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Wisdom was our Security, as his Wit will ever be our Delight.

'Tis pity that the private Institutions of Mechanics shou'd rob the World of having all his Works together; Not, that we can in Justice resume what we generously give away. There are more of his works which are too well known to the World to need be, ing mention'd here; and if some of thefe have seen Light, without his Knowledge, 'twas by the Perfidiousness of some about him, whom he employ'd to engross what he writ: But being all corrected by his own Hand, I thought it wou'd not be unacceptable to the World to see them again, since better drest, or otherwise at least ; For, Sir Charles Sédley had that Felicity of Thought, that Solidity of Judgment, that he cou'd alter, but rarely mend. If there is any thing that suits not with the Gravity of fome Nice, or rather Supercilious Pretenders' to Reformation, it is hop'd the Generous will im pute them to the Freedom of those Happy Days, when he was Young, and the Kingdom bleft in a long-wish'd for Return of their Natural Prince: So I leave the Judicious and Ingeni. ous, the Candid and the Gay, to be charm’d and improv'd; the Captious, and Censorious, to the Serpent and the File.


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It may now be expected 1 houd ray some thing of my fell, þut Hamas'unwilling to give an ili Character of my felf, as of any other particular Person whatever that common Method of - begging" Parden of Mankind, whenever we appear in Print, i think has more of Self-conceit, Pride and Hypocrisie in it, than the Generality of People are aware of. The Affinity between Sir Charles Sedley and me, gave the first Honour of his Acquaintance ; and his own Candour and Indulgence continued me in it during that Interval of Peace we have since enjoy’d. His Character is too well known to be endeavour'd to be drawn by me: My Vanity is not great enough to undertake it; His own Merits have shewn him to the World : He was a -Man of the firft Clafs of Wit and Gallantry ; His Friendship was courted by every Body; and no Body went out of his Company but pleas'd and improv'd : Time added but a very little to Nature; he was every thing that an English Gentleman cou'd be : And we have no Reason to suspect our selves; more especially when we are in a just Scale with our affected Neighbours. Honour, Love, Friendship and Gallantry, receive as great a Lustre from the Albion-Muses as any : And if we have flaggd sometimes, others


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1199-2 cas haughtily as they carry themselves. But Sir Charles was a Gentleman that needs no Commendation ; he is beyond Censure; and I glad of this Opportunity to pay my last Devoirs to lo

deferving a Relation.

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BITHOUTE :(, jo v: Reader, Earemel.
Luke 799wisdrai

il 10 colíat W. A Y LOPFE,
- lust avions


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