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My eye is troubled with fury; I am grown old among all my enemies. Depart from me all ye that work iniquity; because the Lord has heard. the voice of my weeping.

The Lord has heard my supplications; the Lord has received my prayer. Let all my enemies blush, and be troubled exceedingly; let them be turned back, and ashamed very speedily. Glory be to the Father, c.

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11. Psalm xxxl.

Lessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven; and whose sins are co


Blessed is the man, to whom the Lord has not imputed sin: and in whose mind there is no deceit.

Because I have been silent, my bones are grown old, whilst I cried out all the day.

Because day and night thy hand is heavy upon ne; I am converted in my anguish, whilst the thorn in fastened.

I have made my crime known to thee; and have not hidden my injustice.


I have said, I will confess my injustice to the Lord against myself and thou hast forgiven the impiety of my sin. 1

For this reason every holy one shall

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pray to thee in a seasonable time.

However, in the deluge of many waters, they shall not approach to him.

Thou art my refuge from the afflic tion which has surrounded me; thou art my joy, deliver me from them that encompass me.

I will give thee understanding, and will instruct thee in the way thou shalt go; I will fix my eyes upon thee,

Do not become as the horse and mule, which have no understanding.

With the bit and bridle bind the jaws of them, who do not approach to


Many are the scourges of a sinner but mercy shall encompass him that hopes in the Lord.

Rejoice in the Lord, and be glad ye just, and glory all ye right of heart, Glory be to the Father

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III. Psalm xxxvii.

Ord rebuke me not in thy fury nor chastise me in thy wrath. Because thy arrows are fixed in me, and thou hast laid thy hand heavy up

on me.

There is no health in my flesh in the presence of thy anger; there is no peace for my bones, at the sight of iny sins.

Because my iniquities are risen above my head; and as a weighty burthen are heavy upon me.

My scars are putrified and corrupted, by reason of my folly.

I am become miserable, and bent: quite down; I walked sorrowfully all the day.

Because my loins are filled with illu. sions, and there is no health in my flesh.

I am afflicted and humbled exceedingly; I roared out with the groaning of my heart.

All my desire is before thee, O Lord; and my groaning is not hidden from


My heart is troubled, my strength


has left me; and the very light of my eyes is not with me.

My friends and my neighbours ap proached, and stood against me. And they that were near me, stood! at a distance; and they that sought my life, used violence.

And they that sought to do me mischief, spoke falshood; and studied deceits all the day."

But I, as a deafuman, did not hear; : and was like a dumb man that opens » not his mouth.

And I became as a man that does not hear, and has no reproofs in his mouth.

Because I have hoped in thee, 0 Lard, thou wilt hear me, O Lord my God.

For I said, let not my enemies rejoice over me at any time; and whilst my feet slipped, they spoke haughtily against me.

Because I am prepared for scourges and my sorrow is continually in my sight.

Because I will declare my iniquity,, and will think upon my sin.

But my enemies live,and are strengthNy: ened.1

ered above me; and they are multyplied that hate me unjustly.

They that return evil for good slandered me, because I followed goodness. Forsake me not, O Lord my God; depart not from me.

Attend to my help, O Lord the God of my salvation.

Glory be to the Father, c.

IV. Psalm L.

H Ave mercy on me, O God, ac

cording to thy great mercy.


And according to the multitude of thy commiserations, bfot out my quity.

Wash me still more from my ini¬ quity, and cleanse me from my sin. Because I acknowledge my iniquity; and my sin is always before me.

Against thee alone I have sinned, and before thee I have done evil; that thou mayst be justified in thy words, and mayst overcome when thou artjudged

For behold I was conceived in iniquity; and my mother brought me forth in sin


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