A Dictionary of the English and Singhalese, and Singhalese and English Languages: Sinhalese-English

Mission, at the Wesleyan Mission Press, 1830
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Page 197 - ... this appears to the victim like a splendid necklace, but as soon as he puts it on, it cuts him to pieces by its circular motion; four acts, namely, walking, standing, sitting, reposing; complete prosperity; success; the movable palace of...
Page 701 - S)3 dhd to have) deep and devout meditation, restraining the senses and confining the mind to contemplation on the true nature of existence, as the vanity and instability of all human good; religious vow or obligation; composing or reconciling differences.
Page 174 - Vishnu; this is generally represented as being something between a man and a bird and...
Page 193 - ... performing all the prescribed duties of religion virtue, especially of a householder, hospitality; sun, (derived from en® planet, oS lord.) s»s>a<3<5c«n, Grihapati-ratna, 8.
Page 360 - Paddrthaya, s. (aqpada word, thing, tf& meaning) meaning of a word or sentence, etymology; category or predicament in logic, of which seven are enumerated, viz. substance, quality, action, identity, variety, relation, and annihilation; thing, substantial or material form of being.
Page 301 - Dictpaya, s, island, any land surrounded by water; the word is hence applied to the seven grand divisions of the terrestrial world, each of these being separated from the rest by a peculiar and circumambient ocean; the seven dwipas, reckoning from the centre one, are Jambu, Kusa...
Page 183 - Jupiter; teacher, schoolmaster, preceptor; religious teacher, one who explains the law and religion to his pupils and instructs them...
Page 134 - Kumbha, *. frontal globe on the upper part of the forehead of an elephant; there are two of these projections which swell in the rutting season...
Page 242 - C 240, a fibrous stick or brush, used by weavers for cleaning the threads of the woof; a painters brush , a fibrous stick used for that purpose.
Page 441 - PratilJma, a. (g« reverting, hair) left, not right; reverse, inverted, contrary to the natural course or order, against the hair or grain.

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