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Easter Sunday, and Monday.
Easter-Tuesday, a day of devotion
Ascension Thursday 40 days after.
Whit-Sunday and Monday. ****
Whit-Tuesday, a day of deuotion,
Corpus Christi, 20 Thursday aftels

Fasting Days. · Alt the week-days of kent; all Wednesdays and Fridays , in Advent ; Ember days, viz Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, 1. in the first Weeks of Lent; 2d, in Wbitsun-week, 3d, aften Sepe tember 14 ; 4th , akter December 13. if Monday, is a holiday Saturday, is fast., 1

Days of Abstinenet. All Fridays and Saturdays ; alhSundays in Lene; Ragations, viz. Afonday, Tues. day, and Wednesday, before Ascens sion ; St. Mark's day out of Easter. week, and the Diocese of Canterburys.

The solemnization of marriage is forbidden frain the first Sunday of Advent tilly after Epiphany, and from Ash-Wedgesday till Low-Sunday.


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Four creation. bpage 3

Creed expounded in 5)
Lord's Prayer exp, isjes ? 1,19
Ten Commandinents exp. § 2** 23
Commandments of the Church exp. 29
'The Sacraments exp.

97 3D
Of the Virtues and Vices. ''****2338

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On the necessity of Consideration. 47
On the End of our creation. i. 52
On the Benefics of God.

On the Dignity and Obligations of
a. Christian,

On the Vanity of the World
On the Happiness of serving God..70
On Death.
On the Sentiinents we shall have at :
the Hour of Death. :

On the particular Judgment after



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Prayers after Examin.
The Method of Confession, 246
A Prayer after Confession.
Instructions and Devotions before

Prayers after Communion. 266
Acts of Faith, Hope, and Charity, 283
Prayers for night.

286 The seven penitential Psalms, 294 The Litanies of the Saints. 306 The Litany of Jesus.

317. The Hymn of Jesus.

321 The Hymn Ave maris Stella. The Litany of our Lady of Loretto. 329 The universal prayer.

329 'The Hymns of the Holy Ghost. 331 The Benediction. The Salve Regina. Devotions for the Sick,

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