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την φιάλην αυτ8 επί τον θρόνον τα θηρία: και εγένεο η βασιλεία αυτά έσκολωμένη και έμασσώνο τας γλώσσας αυτών έκ τα τεόνα

II. και έβλασφήμησαν τον Θεόν τα έρανε εκ των πόνων αυτών και εκ των ελκών αυτών και ο μεγενόησαν εκ των έργων αυτών.

10. And the fifth Angel poured out his vial 442. upon the throne of the wild beast ; and his kingdom became darkened, and they gnawed their tongues for grief.

11. And blasphemed the God of heaven, because of their griefs, and because of their fores, and did not repent of their works.

If the words of prophecy really have their completion near our own times, we ought with integrity to speak out, when we can at all apprehend their interpretation; and that, without fear or reserve.

And if the corruptions of the Christian Church are indeed (as they appear to have been) most unquestionably the consequence of the usurpations of the See of Rome; and if at Rome has been the great seat and fource of all oppression and persecution, both Pagan and

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Christian ; (and therefore the seat, or throne,
of the emblematical wild beasi has continually
been there ;) then nothing can answer more
fully to the description given of the effects of
the pouring out of the Fifth Vial, than the
events relating to the Church of Rome, and


every part of Europe have done, , from 1713 to 1780.

power is now almost every-where nearly taken away; and the glory of the kingdom has been truly darkened, by a succession of most marvellous events.

The body of the Jesuits *, who had been the most strenuous affertors of the utmost extent of its dominion, and the great means of causing crowned heads to be most subject to it, were first of all others deprived of power

and influence; their rich and most extraor443. dinary kingdom in the West, in Paraguay in

South America, was taken from them; and in the East, they were driven from access to the throne of China, and deprived of the influence they had long artfully supported even amongst unbelievers : and at home, in Europe,

* There are many very excellent observations on this fubject, in an Enay concerning the Numbers of Daniel and St. John, p. 305, 317. by the Rev. George Burton of Elden, printed in 1766.

they they were plundered, and persecuted by those into whose hands they had put


of persecution ; and at last are sunk into a state of annihilation, scorned and despised. They have been utterly driven out of Spain, which was the most bigoted of all kingdoms; and also out of France and Germany, where they had most influence.

The disgrace and the darkening of the glory of this surprising and dreadful body of men, has been also followed by the abolishing the influence of all the other religious orders dependant upon the Court of Rome; and that, in France, and in Germany, and even in Spain itself.

And, at the same time, men's eyes have been greatly opened to receive philosophical truths; and, although the human mind (moving too rapidly, like a pendulum, from extreme to extreme) hath, in several instances, whilst fleeing from error on the one hand, rushed into error on the other; by which means mankind have failed, as yet, of availing themselves of the full benefit of the light dawning upon the world; and have, in

many parts, become infidels and scoffers, rather than enlightened Christians, freed from bigotry and falsehood; and do still blafpheme, by substitut

ing merely atheistical tenets in the room of superstitious prejudices : yet the original seat of perfecution and oppression, and of the imposition of error, is effectually darkened, and prevented from having any influence to occafion further inifchief.

Certainly then we may finally affirm, that there never was any other period, yet in the world, that would answer so completely to the emblematical description which we have on the pouring out of the Fifth Vial, as that

in which we ourselves have lately lived ; nor 444. can it well be imagined that


other period, yet to come, can by any means more effectually accord with it in all circumstances.

We must, therefore, before we finish our reading of this tremendous hieroglyphical writing, venture to proceed a little further; and acknowledge, that the end of all things is perhaps nearer at hand than most men are willing to suppose.

We ought at least to read the words concerning the pouring out of the Sixth Vial with great attention and caution, and to enquire whether we can yet at all rightly apprehend them? For truly it seems as if the characteristick marks of the present years were such as could not indeed be applied to any other emblematical description in the whole book with so much propriety as to that of the Sixth Vial, and yet such as do very compleatly accord with it.


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Revelations, ch. xvi. ver. 12. 12. Και ο έκλος [άγγελος] εξέχεε την φιάλην αυτ8 επι τον σολαμον τον μέγαν τον Ευφράτην» και εξηράνθη το ύδωρ αυτά, ίνα ετοιμασθή η οδος των βασιλέων των από αναβολών ηλία. .

1 2. And the sixth Angel poured out his vial upon the river, the great river, the Euphrates : and its water was dried up; that the way of the kings, who are from the eastward, (FROM THE RISING OF THE SUN,] might be MADE READY for them.

The river Euphrates (if we consider the emblem as describing a mere boundary) is the great bar, that has cut off all communication between the kingdoms of Europe and those of the East: and this we are told is to

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