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Now Ready, the YEARLY VOLUME, for 1869, of THE INFANTS' MAGAZINE.

A Magazine for the Nursery. One Penny Monthly.

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With numerous Engravings. Fancy boards, 1s. 6d.; cloth plain, 28.; gilt edges, 25. 6d.

The Volumes from 1866, in three sorts of binding, as above.

London : SEELEY, JACKSON, & HALLIDAY, 54, Fleet Street.

S. W. PARTRIDGE & CO., 9, Paternoster Row, E.C.

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UNIFORM WITH “OUR DUMB COMPANIONS." OUR DUMB NEIGHBOURS; Or, Conversations of a Father with his Children on Domestic and other Animols.


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With large Engravings, of which the above is a Specimen, aster Rosa BONHEUR, Sır E. LANDSEER, HARRISON WEIR, &c.

Cloth, Medallion on side, 5s. ; gilt, 78. 61.

London : S. W. PARTRIDGE & CO., 9, Paternoster Row, E.C.


In One Volume, large medium 8vo, of about 600 pp., illustrated by nearly 250 Woodcuts and Photolith Plates,

elegantly bound in cloth, with appropriate gilt devices. SHAKESPEARE & THE EMBLEM WRITERS.

An Exposition of their Similarities of Thought and Expression.
Preceded by a View of the Emblem-Book Literature down to A.D. 1616.


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This work, which has been printed with great care, abounds in ornamental, illustrative, facsimile Woodcuts and Photoliths, taken from the Works of Authors,
with several of whom Shakespeare was personally acquainted. To the MANY IN THE NATION to whom Shakespeare's renown is precious it presents curious infor-
mation ; and from the ornamental style in which the whole is executed, from cover to colophon, it will prove acceptable as a Gift-Book for Christmas and the New

Teutonic Race, by whom Shakespeare is reverenced, there is offered further insight into the course which his genius pursued in elevating and refining its own powers. three chapters of the work BIBLIOPHILIsts will possess information, once lying widely scattered, now brought into compass and order. Also to every one of the Year. The STUDENTS and SCHOLARS of the great dramatist will also find here illustrations, until now unquarried, of his marvellous writings. And in the first

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A Large Paper Edition is also ready.

London : TRÜBNER & Co., 60, Paterncster Row.

“The Best Almanack ever brought out.”John Bull.


“This is indeed worthy the name of an Aln.anack.”Morning Advertiser.

" It is the Best, Completest, and the Most Useful.”Church Opinion.

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• Every home should have a copy.”Watchman.

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