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22. & 4.4. Epb. 5.27. 1Cor 12.12,13. Gen. 17 7. Alls 2. 39. Mat. 23. 7, 10 10.

II. We agree, that particular Sociecies of viable Saints, who under Christ their head, are statedly joined together, for ordinary Communion with one another in all the Ordinances of Christ, are particular Churcbes, and are to be owned by each other,as Inftituced Churches of Christ, though differing in Apprebenfonsand Praftice ia fome leff-r things. 1 Cor 14. 2, 3, & 1. 2. & 12. 27. Rev. 1. 4. Rom. 14. 1.

I!. That none fhall be admitted as Members, in order to Communion in all the special Ordinances of the Gospel, but such Persons as are' knowing and found in the Fundamental Do&rine of tbe Cbriftian Religion, withoui scandal in their. Lives ; and to a Judgment regulated hy the Word of God, are Perions of visible Holiness and Honesty ; credibly prafesfing Cordial Subjection to Jesus Christ. Pro. 19. 2. A&t. 8. 32. 2 Tim. 2. 19. Ezek.

44.9. Rom. 10. 10. 2 Cor. 9.13.

IV. A competent number of such visible Saints, (as before described do become the capable Sutjects of stated Communion in all che special Ordinaices of Christ upon their mutual declared Consent and Agreement to walk toge$ber therein according to Gospel Rule. In which :claration, different degrees of Expliciterets,


shall no ways hinder fuchChurches from owning each cther, as inficuted Churches. i lor. 14. 23. 1. 20.7 & 2. 41,42 Rom. 14. 33

V. Tho'parocbial Bounds, be rot of Divine Right, yet for common edificatiço, the Members of a particular Church ought (as much as conveniently may be) to live near one another. 1 Tbef. 5. 11, 12, 13. Heb 10. 25.

VI. That each particular Ckerchbach righe to use their own Officers; ard being furnished with such as are duly qualified and ordaixed according to the Gospel Rule, bach Authority from Chrift for exercising Gorirrnent, and of erjoying all the Crdinances of Wc:ship wishinic feif. Als 6. 2 Tit. 1. 5, 6, 7. 1 Tim. 4 14 Mai'18 17. Cor 11 2

VII. In the Adminiftration of Church Power, it belongs to the posters & othts Elders of every particular Church, it ich iheit te to rule & govern, and to the Brotherhord coconlent according to the Rule of the Geppel. 1 Tim 5 17 Héb 3 17 1 Cor 4 1 i Cor 5 4. 2 Cor 6 8,10

VIII. That all Profesiors as before described, are bound in Dury, as they have opportunity to join themselves as fixed Members of some particular Church ; their thus joyning being part of their profesied subjection to the Gospel of Ckrift, & an instituted Means of their titz


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blishment and Edificacion ; whereby they are under che PastoralCare, and in case of scandalous or offensive Walking, may be Authoritatively admonilhed or censured for their Recovery, for Vindication of the Iruth and the Churcla profeffing it Aals 2 47 & 5 13 2 Cor 9 13 Heb 10 24,25' ? Tbes 5 12,14 AEts 20 28

IX That a Visible Profi Dir thus joined to a particular Cburcb cught to continue teadfaft with the said Church, and not forfake the Ministry, and Ordinances there dispensed without an orderly seeking a Recommendation unto another Church, which ought to be given, when the Case of the Perfon apparently requires it. Els 2 42 Heb 10 25 Rum 16 i 2

II of the Ministry IWE agree that the Miniserial Office is

iafticuted by Jesus Christ for the Gathering, Guiding, Editying and Govern. ing of his Church ; and to continue to the end of the World Eph 4 11, 12 Mat 28 19,20

Il They who are called to this Office ought to be endued with competent Learning MiniBerial Gifts, as also with the Grace of God, found in Judgment, not Novices in the Faith and knowledge of the Gospel : without scandil, of Holy Conversation, and such as devote


themselves to the Work and service thereof. 2 Tim. 2. 24. Rom. 12. 6. i Tim. 3. 2, 3,4, 5,6,7. Tit. 1. 6;7. i Tim.


16. III. That ordinarily none shall be ordained to the Work of this Ministry, but such as are Called and Chosen thereunco by a particular, Church. AES 14. 23.

IV. That in so great and weighty a Matter as the Calling and Chufing a Paftor, we judge it ordinarily requisice, that every such Church consult and advise with the Pastor of neighbouring Congregations Pro.11.14&15.22

V. That after such Advice the Persons consulted about, being cholen by the Brotherhood of that particular Church over which he is to be set, and he accepring, be duly Ordained & set apart to his Office over them ; wherein tis ordinarily requisite that the Pastors of Neighbouring Congregations concur with the Preaching Elder or Elders, if such there be. AE. 14. 23. & 1. 23. & 13. 23. I Tim. 4. 14.

VI. That whereas such Ordination is only intended for such as never before bad beenOrdained to the MinisterialOffice; if any judge, ibat in the case also of the removal of one formerly Ordained, to a new Stacion,or PastoralCbarge, chere ought to be a like, folemn recommending him and his Labours to the Grace & Blefing of

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no different Sentiments or Practice herein, shall be any occasion of Contention or Breach of C095munion among us. Pbil. 3. 15. Epb.4. 2, 3.

VII. It is expedient that they who enter on thework of preaching the Gospel, be not only qualified for the Communion of Saints ; but also, that except in Cases Extraordinary, they give proof of cheirGifts & Fitness for the faidWork, unto the Pastors of Churches of known Abilities to discern and judge of their Qualifications ; that they may be sent forth with lolemn Approbation and Prayer ; which we judge needtol, that no Doubc may remain concerning their being called unto the Work; and for preventing (as much as in us lyech) Ignorant & rash Intruders. I Tim. 1. 22. E 3. 6.


Ill. Of Censures. 1.

S it cannot be avoided, but that in the

pureit Churches on Earth, there will fomeninesOffences & Scandals arise by reason of Hypocrisie & prevailing Corruption, fo Chrift hath made it the duty of every Church, to reform ic' self by Spiritual Remedies appointed by him to be applyed in all such Cales, viz. Admonition & Excommunication. Mas, 8. 7. Heb. 12 15. Tit. 3. 10. 1 Cor. 5. 6.

II. Admonition, being the rebuking of an Offending Member in order to Conviction, is in

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