The Lebanese Diaspora: The Arab Immigrant Experience in Montreal, New York, and Paris

NYU Press, 2011 - 244 pages
The Lebanese are the largest group of Middle Eastern immigrants in the United States, and Lebanese immigrants are also prominent across Europe and the Americas. Based on over eighty interviews with first-generation Lebanese immigrants in the global cities of New York, Montreal and Paris, this book shows that the Lebanese diasporaolike all diasporasoconstructs global relations connecting and transforming their new societies, previous homeland and world-wide communities. Taking Lebanese immigrants' forms of identification, community attachments and cultural expression as manifestations of diaspora experiences, Dalia Abdelhady delves into the ways members of Lebanese diasporic communities move beyond nationality, ethnicity and religion, giving rise to global solidarities and negotiating their social and cultural spaces. The Lebanese Diaspora explores new forms of identities, alliances and cultural expressions, elucidating the daily experiences of Lebanese immigrants and exploring new ways of thinking about immigration, ethnic identity, community, and culture in a global world.By criticizing and challenging our understandings of nationality, ethnicity and assimilation, Abdelhady shows that global immigrants are giving rise to new forms of cosmopolitan citizenship. Dalia Abdelhady is a Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University, Sweden.

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Three Views on Diaspora
Between Ethnicity and Cosmopolitanism
Beyond Homeland and Host Society
Translation Remembrance and Global Burden
Global Predicaments and Cosmopolitan Quarrels
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Dalia Abdelhady is Senior Research Fellow at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University, Sweden.

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