The Edinburgh New Philosophical Journal: Exhibiting a View of the Progressive Discoveries and Improvements in the Sciences and the Arts, Volume 46

A. and C. Black, 1849
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Page 333 - New Experiments Physico-mechanical, touching the spring of the air, and its effects ; (made for the most part in a new pneumatical engine) written .... by the honourable Robert Boyle, Esq.
Page ii - On the Vegetation of the Carboniferous Period as compared with that of the present day," published in 1848, was an important contribution to the science.
Page 198 - ... which nightly serenaded us. With a plentiful supply of dry pine-logs on the fire, and its cheerful blaze streaming far up into the sky, illuminating the valley far and near, and exhibiting the animals, with well-filled bellies, standing contentedly at rest over their...
Page 239 - On the same occasion, the current tore away from the abutment of a mill-dam a large block of greenstone-por phyry, weighing nearly two tons, and transported the same to the distance of a quarter of a mile. Instances are related as occurring repeatedly, in which from one to three thousand tons of gravel are in like manner removed to great distances in one day*.
Page 252 - Nasmyth he was fortunate enough to find a mechanist capable of executing in the highest perfection all his conceptions, and prepared, by his own love of astronomy, and practical acquaintance with astronomical...
Page 96 - I convey them by stone-ware tubes into a leaden chamber, in order to combine them into sulphuric acid by the usual means. I take care that the heat is not raised so high at first as to melt the sulphate of lime in the cylinder, but I increase it towards the end of the operation, the charge becoming more infusible when, partly decomposed.
Page 342 - In Shaw's Boyle the whole machine is described and figured, but Papin's name is not once mentioned; an omission which, at the present day, would be considered inexcusable in an editor or abridger. The double pump must pass, with Shaw's readers, for an invention of Boyle's, yet even the latter's great name has not kept the doublebarrelled*^ stirrup...
Page 100 - The withdrawn charge is then lixiviated wiih hot water, and the solution of aluminate of potash or soda thus obtained is treated with carbonic acid, as before described. The lining of the cylinder should be examined occasionally, and kept in repair so that the fire-clay may not be corroded by the alkali.
Page 389 - certain improvements in, and applicable to clocks, and other time-keepers in machinery, or apparatus for winding clocks and hoisting weights, and for effecting telegraphic communication between distant clocks and places, otherwise than by electro-magnetism.
Page 337 - I added myself, as finding that without them I could not do my work. The second pneumatical engine, like the first, had a single barrel ; but the mouth of the latter, from which the piston-rod projected, was turned upwards, and the barrel stood in a wooden box, or trough, filled with water, which rose above the mouth of the cylinder, so that the latter was entirely under water. The object of this arrangement was to keep the leather of the piston, or sucker, always wet, and, as a consequence, " turgid...

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