Cable Corrosion in Bridges and Other Structures: Causes and Solutions

Amer Society of Civil Engineers, 1996 - 224 pages
This comprehensive overview, Cable Corrosion in Bridges and Other Structures, examines the corrosion of cable-supported bridges and various methods used to rehabilitate or avoid corrosion damage. Frank L. Stahl and Christopher Paul Gagnon combine their professional knowledge from years of experience in the design, construction, and inspection of cable-supported structures with information gathered from interviews with bridge operators, wire rope engineers, and corrosion experts. Chapters review causes of corrosion, materials, methods of fabrication and construction of cables, and their potential for exposure to various forms of corrosive attack. Steps and materials available to avoid or mitigate such corrosion are also examined. Case histories and numerous illustrations provide examples of corrosion problems and remedial operations.

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