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Persons imaginary, not proper for an Heroick Poem, N.

357. Per fins the Satyrift, the affected Obscurity of his Style,

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N. 379.

Petronius and Socrates, their chearful Behaviour during their

last Moments grounded on different Motives, N. 349.
Philosophy (Natural) the Use of it, N. 393.
Practice and Example, their Prevalency in Youth, N. 337.
Praise, why not freely conferred on Men till dead, N. 349.
Prayers, Phoenix his allegorical Description of them to 4-

chilles in Homer, N. 391; the Folly and Extravagance
of our Prayers in general make See-Forms necessary,

ibid. Pride, a chief Spring of Action in moft Men, N. 394. Printing encourag' by the politest Nations in Europe,


Ualitics. What Qualities truly valuable, N. 340.


Relaciones de protects Incentive to good and worthy

, N. 356.
Reproof, when justly deferved how we ought to bebave

our selves under it, N. 382.
Rosicrujjuss the Story of bis Sepulcher, N. 379.



Aunter (Mrs.) a great Snuff-taker, N. 344.

Sentry (Captain) receives a Letter from Ipswich, giviøg an Account of an Engagement between a French Privateer, and a little Vefsel belonging to that Place, N.

350; his Reflections on that Action, ibid. Sincerity, the Advantages of iť over Diffimulation and

Deceit, N.352;. the most compendions Wisdom, ibid. Solomon's Song, a Paraphrafe on the Second Chapter, N. 388.


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Spaccia della Bestia triomphante, a Book fold at an Auction

for zol. N. 398; some Account of that Book, ibid. Spectator, his Reflections upon Clarinda's Journal, N. 323;

accompanies Sir Roger de Coverley to Westminster Abbey, 329; his Sacrifices to Humanity, 355 ; his Behaviour under Reproach, and Reasons for not returning an Answer to those who have animadverted on his Paper, ibid. his Contemplations on Good-Friday, 356; the Benefits accruing to the Publick from his Speculations, 367; his Papers much fought for about Christmas by all his Neighbours, ibid. his Comparison of the World to a Stage, 370; he accompanies Sir Roger to Spring-Garden, 383;

his Zeal for the Hanover Succession, 384.
Spencer, his Advice to young Ladies under the Ditress of

Defamation, N. 390.
Spirit, an high one a great Enemy to Candour, N. 382.
Spring the pleasantett Season in the Ycar, N. 393.
Spring-Garden, a kind of Mahometan Paradise, N. 383.
Sweaters, a Species of the Mokock Club, N. 332.

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TRanfmigration of Souls asserted by Will. Honeycomb,

Travel, at what Time to be undertaken, and the true Ends

of it, N. 364. Trueby (Widow) her Water recommended by Sir Roger as

good against the Stone or Gravel, N. 329. Truth, the everlasting good Effect it has even upon a

Man's Fortune and Interest, N. 352 ; always contistent with its felf, ibid.


Vilacerfe, (Madam de an Account of ber Death, and

the Manner of it, 368.
Virgil, bis Fable examined in Relation to Halicarnasseus his

History of Æneas, N. 351,
Virtue, the way to preserve it in its Integrity, N. 394.



W Riting unintelligibly, the Art of it much improved, Woman, the utmost of her Character, wherein contained, N.342; the Notion some women have of Virtue and

Vice, 390. Words, the Abuse of them demonstrated in several In

ftances, N. 373. World (the) considered both as useful and entertaining,

N. 387.


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Enophon, his Schools of Equity, N. 337.

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Oilus, the pretended Critick, had a very long Beard,


N. 31.

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