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years were only to be considered as a part of it, They must, therefore, most obviously, relate to the beginning of those events, which was to be almost directly after the Prophecy was given. And the primary meaning of this verse, most apparent to common sense, seems to be :

Blessed is he that readeth, (or rightly apprehendeth,) and they that hear the words of the Prophecy, and that (mark and) observe the things written in it. For the time is at hand: the time of the beginning of the events described is at hand, now immediately. And the Prophecy is not to be considered as relating merely to future ages; but, in every successive age and period, the time is at hand to every attentive and intelligent reader; because still fome one of the successive events herein described is coming immedi. ately to pass, and that continually, till the final end of all things. And-even the great consummation of all,-considering the just comparison of the duration of this world with the ages of eternity, is at band also.







As understood to have been Emblematically

Prophesed of,




458. και εγένονο φωναι μεγάλαι έν τω έρανώ,

λέγοντες· 'Εγένετο και βασιλέα τα κόσμε, τ8 Κυρία ημών, και το Χρις8 αυτά, και βασιλεύσει εις τες αιώνας των αιώνων.

16. Και οι άκοσι [και] τέσσαρες πρεσβύτεροι οι ενώπιον τέ Θεέ κάθηναι επι τες θρόνες αυτών, έπεσαν επί τα πρόσωπα αυτών, και προσεκύνησαν τω Θεώ,

17. λέγοντεςΕύχαριςεμέν σοι, Κύριε ο Θεός ο πανοκράτωρ, ο ών, και ο ήν, [και ο ερχόμενος] ότι έλληφας την δύναμιν σα την μεγάλην, και εβασίλευσας.

18. Και τα εθνη ώργίσθησαν, και ήλθεν η οργή σε· και ο καιρός των νεκρών, κριθή, ναι, και δεναι τον μισθόν τοϊς δέλοις σε τους προφήταις, και τοις αγίοις και τους φοβεμένοις το όνομά σε, τους μικρούς και τους μεγάλους και διαφθείραι τες διαφθείρούλας την γην.

19. Και ήνοίγη ο ναός τ8 Θεά εν τω έρανώ, και ώφθη η κιβωτός της διαθήκης αυτά εν τω ναώ αυτά και εγένονο άςραπαι


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nai φωναι και βροναι

και σεισμός

nai χάλαζα μεγάλη. .

15. And the seventh Angel founded, and there were great voices in the heaven, saying, The kingdom of the world is become the kinga dom of our Lord, and of his Anointed; and He mall reign THROUGH THE AIONS OF AIONS.

16. And the four-and-twenty elders (or Robles *, and first born), who were fitting be

fore * It is very strange indeed, and a most astonishing instance of human perverseness, that the words elders, first born, and elect, (used in Holy Scripture,) should have become words of contempt, in the apprehension of several modern writers; and a ground for blasphemous reproaches against the word of God, and against the servants of God: when, in fact, those words (expressing degrees of dignity in heaven, and in a future state,) are manifestly most consistent with, as well as used in perfect conformity to, the ideas to which we are most accustomed in this world. For elders means plainly those who are of the first and most ancient origin, and who can trace and shew a descent before and beyond others; which is exactly agreeable to our idea on earth, of being of the first families. First born as plainly denotes the being first produced, or being the eldest branch of any rank or estate; which is also consonant to the idea of being the head of any family. And elect means, as clearly, the having an advantage given to any one, and a certain dignity bestowed upon any one, for wise and good reasons, and from sufficient motives, by

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