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14. For the spirit (or life] of all flesh is its blood. And I have suid to the fons of Israel, Ye Mall not eat the blood of any flesh; because the spirit (or life] of all flesh is its blood. Every one, whosoever eateth it, shall be utterly destroyed, [and cut off.]

And in Deuteronomy, ch. xii, ver. 23, 24,

23. Πρόσεχε ισχυρώς τε μη φαγείν αίμα το γαρ αίμα αυτά ψυχής και βρωθήσεθαι ψυχη μετα των κρεών

24: 8 φάγεσθε αυτο, επί την γήν έχεέίτε αυτό ως ύδωρ.

23. Be most exceedingly careful not to eat blood; because the blood is its Spirit (or life]. Spirit (or life] shall not be eaten with the fleshy parts.

24. re shall not eat it; ye sball pour it out upon the earth as water,


And again, in the Book of Numbers, we read concerning the division of the living cattle, and of the persons which were taken prisoners and spared in war.


Numbers, ch. xxxi. ver. 28. Και αφελείτε το τέλος Κυρίω παρα των ανθρώπων των πολεμικών των εκπορευομενων εις την παράταξιν, μίαν ψυχήν απο σενακοσίων, από των ανθρώπων, και από των κηνών, και από των βοων, και από των προβάτων, και από των όνων.

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Where our translation, in the description, even makes use of the word soul; though both the Alexandrian and Vatican Manuscripts have the word Logny. Perhaps it would be a more close translation from the Seventy, to render the word ψυχήν, here, Spirit, or living being. But the other is consistent enough with common sense, because either way the word certainly indicates life; and it may perhaps therefore be allowed to stand, as in our version.

And levy a tribute unto the Lord, of the men of war which went out to battle; ONE SOUL (or one living being] of five hundred, both of the persons, and of the beeves, and of the afles, and of the sheep.

Further, Further, we read in the Book of Kings, even concerning the raising of the widow's. son to life by Elijah:

1 Kings, ch. xvii. ver. 21, 22.

21. Και ενεφύσησεν τω παιδαρίω τρις, 5:33. και επεκαλέσαιο τον Κύριον, και είπεν Κίριε,

ο Θεός με, επιςραφήτω δη η ψυχή τα παιδαρίε τέτε εις αυτόν.

22. Και εγένετο έτως, και ανεβόησεν, και ήκεσεν Κύριος εν φωνή Ηλία και απεγράφη η ψυχή τα παιδαρίε προς έγκαζον αυτέ, και έζησεν.

21. And he BREATHED upon the child three times, and cried unto the Lord, and said, O Lord, O my God, let this child's [foul or] Spirit return unto him again!

22. And it came to pass accordingly; and the child began to cry

* And the Lord beard the voice of Elijah, and the spirit of the child returned [to his inside or] into him, and he lived.

* The latter part of the verse going on from hence is left out in the Vatican copy.


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And in that sublime passage of the Prophecy of Micah, which is so finely translated in our version, and which is found to be in the very same words identically both in the Alexandrian and Vatican copies, the Greek word is ψυχή :


Micah, ch. vi. ver. 7.
Εί προσδεξαι ο Κύριος έν χιλιάσιν
κριών, ή εν μυριάσιν χειμάρρων ειόνων και ει
δω πρωτότοκα με υπέρ ασεβείας, καρπών
κοιλίας με υπέρ αμαρτίας ψυχής με ;

Will the Lord be pleased with thousands of
rams, or with ten thoufunds of rivers of oil ?
Shall I give my first-born for my transgression,
the fruit of my body for the fin of my soul (or

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And further, that turun means Spirit, and 534. life, is confirmed to us by the use made of the word by our Blessed Lord;

Matthew, ch. xvi. ver. 25. 26.
25. “ος γαρ αν θόλη την ψυχήν αυτά
σώσαι, απολέσει αυτήν· δς δ' αν απολέση
την ψυχήν αυτα ενεκεν εμέ, ευρήσει αυτήν.

26. (Τί

26. (Τί γαρ ωφελείται άνθρωπος, εάν τον κόσμον όλον κερδήση, την δε ψυχήν αυτά ζημιωθή, ή τι δώσει άνθρωπος αντάλλαλμα της ψυχής αυτ8;)

25. For whosoever will save HIS LIFE sball lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life, for my fake, shall find it.

26. For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his OWN LIFE? or what Mall a man give in exchange for his LIFE?

Mark, chap. viii. ver. 35, 36. 35. "Ος γαρ αν θέλη την ψυχήν αυτά σώσαι, απολέσει αυτήν· δς δ' αν απολέση την ψυχήν αυτά ένεκεν έμε και το ευαγγελίε, έτος σώσει αυτήν.

36. Τι γαρ ωφελήσει άνθρωπον, εαν κερδήση τον κόσμον όλον, και ζημιωθή την ψυχήν αυτε.

35. For whofoever will save his LIFE Mall lose it : but whosoever hall lose his life for my fake, and the Gospel, he shall save it.

36. For

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