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delight to meet these brethren in the wild mountains of Benjamin. Mr. Nicolayson brought me your letter of Oct. 23rd, and also provisions, and after having rested for an hour, and partaken of our plain food during friendly conversation, we continued our journey to the Holy City. When we approached the last hill, we were met and welcomed by many friends, who had come out on horseback to greet us; the Bishop and his daughter, the English Consul and Mrs. Finn, Dr. and Mrs. Macgowan, Mr. Calman, Mr. and Mrs. Hershon, Miss Cooper, and almost every member of the little Protestant community. It was quite a lively scene, and what with this friendly mark of respect and interest in our safe arrival, and what with the solemn scene, Jerusalem, Mount Olivet, and all the sacred spots, stretched before us, my heart felt overwhelmed, and I could only silently pray to the Lord, that He would be pleased to bless us, and to make us a blessing.

It was just after sunset when, at the side of the Bishop, and accompanied by our friends who followed, I entered the Holy City by the Jaffa gate ; and as, in consequence of many reports from different friends, I had very

moderate expectations, I was glad to find that my expectations with regard to Jerusalem and its environs, were far exceeded by the reality. This has since been confirmed by many visits paid to different parts of the city and neighbourhood. And also with regard to the work and the instruments employed, there is no reason to feel disappointed. The work indeed is difficult, and we must not at once expect great results, but I have already conversed with many Jews, either in Hebrew, German, or English, and found them friendly


and reasonable. I stood by them to-day near the western wall, where they wail and pray: I felt and sympathized with them, and they listened to my words, addressed to them in Hebrew, with great attention, because they felt that I spoke to them sincerely, and with concern for their best interests. They said to me, “ All the words you have spoken are words of truth.” I have also visited all the members of our little community, both Jewish and Gentile Christians, and am glad to find that there is a nice spirit among them, which by God's grace may be cultivated. All are much attached to the Bishop and Mr. Nicolayson, and the attendance on Sundays, both morning and afternoon, show that they take a delight in going to the Lord's house on His Holy Day."


As a pleasing corroboration of the impression conveyed by the preceding communication, in regard to the labours of the Mission having succeeded in communicating a grateful and friendly feeling to the Jewish population of the Holy City, we extract the following from a recent letter from Dr. Macgowan :

“ I have a gratifying incident to mention, which occurred on our entering into our new residence. Shortly after, I received a message from the Chief Rabbi, to announce his intention of paying me a visit. He came, accompanied with about twenty of the most respectable rabbies of Jerusalem, including his wife and two daughters, and some other respectable matrons. Our room was filled with our visitors, who, when all seated, in their Jewish oriental costume, presented a venerable and imposing sight. The Chief Rabbi then expressed his congratulations, and pronounced a blessing on our entering into our new abode, and also conveyed his thanks for the good which I did to Israel. On looking round the company, I remarked that there was scarcely a single individual among them, who had not been my patient. It was truly gratifying to me, that after all the opposition which I have witnessed from the rabbies, in the establishment of the Hospital, I should at last receive from them this public testimony of their gratitude and consideration for my labours for their good.

Written by the Rev. T, J. Judkin, M.A.
WAKE, Judah, wake! be free!
Thy glorious Conq'ror see !
The mighty word is spoken,
Thy bondage chains are broken :
Hosanna ! wake to liberty.

Rise, Judah, rise! display
Thy beautiful array;
From dungeon glooms of sadness,

Walk forth in light and gladness :
Hosanna ! 'tis thy promis'd day.

Thy Captain waves his hand !-
To Canaan's happy land !
To Silo's living fountain !--

To Zion's holy mountain !
Hosanna; Jesus gives command.

A thousand voices cheer!
A thousand signs appear!
To point thy coming glory;

A deathless crown hangs o'er thee:
Hosanna ! Paradise is near.

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London: Printed at the Operative Jewish Converts' Institution,

Palestine Place, Bethnal Green.


MARCH, 1852.



II. In our quotations from the prophecies respecting the Jewish nation, we shall not attempt any lengthened exposition of the passages brought forward. Those who are. opposed to the literal restoration of the Jews, either apply the prophecies which speak of their return to their land, or of their restoration, to their going back from Babylon, or treat them as allegorical, and attempt to apply the bright parts of them to the Christian Church, We shall simply shew that neither of these applications can be made of the prophecies which we now proceed to quote in their chronological order.

The first Prophet who has left us any express prophecy concerning the dispersion of the Israelites, and their final restoration, is Moses. *

*“Observations on the Prophecies relating to the Restoration of the Jews, ' by Joseph Eyre, Esq., originally published in 1771.

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