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The Advocate is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) monthly newsmagazine. Established in 1967, it is the oldest continuing LGBT publication in the United States.

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My Dad's Gay Rights Bill
Ron Liggett, Indiana General Assembly, Gays (Civil rights), Fathers and sons
Opening Old Wounds
Eric Robert Rudolph (American terrorist) (Trials, litigation, etc), Memrie Wells Creswell (American real estate agent and victim of anti-gay hate crime) (Interviews), Gay bashing, Lesbians (Crimes against), Atlanta (Ga.) (Terrorism, Bars, taverns, etc)
Father-daughter Alliance
Richard A. Gephardt (American congressman) (Interviews, Presidential campaign, 2004), Chrissy Gephardt (American social worker, gay rights activist and daughter of Richard A. Gephardt) (Interviews), Amy Loder (American social worker and partner of Chrissy Gephardt) (Interviews), Democratic Party (U.S.), Presidential candidates (Children, 2004), Parents of lesbians, Fathers and daughters, Lesbianism
Mary and Mary: Still Contrary
Mary Cheney (American marketing executive and daughter of Vice-President Richard B. Cheney) (Political and social views), Mary Matalin (American publishing executive and political consultant) (Political and social views), Republican Party (U.S.), Gays (Civil rights)
Supreme Opponent
Antonin Scalia (American Supreme Court justice.); 1936-, United States Supreme Court, Criminal law, Right of privacy, Gays (Civil rights)
The Dating Game
Boy meets boy (Television program), Homosexuality in television
Dating Dos and Don'ts
Jim Sullivan (Interviews), Dating (Social customs), Gay men (Social life and customs), Sexual behavior, Gay authors
Naked Boys Vs. Naked Men
Richard Greenberg (American dramatist), Homosexuality in musicals, revues, etc, Nudity in musicals, revues, etc, Homosexuality in drama, Nudity in drama
Boys Will be Bi
Ilan Duran Cohen, Cyrille Thouvenin; 1977-., La confusion des genres (Motion picture), Bisexuality in motion pictures, Gay actors, Gay motion picture directors
A Visible Life
E. Lynn Harris (American novelist); 1955-2009 (Interviews), Bisexuality in literature, Gay blacks, Gay novelists, Parents of gays

Dragging Us Down
Depression, Mental, Gays (Psychology)
Fighting AIDS Face to Face
AIDS (Disease) and blacks, Gay blacks
Acting Out
Gays, Gender identity

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