at a correct diag. pp. 462. New York and Cincinnati : C. F. Vent. posis. The indefatigable zeal with which both The author is a professor of theology in the TheDrs. Meigs and Pepper have pursned this branch ological Seminary at Danville, and he dedicates of their profession, and the success which has at. his work to his friend and colleague, Dr. Robert J. tended their efforts, render their opinion worthy Breckinridge. The poem extends through nineteen of the highest consideration and attention. There books, and contains, if our hurried addition is coris also a sprightliness of diction in the work, which rect, over fifteen thousand lines. It was commenced, makes it attractive even to the non-professional we are told, many years ago, but without any atreader, and the scholarly ability displayed in every tempt to hasten the execution of the design, and page makes it doubly attractive to every littérateur was pursued "only in those fevered moments when in the profession. The work of Dr. Meigs having mind and heart were enkindled and attuned to full been out of print for some time, the favorable harmony with the theme." Being thus voluminous reception which it met, and the increased de- in extent, grave in its scope, and representing as it mand for its reappearance, have induced him to does the serious thought of the writer's earlier and present, with the aid of Dr. Pepper, a new edition, later manhood, it is not to be judged after such a enlarged and improved by the addition of nearly hasty examination as that to which we are necestwo hundred pages, the product of untiring research, sarily limited. It requires to be carefully read and derived in a great measure from personal experi- duly considered before any judgment worth exence. The treatment is most modern, sustained pressing can be formed, and even then that judgand corroborated by the latest pathological investi- ment will be modified by the reader's like or dislike gation; and, while more extensive than Condie, this of what is termed “Religious Poetry," or at least work has not the tediousness of the former, and of poems of this class. The theme is an ambitious possesses advantage over it in being newer, fresher, one-it is beyond the range of a mere poetaster's and fully up to the advancement in the science of reach, and whether Professor Landis has elevated medicine. The typographical appearance of the himself to the height of the great argument" volume is excellent, and reflects much credit upon which he has attempted can be determined not in the publishers.

a paragraph, but in a calm and careful examination The Cell Doctrine ; its Pistory and Present State. of what he has written. For the Use of Students in Medicine and Sur.

SOIENCE. gery; also a copious Bibliography of the Subject. The American Botanist and Florist: including LesBy James Tyson, M. D. Colored plate and illus

sons in the Structure, Life, and Growth of Plants ; trations. pp. viii., 150. Philadelphia : Lind.

together with a Simple Analytical Flora descripsay & Blakiston.

tive of the Native and Cultivated Plants growing The author does not offer any fresh theories of in the Atlantic Division of the American Union. his own on the subject of the Cell Doctrine, but has collected in a convenient aud handy form an

By Alphonso Wood, A. M., author of the “ Class

Rook of Botany," etc. pp. 172, 392. New York: abstract of the opinions and discoveries of all the

A. S. Barnes & Co. more important writers on the subject, thus pre

Mr. Wood has divided the matter of the present senting to the student a continuous history of the volume into two portions. The first contains the discoveries in this branch of medical science up to general principles of the science in about two-thirds the latest date. Several engravings bave been of the space occupied in his Class-Book.

The added, and a colored plate, illustrating the views space thus gained is employed for the introof Dr. Beale. Not the least valuable portion of the duction of a series of Synoptical Tables exhibiting work is the affixed catalogue, containing a list of at a glance the principles contained in the several nearly five hundred works on

the subject, by chapters and in their combined relations. The various French, German, English, American, and second portion of the volume consists of a Flora in other authors.

which all the known flowering and fern-like plants, The Journal of the Gynæcological Society of Boston : both native and cultivated (excepting the sedges

a Monthly Journal Devoted to the Advancement of and the grasses) growing in the Atlantic sections the Knowledge of the Diseases of Women. Elited of the country, amounting to about four thousand by Winslow Lewis, M.D.; Horatio R. Storer, M.D.; species, are recorded and defined. The use of the and George H. Bixby, M. D. Vol. I., July to Flora is facilitated by the employment of type December. pp. 386. Boston: James Campbell. of different sizes. Philadelphia: Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger. Sketches of Creation : a Popular View of some of

Early in 1869, a society was formed in Boston the Grand Conclusions of the Sciences in referfor the purpose of stimulating its members and the ence to the History of Matter and of Life, together profession generally to a deeper sense of the im with a Statement of the Intimations of Science portance of a study of Gynæcology, a branch of the respecting the Primordial Condition and the Ultimedical science quite apart from Obstetrics, and to mate Destiny of the Earth and Solar System. which much attention has lately been paid in By Alexander Winchell, LL.D.

pp. xii., 459. America. It was considered advisable, for the New York: Harper & Brothers. benefit of members who could not conveniently The author is Professor of Geology, Zoology, and attend the meetings of the Society, and for medical Botany in the University of Michigan at Ann Arpractitioners and students, that a monthly report bor. His work is well adapted to the large number of proceedings should be published, which ulti- of intelligent readers who are interested in the mately assumed the form of a regular periodical. developments of recent science, and who would Since the first appearance of the Journal it has met gladly take a panoramic survey of its leading gewith marked success, and the reports of cases neralizations, but who have not the opportunity or which it contains, contributed by various members the training to enable them to work their way of the Society, make it a very valuable addition through formal scientific treatises. The style is to our medical literature, while the distinguished elevated and attractive, with a rather too strongly names of its three editors would alone entitle it to marked infusion of the rhetorical element. Science the respectful cousideration of the medical world. in the treatment it receives from Prof. Winchell is

not exorcised of its divinity by a critical philosophy. The Sun. By Amédée Guillemin. From the French He regards pature as a revelation of God to all in of A. L. Phipson, Ph. D. With fifty-eight illustelligences, and thus as following the offices of a trations. pp. xix., 297. New York: Charles revelation and furnishing the data of a theology. Scribner & Co. Numerous illustrations, about a hundred, are scat This is an additional volume in the " Illustrated tered through the text. The volume deserves to Library of Wonders" which Scribner & Co. of New be favorably received, and will be read both with York are now issuing. It is based on a similar sepleasure and profit.

ries of works now being issued in France, of which Annual of Scientific Discovery. A Year Book of we are told that over one million of copies have Facts in Science and Art for 1870. Exhibiting its general character, yet the text is designed to

been sold. The style of these works is popular in the most important Discoveries and Improve present in an accurate as well as striking form the ments, etc. Edited by John Trowbridge ; aided by Samuel Kneeland, M. D., and W. R. Nichols. most recent results. Each of the volumes is pro

fusely illustrated, so that the eye is gratified while pp. 354. Boston: Gould & Lincoln. The editor properly adverts to the opening of the decided success, and Scribner & Co. merit the

the mind is informed. The series has become a Pacific Railway and of the Suez Canal, and the completing of the laying of the French cable as thanks of the public for introducing a class of inprominent events which have signalized the prao- will take the place of that which is fictitious or

viting books which with a large body of readers tical application of science during the past year. frivolous. It has not, however, been unfruitful in other departments either of science or of the applied arts. All these improvements are duly noted and de

TRAVELS. scribed under the general heads of Mechanics and Journal of a Visit to Egypt, Constantinople, the l'seful Arts, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Geo Crimea, Greece, etc., in the Suite of the Prince and logy, Biology, Astronomy and Meteorology, Geo Princess of Wales. By the Hon. Mrs. William graphy and Antiquities, to which are added a list of Grey. pp. vi., 209. New York: Harper & Bros. men eminent in science who have died during the The authoress, by permission, dedicates her work year, and an "American Scientific Bibliography." to the Princess of Wales. The narrative is in the This last contains only thirty titles, which seems form of a diary, the events and objects being de. to us to be rather an inadequate and defective scribed just as they took place and were seen from enumeration. The volume contains a fine steel day to day. The style is modest and unpretending. portrait of Professor Peirce of Cambridge. Among Some of the sights described, especially the visits the improvements in the arts, there is an account to the harems of the Sultan and Viceroy of Egypt, of the English patent of Dr. Mathiessen for a pro- and a dinner with “La Grande Princesse'' at Cairo, cess of manufacturing paper from sawdust, shav- are such as would be likely to be seen only by ings, or disintegrated wood.

royal visitors.


G. TV. Carleton, New York.

The Memoirs of Fifty Years. By W. H. Sparks. Con. Helen Gardner. By Marion Harland.

taining brief biographical notices of distinguished Adventures of a Honeymoon. By Ambrose Ross. Americans, of men less distinguished, interspersed Cruise of the Alabama and Sumter. By Capt. Raphael with anecdotes of all of these, with scenes and inei. Semmes.

dents witnessed and known during a long life of A new novel by the author of "Rutledge."

observation chiefly spent in the West.

Bloom and Brier. A Southern Romance. By Wilde Robert Carter & Bros., New York.

Forrestwood. Greystone Lodge.

J. B. Ford & Co., New York. Our Father in Heaven. By the Rev. J. H. Wilson.

Lecture-Room Talks : a Series of Familiar Discourses God is Love.

on Themes of Christian Experience. By Heery Laws of Discursive Thought: being a formal Text

Ward Beecher. Book of Logic. By James McCosh, LL. D.

School History of the State of New York. By S. S. Sambo's Legacy, Born with a Silver Spoon, and It

Randall, Supt. of Public Schools of New York City. Wants Turning. By the Rev. P. B. Power.

Illustrated. Hubert Peroy. By L. A. Moncrief.

Principles of Domestic Science as applied to the Daties The Story of the Two Margarets. By Emina Leslie.

and Pleasures of Home. A Text-Book for Young Lily's Lesson. By Joanna H. Mathews.

Ladies. By Catharine E. Beecher and Harriet Violet's Idol. By Joanna H. Mathew

Beecher Stowe. Illustrated.
Life of James Hamilton, D. D. By Rev. Dr. Arnot.
Memoir of the Rev. W. C. Burns. By the Rev. Islay Harper & Bros., New York.
Burns, D. D.

Draper's American Civil War. Vol. 3.
The Close of the Ministry. By the Rev. Dr. Hanna.

Bazar Book of Decorum. Passion Week. By the Rev. Dr. Hanna.

Flagg's Sulphur-Cure for the Vine-Disease.

Hoyt, Fogg, & Breed, Portland. Cla rton, Remsen, & Haffelfinger, Philadelphia.

Aunt Margery's Maxim; or, Work, Wateh, Wait. By The Poetical Works of David Bates, author of "Speak

Sophia Tandy. Gently,” etc.

Lindsay Lee and his Friends. A Story for the Times. A Complete Ready Reckoner in Dollars and Conts, to Lee & Shepard, Boston.

which are added Forms of Notes, Bills, Receipts, Life and Alone. and Petitions, Stamp Duties, Rates of Postage, etc. God-Man. By the Author of "Credo." Together with a set of Useful Tables, containing Insanity in Women. By Prof. H. R. Storer, M. D. Tables of Interest from One Dollar to Twelve Thou A new volume by the author of "The B. 0. W.C." sand, by the Single Day; with a Table of Wages Alaska and its Resources. By W. H. Dall, Director and Board by the Day and Week.

of the Russian Telegraph Expedition. Illustrated

with nearly 100 fine wood-cuts, from drawings made G. P. Putnam | Son, New York. by the author ; together with an entirely new map. Court of Queen Elizabeth. By Lucy Aiken. Williams College Biographical Annals. By Rev. Cal. A New School History of England. By the Author of

vin Durfee. With an Introduction by Rev. 8. Ire. “Annals of England." næus Prime, D. D.

J. P. Skelly & Co., Philadelphia. The Theory of the Calculus. By William B. Greene.

Two Ways; or, Evenings with Uncle Ralph. By Miss J. B. Lippincott & Co., Philadelphia.

L. Bates. Henry Courtland; or, What à Farmer Can Do. A Paul Loring; or, Climbing the Ladder. By Mrs. E. Novel. By A. J. Cline.

E. Boyd. Handbook of Operative Surgery. By J. H. Packard,

Patty Norris ; or, Three Times Lost. By Mrs.M.

Hosmer. M. D. With fifty-four steel plates and numerous wood-cuts.

Helen Freeman. By Mrs. L. A. Stuart. Ancient Classics for English Readers. Edited by W.

Flossy Lee at the Mountains. By Faith Wynne. Lucas Collins. Now ready: Vol. 1. The Iliad. E. Steiger, New York. Vol. 2. The Odyssey.

Hanne Nuete un de lütte Pudel. Von Fritz Renter. Third Series of the Boys' Globe Library. Illustrated. Schwäbische Dorf-Predigten. Von C. B. Dreizler.

Embracing: Deep Down, Erling the Bold, Cast Up Gedichte in Schwäbischer Mundart. Von C. Weitz

by the Sea, and The Rifle and Hound. Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite. By Anthony Gedichte in Schwäbischer Mundart. Von Joh. Georg Trollope.




Letters, stating price and condition, to be forwarded to the Advertisers. Subscribers are reminded that, under this head, they have the privilege of advertising for such scarce books og they may want, and are unable to obtain in their immediate neighborhood. The rate at which these are inserted is ten cents per book. Each title must, if possible, not occupy more space than one line. Catalogues wanted, or books bearing upon specific subjects mentioned generally, and not by name, must be paid for as regular advertise. monts.

ROBERT CLARKE & CO., Cincinnati, OH10,
Cooper's Miles Wallingford, People's Edition, 12mo. cl.

pp. 136.

Apays. Brake Up; or, The Young Peacemakers. By T. W. Do Bors. The Countess of Monte-Cristo. By Jean Du Boys.

Adams. (The Lake Shore Series.) 16mo. pp. 303. Boston: 8vo. pp. 144. N. Y.: Amer. News Co. Pap. 50 cts.
Lee & Shepard. Cl. $1 50.

EDITH'S TESTAMENT; or, Poor, yet Making Many Rich. 16mo. AGER. An Order of Services for the Use of the New Charch.

Boston: Cong. S. S. and Pub. Soc. CI, 75 cts. By Rev. J. C. Ager. 18mo. pp. 201. N. Y.; J. R. Putnam. EMERSON. Society and Solitude. Twelve Chapters. By Ralph ci. $1; roan, $1 25.

Waldo Emerson. 16mo. pp. 300. Boston: Fields, Osgood &

Co. Cl. $2. A. L. O. E. See BRAID OF CORDB.

FETTE. Dialogues from Dickens. For School and Home AmuseANNUAL OP SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY; or, Year-Book of Facts in ment. Arranged by W. E. Fette. 16mo. pp. 260. Boston:

Science and Art for 1870. Edited by J. Trowbridge and others. Lee & Shepard. CI. $1 50. 12mo. pp. 354. Boston: Gould Lincoln, Cl. $1 50.

Field. The Two Great Books of Nature and Revelation; or, ANTON THE FIBHERMAN. (The Fatherland Series.) From the The Cosmos and the Logos. Being a History of the Origin

German. Illustr. 1$mo. pp. 172. Phila.: Lutheran Bd. of and Progression of the Universe, with Types and Symbols
CI. 75 cts.

by which the Creator wrote the Logos. By George Field.

12mo. pp. 501. NY.: S. R. Wells. Cl. $2 25. BLAKE. Forced Vows; or, A Revengeful Woman's Fate. By

Lillie D. U. Blake. Svo. pp. 100. N. Y.: Frank Starr & Co. Findel. History of Freemasonry, from its Origin to the PrePap. 15 cts.

sent Day. By J. G. Findel. Preface by D. M. Lyon. 8vo.

pp. xiv., 704. Phila. : J. B. Lippincott & Co. Cl. $5. BRAID (A) of Cords. By A. LO. E. Illustr. 18mo. pp. 375. N. Y.; R. Carter & Bros. CI. 90 cts.

FLEMING. Unmasked; or, The Secret Marriage. By Mrs. May

A. eming. 8vo. pp. 125. N. Y.: Beadle & Co. Pap. 25 cts. CHAPMAN. The American Drawing.Book. By J. G. Chapman.

A Revised Edition. 4to. pp. viii., 304. N. Y.: A. S. Barnes FLIXT. Manual of Chemical Examination of the Uripe in Dis. & Co. Ci. $6.

ease. By Austin Flint, Jr., M. D. 16mo. pp. 76. N. Y.: D.

Appleton & Co. CI. $1. CLARK. The Bible and the School Fund. By Rufus W. Clark,

GODDARD. D. D. 18mo. pp. 127. Boston: Lee & Shepard. Pap. 40 cts.

Political and Miscellaneous Writings of William

G. Goddard. Edited by his Son. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 668, 635. CLYDE. Under Foot. A Novel. By Alton Clyde. Illustr. 8vo. Providence: S. S. Rider & Bro. Cl. $6. pp. 134. N. Y.; Harper & Bros. Pap. 50 cts.

GREEN, Shakspeare and the Emblem Writers. By Henry COOKE. Hammer and Rapier. By J. E. Cooke. 12mo. pp. 307. Green. Illustr. 8vo. pp. 570. N. Y.:J. W. Bouton. Cl. $10. N. Y.: G. W. Carleton. Cl. $1 60.

(London print.) CORNELL. Carl's Home. By Sarah G. Cornell. 16mo. pp. 333. GUILLEMIN. The Sun. By A. Guillemid. Translated from the Boston: Henry Hoyt. Cl. $1 25.

French. Ilustr. 16mo. pp. 297. N. Y.: C. Scribner & Co.

CI. *1 50. Dodge. A Battle of the Books. Recorded by an Unknown

Writer, for the Ure of Authors and Publishers. Edited by HAMERSLY. The Records of Living Officers of the United States Miss A. Dodge. 12m0. pp. 288. N. Y.; Hurd & Houghton.

Navy and Marine Corps; with a History of Naval Operations CI. $1 50.

during the Rebellion of 1861-5, and a List of the Ships and

Oficers participating in the Great Battles. By Lewis R. DREITZLER. Schwäbische Dorf-Predigten. Von C. B. Dreitzler. Hamorsly. 8vo. pp. 330. Phila.; J. B. Lippincott & Co. Cl. 12mo. pp. 53. N. Y.: E. Steiger. Pap. 16 cts.



PETRCE. The Young Shetlander and his Home. By Rev. B. K HAMILTOX. Sermons. By R W. Hamilton, LL. D. 1200. pp.

Peirce. Illustr. 16mo. pp. 336. N. Y.: Carlton & Lanahan'. 480. N. Y.: Carlton & Lanahan. CL. $1 75.

CI. $1 50. HARDINGE. Modern American Spirito alism. By Emma Har. Paelps. Hedged In., By Elizabeth Stuart Phelps. 16mo. pp.

dinge. Portraits. 8vo. pp. 565. N. Y.; Amer. News Co. Ci. 295. Boston: Fields, Osgood & Co. CI. $1 50. $3 75.

POMERoy. Our Satnrday Nights. By M. M. Pomeroy. 12no. Helen's Lesson. The Story of Helen Wallace. By E. C. T. N. Y.: G. W. Carleton. Cl. $1 50.

Illustr. 18mo. pp. 216. Phila. : Presb. Pub. Com. Cl. 70 cts. RED AS A ROBE is SRE. 850. pp. 226. N. Y.; D. Appleton & b. HENTZ. Belen and Arthur. By Mrs. Caroline Lee Hentz. Pap. 60 cts.

12mo. pp. 238. Phila. : T. B. Peterson & Bros. CL $1 75. REQJMEN SANITATIS SALERNITANUM. Code of Health of the HERBERT. The Silent Rideman. A Tale of the Texas Trail. School of Salerpum. Translated into Euglisb Verse by Joba By H. W. Herbert. 8vo. pp. 100. N. Y.; Beadle & Co. Pap.

Ordronaux. Imp. Sro. pp. 169. Phila. : J. B. Lippincott & 15 cte.

Co. Cl. $5. (By subscription only.) HOFFMANN. Anton the Fisherman. By Franz Hoffmann. REUTER. Hanne Nate un de litte Padel. Von Fritz Rester.

Translated from the German by M. A. Manderson. Mustr. 1210. pp. 208. N. Y.: E. Steiger. Cl. $1.

16mo. pp. 172. Phila.: Lutheran Bd. of Pub. Cl. 85 cts. RoskowSKA. Die Halligen; or, In the Midst of the North Sea. HOWARD. Oriel; or, Isabel Alison's School-Life By Marion By Marie Roskowska. Translated from the German by J. F. Howard. Illustr. 16mo. pp. 340. Phila.: Presb. Pub. Com.

Smith. Illustr, 16mo. Pp. 159. Phila.: Lutheran BL of Cl. 81 35.

Pub. CI. 75 cts. KEETELE. Oral Method with French. By J.G. Keetels. Part 3. SCHEIFELE. Gedichte in Schwäbischer Mundart. Von J. G. 16mo. pp. 192. N. Y.: Sheldon & Co. CI. 75 cts.

Scheifele. 12mo. pp. 275. N. Y.: E. Steiger. Pap. 15 ets. Kixo. Real Life in the Spirit Land. By Mrs. Maria M. King. SemuIN, New Facts and Remarks concerning Idiocy. By EA.

Vol. l. 12mo. pp. 209. Boston: Wm. White & Co. Cl. $1 25. Segnin, M. D. 8vo. pp. 44. N. Y.: Wm. Wood & Co. Pap. Kiastox.

25 cts. Three Hundred Years Ago; or, The Martyr of Brentwood. By W. H. G. Kingston. Phila. : Lutheran Bd. SEWALL. The New Church Divide: Dot Swedeaborginn. By of Pub. CI. 75 cts.

Rev. Frank Sewall. 16mo. pp. 19. Chicago : E. B. Hyers &

Chandler. Pap. 20 cts. LAWSON. Practical Expositions of the Whole Books of Ruth

and Esther, with Three Sermons on the Duties of Parents to STARR. Halfway. By Magnet Starr.' Illnstr. 18mo. pp. 281. their Children. By Geo. Lawson, D. D. With A Memoir of

Phila.: Presb. Pub. Com. CI. 75 cts. his Life and Writings. 8vo. pp. xlv., 400. Phila.: Wm. S. STRONG. A Year with Christ in the Old Testament. Being s Rentoul. CI. $2 50.

Series of Weekly Bible Lessons. By Jos. Strong. Illastr. LELAND. Hans Breitmann in Church, and other New Ballads.

24mno. pp. 116. N. Y.: N. Tibbaly & Son. Bds 15 cts. By C. G, Leland. 12mo. pp. 66. Phila.: T. B. Peterson & THOMPROX. The Life of St. Charles Borromeo. Edited by E. R. Bros. Pap. 75 cts.

Thompson. 12mo. pp. 366. Phila. :P. F. Cunninghata. CL. L.OVER. Poetical Works of Samuel Lover.

$1 50.

12mo. Pp. 450. N. Y.: D. & J. Sadlier. CI. $2.

TONE MASTERS (The). A Musical Series for Yong People. By LETTON. The Last Days of Pompeil. By Sir Ed. Bulwer Lyt.

the Author of "The Soprano." Illustr. Mozart and Men. ton. 8v0. pp. 110. N. Y.: R. M. De itt. Pap. 25 cts.

delssoha. 16mo. pp. 193. Boston: Lee & Shepard. Ci 91 23.

TRUMBULI. MCDONALD. Vital Philosophy, a Survey of Substance and an

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