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She has since discovered that the religion of the Bible does not require great powers of mind to reach it, but deep humility of spirit to come down to its simplicity. That the Bible is the word of God, is a truth with which from infancy she had been familiar, yet from a want of a proper realization of this fact her difficulties mainly arose. For years past she has in experimental verity apprehended the DIVINITY of the WORD, and consequently her difficulties about faith have all vanished,

Meeting with many who inquire the heavenly way, and yet have been hindered by similar perplexities, the author, in her frequent communications with such, has in her direetions pointed to the law and the testimony as an infallible guide, and a sufficient rule for faith and practice. Her endeavor has been to meet these diversified cases, (which have ranged from the unawakened sinner to the traveler in the way of holiness,) on the ground of Bible truth; and it is hoped that something which has been presented may instruct and interest a few in each class of experience. If the work may be in any degree instrumental in the awakening and ultimate salvation of souls, the author's highest ambition will have been reached, and the glory shall be ascribed to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


No I.-To MR. M- Mr. Macknowledges himself unawa-

kened-What is faith? --Interview with a licksite friend-Displea-

sure incurred-Doings and sayings at a class meeting--An un-

likely subject of prayer presented-Mrs. W.'s inquiry-The

sinner condemned already-The culprit C-; his agony when

under condemnation, the effect of his faith in man-Mr. M—not

a believer in the Bible as the word of God-Influential friends can-

not save-Mr. M- under condemnation-Why the word of

God has not the same effect as a voice from heaven Page 13

No. II.-To Mr. M- Mr. M. inquires the way-Inquires the ef-

fect of faith-Evidences of the inbeing of faith-Perilous condition

acknowledged-Hardness of heart confessed and bemoaned-

Not required to save ourselves--Sinful to stay away from

the Saviour-A letter to a sincere inquirer-Difficulties in the

way of salvation-Repentance known by its fruit


No. III.-To Mr. M- Mr. M inquires whether the power

to believe may not be withheld-The power to exercise faith

never withheld from the truly sincere-Difficulty with one who

had been seeking the Lord four years, and how removed-Man

possesses the awful power of pronouncing his own blessings

and curses-Five individuals converted the same day on which

they were awakened-Difficulty with Mr. S.-Of one who thought

it was too late


No. IV.-To MR. M-a, Sincerity and earnestness not sufficient

to insure salvation-An illustration of how faith is the gift of

God-How to show fruit meet for repentance--An error in pre-

senting petitions for awakened persons-Lad on tho roof of a

building — The man near a cataract-Not saved by doing nothing 34

No. V.-TO MR. M-A matter of surprise with Mr. M— Rea-

sons for delay wholly with the creature-Singular case of a lady

where conviction followed conversion-Late Rev. S. M. relates

a similar case--God ever meets us on the ground of his word-

How to keep a new heart-Progression required - The Bible ; its

excellence - The scheme of salvation conditional


No. VI.-To Mr. M- Condemned and justified at the same

moment impossible--Case of a young lady who mistook a state

of condemnation for one of justification; not intentionally hypo-

critical-How the mistake may imperceptibly be made-Condi-

tion upon which a state of justification is retained-How soon

may perfection be attained ?


No. VII.--To MR. M. The summit of Christian attainment may

never be reached in time-Paul not perfect in attainment-Ho

professes perfection, and in what sense-A state of perfection

requiring progression urged-Christian, not Adamic, perfection,

the object


No. VIII.-TO MR. M- Inquiries relative to the length of time

intervening between a state of justification and entire sanctifica-

tion-Mr. Wesley's views on the subject—How backslidings

might be less frequent-Another inquiry from my Hicksite friend

How unholy professors encourage skepticism-The case of a young

man whose friends were professing Christians-Salvation from

sin may be obtained now-How a housekeeper obtained it Page 54

No. IX.-To Mrs. W- Fruits of holiness partially enjoyed

Work of the Spirit, and tenderness of conscience at an early

age--Regret-Difficulties-- The cost counted--Activity required

- Intense breathings-A wrong standard of experience-A dar.

ling object-Great things anticipated


No. X.-To MRS. W- A sacrifice contemplated-The surren-

der is made-The seal of consecration enstamped-Apprehends a

state of holiness-Exults in the knowledge of the sanctification

of body, soul, and spirit-Scruples removed-Christ all in all 70

No. XI.-To MRS. W- The bliss of dwelling in God Blessings

are received for the good of others-Confession contemplated-

What had been a hinderance for years—Hearty submission to the

order of God


No. XII.-To Mrs. W- The adversary foiled-Unbroken quiet

-Tempted in a dream-Sweet repose-Encouragement given

during sleep-Peace, the heritage of the believer


No. XIII.—To MRS. W-Temptation relative to retaining the

blessing-Mental conflict-Peace-Confession-Desires to know

the precise foundation of faith-A statement of the way in

which prayer was answered–The consequences of turning out

of the way apprehended


No. XIV.-To MRS. W Heaven begun below-Holiness the

believer's strength—“If I get it I cannot keep it”-Remark of Dr.

B- Mysticism-Consecration a simple act-Holiness main-

tained by constant faith-The Scriptures a medium of communion

with God-The way of the cross-A new existence-Effect on

the world of universal holiness in the church


No. XV.-To Mrs. R- Questions-Unreasonable not to be

holy-Danger of slighting convictions--Sad remembrances-A

fearful state-Count the cost-Decision-Self-sacrifice-The mar-

tyrs—The offense of the cross not ceased-Self-distrust-The way

opened to the holiest-Temptations


No. XVI.-To MRS. R- Power of faith-Terms of the cove-

nant-Unsanctified resting in creature-good-Self-denial--A Jew-

ish offerer-The Christian altar --The altar greater than the

gift-Self-sacrifice reasonable ; our duty ; its benefits-The of-

fering must touch the altar-The will must be resigned 98

No. XVII.-To Mr. K. An impression confirmed-Religious

joy-Temptation succeeds-Unwise inference-Holiness a state

of character, not of emotion-The disciple with Jesus in the wil-

derness, and on the mount-The disciples on Tabor-The unwise

request --The crown coveted, not the cross


No. XVIII.-To Mr. K- Questions--Mr. K- 's resolution-

Inconsistency of Mr. K- -'s position-May the sanctification

of the soul be achieved gradually ? -“God's word its own evi-

dence"-Correspondence between faith and confession-"lave

I lost my will?"-Illustrations—The obedient child-The Sa-

viour-Family government-Ruling by love-Daily intercession-

Household dedication-Restraint-Abraham's family-Joshua-


Page 110

No. XIX.-TO MR. K- Remarkable visit of the Spirit - A new

heart given to a little child—“I want to pray more"-An accusa-

tion of the tempter-Little W- Infantile anticipation 118

No. XX.-To MR. K-Faith receives Christ in all his offices-

Distrustfulness-Illustration- A specific kind of unbelief pointed

out-The Bible the voice of God to man--Reference to 2 Pet. i, 21

- Profession on the authority of the word urged-Waverings in

faith sinful-Triumphs of Satan-Loss to the church-Slight no-

tions of the sin of unbelief lamented


No. XXI.-To Mr. K- "Only unbelief "-Ancient Israel-Bor-

ders of the promised land reached ---Met and vanquished by an

enemy-Who was it ?-God dishonored by unbelief


No. XXII.—To Rev.Mr.P Difficulties in the distance-Humility

and decision--Divine protection-Daniel-Workers together with

God-Witness of the Spirit-Distinction between faith and sight

---Abraham ; his patient faith-The wavering one


No. XXIII.--To Rev. Mr.P Premature application of the


mises-Not willing to be holy-Paul's concise statement of the

way to holiness-Distinction between consecration and sanctifi-

cation-Obedience must precede appropriating faith-Wickedness

of removing a sacrifice from the altar--Thomas-Of one who gave

up his will

No. XXIV.-TO Rev. Mr. P- Temptation as to the genuineness

of faith-Man-work”-Faith without works-“Workers together

with God”-Queries about self-sanctification-Answers-Scrip-

tural test


No. XXV.-To Rev. MR. P-Baptism of the Spirit-The just shall

live by faith-Witness of the Spirit--Answer delayed-Need of

patience-My sister-Interview with Rev. T. Merritt-Confes-



No. XXVI.—To Rev Mr. P. Mr. P.'s singular statement of his

case-Conclusions questioned-Illustration-The effect of my

faith in Mr. P-Witness of the Spirit—"The Spirit speaketh

expressly”—The Bible the voice of the Spirit-The blessing ap-

prehended in the promise-Faith in a dark hour-Resignation 150

No. XXVII.-To Bishop and Mrs. II- Separated friends-

Day of my espousals–Judge W- , and Judge R- Happiness

without holiness-A forty years' seeker obtains the blessing in

a few hours-An evening on the camp_ground-Struggles of a

minister for holiness ; his confession-Full salvation in five mi-

nutes Brother and sister B- " This now salvation"-Decision

-Self-denial-Sweet peace


No. XXVIII.-TO REV. T. M- The “Third Monday evening

meetings"-Rev. Mr. C- Our calling-Mrs. The testimony

of a maid in Israel-Searching the Scriptures—"It is all here"

-A pious visit-Interrogations-An object of great desire-With-

stood by Satan—The vow—The victory-Delay-Trial-A hearty

profession of full salvation


No. XXIX.-To Rev. MR. K- E- street Church-One hun-

dred witnesses-Revival-A local preacher-Long-continued ef-
forts to obtain holiness--Remark of Dr. Sixty persons

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set apart for God-The camp_prayer meeting-A passer-by

arrested-A searching preacher-Revival in Baltimore-The work

of God in A-street in 1831-Morning meetings-Men and

angels—Holiness the strength of the church-Satan's favorite in-

strument-A reproachful compliment

Page 175

No. XXX.-To MRS. B- Mark xi, 24–1 John v, 14, 15—An il-

lustration-Answers to prayer—"The Faithful and True"_“In

God will I praise his word”—The bank bill—The infidel minister-

Faith and sense–The word personified-An end of the difficulty 183

No. XXXI.-To Mrs. B-Presumption taken for faith-Doc-

trines abused--The assertion, “Believe that you have and

you have it," not Scriptural-Importunate prayer unanswered-

An unauthorized petitioner—The lame and blind offefed in

sacrifice-The backslider's prayer-Divine direction sought in

vain-Meddling with secret things-Why some parents cannot

believe-Unholy hands lifted up



church is a family-Intercessions-Revival prevented–The sin

of one man-A reproach to Christ-Social gatherings versus

class meetings-A wonderful deception-The convicted-Cruel

friends—“Who ruined that soul ?"--God's decree nullified-A re.

vival in God's order-Death busy and the church idle-"Curse

ye Meroz”



lect of the stated means-A remark of Mr. Wesley-An en-

gagement to meet a friend-Who broke it ?-One in three at class

-What Thomas lost-All strong, and all at work—"Begin at my

sanctuary"-Six left of three hundred-An estimate-Nursing

fathers and mothers


No. XXXIV.-To Rev. -

Memoir of Mrs. The common peo-

ple-Good news-A commanding post--Ability equal to duty-Our

calling as a church-" The high doctrines of our creed”-Myste-

ries-A popular young minister-Mr. Wesley's last advice-How

others regard us-A dilemma-Professor Disappointment-

A Presbyterian's opinion of a Methodist congregation-“What do

ye more than others ?"


No. XXXV.-T. MR. J- - Disposition of property--Inequalities

of human condition_Responsibility graduated by possession-

Prudent foresight recommended by Solomon-Of those who heap

together riches--Comparative liberality-Censoriousness—"Are

rich men required to give up all ?”—Community of goods-A de-



No. XXXVI.-To MR. J- A stumbling block-"One hundred

dollars instead of six”—The wealthy father and his two sons-

Jacob's vow-Large income for the Lord's treasury-A broken

vow-Obstacle to religious prosperity--Tests of fidelity-David's

view of liberality-Systematic mode of giving—The tenth devoted

-“Giveth and yet increaseth"-Missionaries


No. XXXVII.-TO REV, "Why cannot I believe ?"- Plain

dealing-Our reputation belongs to God-Expulsions from the

ministry_" Why insist on terms ?"-A resolve to stand or fall

with truth-Ashamed of Christ's words—The sin of ignorance

Objection to Scripture phraseology-Paul's conduct_Reputation

not resigned—“How can ye believe ?"-Christ's benediction on

the outcast


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