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First, seek that spot whence blessings did abound,
To vast assembling multitudes around.
Then climb the hill, where his last words were

Who thence ascended to the courts of heaven.
See, with what zeal large bands of men prepare
These forest trees to build a house of prayer.
Now view that spot, where Israel's prince was

By one, God told him to destroy, in vain.
Next gaze with joyful hope where soon our eyes
Shall see our king descend, with glad surprise.
See then a mount, whence, at a woman's cry,
Israel, o'er thousands, gained a victory.
Look then to that famed rock, which once was

And is the type of Christ,“ the Rock of Heaven."
Then tread that mountain where our fathers stood,
And saw the verdant earth made pure and good.
If you have pondered well each sacred hill,

T'will lead you unto one which has been still,
More blest of God; seek now that holy spot,
And when you find it, oh ! forsake it not.

J. W.

Answer to No. VIII., page 203.
The Queen Ahinoam was bereaved

Of David's heir, her son, her pride,
When first deceiving, then deceived,
Amnon, through Absalom's treachery, died.

(2 Sam. iii. and viii.) Bathsheba sought her aged lord,

When Adonijah grasped the throne,
To ratify his spoken word,
That none should reigo but Solomon.

(1 Kings i. 17.)

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Iscah was Milcah's sister--thus

Grandaunt of Rachel, Jacob's wife.
Joseph their son was generous
To brethren who had sought his life.

(Genesis xi.) ABI was Hezekiah's queen,

And if we trace his great grandshire, It was he who once had mighty been, Presumptuous, leprous king Uzziah.

(2 Kings xviii. 2.) Answer to No. IX., page 204, 'Twas Obadiah who foretold a time When Jacob should be fire and Joseph flame, And Esau but as stubble; and when Deliverance and holiness shall be on Zion.

(Obadia.h) 'Twas Ruth who left the country of her birth, Trusting Naomi and Naomi's God.

(Ruth i.) 'Twas Phinehas, son of the priest whose holy zeal In cutting off offenders, was rewarded With promise of an everlasting priesthood.

(Numbers xxv.) 'Twas Adam who, created in God's image, By disobedience lost his first'estate.

(Genesis iii.) 'Twas Haman who prepared the gallows For Mordecai and was hung thereon.

(Esther vii.) 'Twas ORPAH, who, returning to her people and her

gods, Lost the rich blessings which attended Ruth. E'en wealth and honour, and a name among The honoured line from which the Saviour sprung.

(Ruth i.) JANET.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. ANSWERS to the Questions in the September Number, deferred till our next.


A FEW years after the London Society had commenced its labours, an excellent minister was sent by the Committee to visit the Jews in various places, and to enquire into their state. In the report of his progress, he mentions having arrived at a place whose inhabitants, amounting to upwards of two thousand, were nearly all Jews. As the Sabbath was just beginning he went to the synagogue, which was filled with both grown-up people and children. In beholding their worship, an increasing desire was excited in his mind that this people, so grievously blinded, might soon know the things which belong to their peace, and learn to worship God in spirit and in truth.

Particularly," he adds, “ the sight of such a number of children, and the unmeaning repetition of words with their lips, constrained me to pray that the time might soon arrive, when they, like the children in the Temple of Jerusalem, should exclaim, “ Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord ! Hosanna in the highest !

The pious wish of this Christian Pastor has been heard on high, and could he now visit the Jews, in many places he would find hundreds of their children singing Hosanna to the Son of David! and many a Christian Hymn besides. At the time when he visited the Jews, there were but few of their children under Christian instruction, -now what do we behold ? In our schools in London alone, as many as 650 Hebrew children have been received and educated in the faith of the Lord Jesus. In the Duchy of Posen, eleven schools open their doors to receive poor Jewish children. In some of these you may hear them rejoicing on account of the birth of Jesus, as around their Christmas trees, singing Christian hymns, they celebrate that glorious event. At Constantinople, at Bucharest, at Smyrna, at Cairo, and in Jerusalem itself, you may hear the songs of Hebrew children in praise of Jesus. What hath God wrought !-may well be the language of those, who, remembering the former days, meditate upon the great work which He, through the instrumentality of his servants, has accomplished.

THE CROSS OF CHRIST.* The Cross of Christ is an object of such incomparable brightness, that it spreads a glory round it to all the nations of the earth, all the corners of the universe, all the generations of time, and all the ages of eternity. The greatest actions or events that ever happened on earth, filled with their splendour and influence but a moment of time, and a point of space; the splendour of this great object fills immensity, and eternity. If we take a right view of its glory, we shall see its spreading influence, and attracting looks from

From Maclaurin's “ Vail of the Flesh," republished by a Layman.

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