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Fierce as the red siroc he traced
His path through Paran's, * boundless waste,
And better far for peaceful night
To find that whirlwind in its might,
Rearing the columned sand on high,
And battling with the noontide sky,
Than quail before the ruthless sword
Of Ishmael and his robber horde.
Many an age hath come and past
And many a shrine to earth been cast;
But still unchanged, by changing time,
The same in habits and in clime
Doth Ishmael's outcast race retain
The empire of their drear domain ;
No hand the desert's son hath tamed
No art the desert's soil reclaimed,
But dimly, through the mist of years,
The dawn of glorious day appears,
Messiah opes His reign of bliss !
The kingdoms † of the world are his !
The solitary place awakes,

From dull and dread repose!
The desert into verdure breaks,

And blossoms as the rose !
Then Isaac's tribes shall cease to mourn,
And Ishmael's || outcast race return :
The rival brethren join to bring
Their homage to their heaven-sent king,
Shall bow before Messiah's throne,
Their common father's seed to own;
Both from united bondage free,
In piety and peace agree;
And keep with all the blest above

The eternal Jubilee of love. * Gen. xxi. 20, 21. + Rev. xi. 15. Isaiah xxxv. 1.

|| Ps. lxxii, 10, 15. § Gal. iv. 24, 25.

Printed at the Operative Jewish Converts' Institution, Palestine Place,

Bethnal Green, London.

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