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for Service: By Wine we are refreshed and revived when thirsty and fainting ; fo from the Body of Christ which was broken as an atoning Sacrifice, and his Blood which was poured out for us, we derive our spiritual Life and Strength. The Application of these Symbols is most simple, and natural also: We are commanded to wash with the Water, to eat the Bread, and to drink the Wine : most proper Representations of our Participation of these Benefits,

Thus much of Figures and Emblems did the all-wise God think proper to appoint and continue in his Church, when he brake the Yokes of Jewish Bondage, and abolished a Multitude of Rites and Ceremonies of his own ancient Appointment. How plain, how natural, how glorious, how divine are, these two Christian Institutions, Baptism and the Lord's Supper, if surveyed and practised in their original Simplicity! but they are debased by the Addition of any fantastic Ornaments,

What think ye of all the gaudy Trappings and golden Finery that is mingled with the Christian Worship by the Imaginations of Men in the Church of Rome? Are they not like so many Spots and Blemishes cast upon a fair Jewel by some foolish Painter ? Let the Colours be never so sprightly and glowing, and the Lustre of the Paint never so rich, yet if you place them on a Diamond


Is not


they are Spots and Blemishes still.
this a just Emblem to represent all the gay
Airs, and rich and glittering Accoutrements
wherewith the Church of Rome hath sur-
rounded her Devotions and her public Re-

The Reformers of our Worship in the Church of England were much of this Mind, for they boldly pass this Censure on many of the Popish Ceremonies, that they entered into the Church by undiscreet Devotion and Zeal without Knowledge: They blinded the People, and obscured the Glory of God, and are worthy to be cut away and clean rejeet ed: That they did more confound and darken, than declare and set forth Christ's Bee nefits unto us, and reduced us again to a Ceremonial Law, like that of Moses, and to the Bondage of Figures and Shadows: This is their Sentence and Judgment concerning many of the Romifh Rites, in the Preface to the Book of Common Prayer. Happy had it been for Great Britain if they had thought so coricerning all of them, since they had all the fame or a worse Original, and they all tend to the fame unhappy End! How. ever, let others take their Liberty of colour. ing all their Jewels with what Greens and Purples and Scarlets they please; but for my own part I like a Diamond best that has no Paint upon it.

XVI. Bills

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may yield us two hundred, and we gladly confess the Bill is well paid.

Some of these Promises, these Bills of heavenly Treasure, are not made payable till the Hour of our Death, as, Blesed are those Servants whom when the Lord comes be Mall find watching, &c. Luke xii. 37. He that enduretb to the End the same shall be saved. Matt. xxiv. 13. Be thou faithful to the Death, and I will give thee a Crown of Life. Rev. ii. 10.

Others are not due till the Day of the Refurrection; as, Them who sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. 1 Thess. iv. 14. I will redeem them from Death. Hof. xiii. 14. Col. iii. 4. When Christ who is our Life Mall appear, then shall we also appear with bim in Glory. Phil. iii. 20, 21. He fall change our vile Body, that it may be fashioned like unto his glorious Body. 1 Pet. V. 1, 4. And when the chief Shepherd Mall appear, ye shall receive a Crown of Glory that fadetb not a. way.

Now when the great Day shall come, in which our Lord Jesus Christ Thall give up his mediatorial Kingdom to the Father, and render an Account of all his Stewardship, how fair will his Books appear! how just a Ballance will stand at the Foot of all his Accounts! Then shall be shew in what Man. ner he has fulfilled the Promises to the Saints, and present to the Father all the Bills that


he has received and discharged; while all the Saints shall with one Voice attest it, to the Honour of the High-Treasurer of Heaven, that he has not failed in Payment even to the smallest Farthing.

XVI. The Saints unknown in this world.

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UT of the Millions of Mankind that

spread over the Earth in every Age, the great God has been pleased to take some into his own Family, has given them a heavenly and divine Nature, and made them his Sons and his Daughters. But he has set no outward Mark of Glory upon them;

; there is nothing in their Figure or in their Countenance, to distinguish them from the Rabble of Mankind. And it is fit that they should be in some measure unknown among their fellow Mortals: Their Cha- . racter and Dignity is too sacred and sublime to be made publick here on Earth, where the Circumstances that attend them are generally so mean and despicable. Divine Wifdom has appointed the other World for the Place of their full Discovery; there they shall appear like themselves, in State, Equipage and Array, becoming the Children of God and Heirs of Heaven.

Their blessed Lord himself, who is God's First-born Son, was a mere Stranger and


unknown amongst Men; he laid aside the Rays of Divinity and the Form of a God, when he came down to dwell with Men, and he took upon him the Form of a Servant. He wore no divine Majesty on his Face, no Sparks of Godhead beaming from his Eyes, no glaring Evidence of his high Dignity in all his outward Appearance. Therefore the World knoweth us not, because it knew him not. But he shall be known and adored when he comes in the Glory of his Father, with Legions of Angels, and we know that when he skall appear, we shall be like him. The Life of the Saints is hidden with Christ in God: But when Christ, who is their Life shall appear, they also shall appear with him in Glory. 1 John iii. 1, 2. Col. iii. 3, 4. In that Day they shall stand forth before the whole Creation in fair Evidence, they shall shine in distinguished Light, and appear vested in their own undoubted Honours. But here it seems proper there should be something of a Cloud upon them, both upon the Account of the Men of this World, and upon their own Account too, as well as in Conformity to Christ Jesus their Lord.

First, Upon their own Account, because the present State of a Christian is a State of Trial. We are not to walk by Sight as the Saints above and Angels do; they know they are poffeffed of Life and Blessedness, for they fee God himself near them, Christ in

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