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IX. Of our Duty and Deportment towards

tben tbat are not in Communion witbus.

1. We judge it our Duty to bear a Chrif


tian respect to all Christians, according to their several Ranks and Scations, that are not of our Perswalion or Communion i Per 2. 17. Rom. 12. 10. Gal. 6. 2. Eph. 4. 2. Rom. 14. tot.

; II. As for such as may be Ignorant of the Principles of the Chrillian Religion, or of Vicious Conversation, we all in our respective places as chey give opportunity, er deavour to explain to them the Doctrine of Life & Salvation, & to our utmost perswade them to be reconciled to God: 2 Tim. 2. 25. 2 Cor. 5.11,25

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III. That such who appear to have the Elfential Requisites to Church-Communion, we Mall willingly receive them in the Lord, not troubling them with Disputes about lifir Matters. Rom. 14. I.

As we affent to the forementioned Heads

of Agreement, so we unanimously resolve as the Lord hall enable us to practise according to them.


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for the Administration of Churcb Discipline,

Unanimoufly Agreed upon and Consented to
by the Elders and all the Churches in the
Coloxy of Conneticut, in New England,
Convexed by Delegation in a General Council

at Say. Brook, Sep. gib. 1708. 1. THAT. ee Elder, or Elders of a parti

cular Church, with the conlent of the Brethren of the farge, have power and ought to exercise Church-Discipline according to the Rule of God's Word, in Relation to all Scans dals, chat fall out within the same. And it may be meet in all cases of Difficulty for the Respective Paftors of particular Churches, to take advice of the Elders of the Churches in the Neighbourhood, before they proceed to ceni, fure in such cases. Mat. 18. 17. Heb. 13. 17. a Cor. 5. 4, 53 12. 2 Cor. 2.6. Prov. 11. 14: Al. 15. 2.

II. That ché. Churches, which are Neighbouring each to other, thali Confociate for mutual affording co'each other fuch Afiftanem es may be requisite; upon all occalions E


fiaftical. And that the particular Paftors & Cburches, within the refpe&tive Counties in this Government shall be one Consociation (or more if they shall judge meet) for the end aforesaid. Pfal. 122. 3, 4, 5.& 133. 1. Ecol 4. 9, 10 12. 18. 15. 2, 6, 22, 23. 1 Tim.4. 14. i Cor. 16. 1.

III. That all Cases of Scandal, that fall out Within the Circuit of any of the aforesaid Consociations shall be brought to a Council of the Elders & also Meffengers of the Churches, within the said Circuit, i. 6. the Churches of one Consociation, it chey lee cause to send Meffengers, when there shall be need of a Council for the Determination of them. 370b ver. 9, 10. : Cor. 16. 1. Gal. 6. 1, 2. 2 Cor. 13. 2. Ali. 15. 23. 2 Cor. 8. 23. • IV. That according to the Common prac. tice of our Churches nothing fhall be deemed an Ad or Judgment of any Council, wbich hath not the major part of the Elders present Concucriag, and such a number of the Meffengers prefene, as makes the Majority of the Council ; Provided that if, any such Church fhall not be cause to send any. Meffengers to the Council, or the persons Chosen by the m thall nor attend; neither of these shall be any obstruction to the Proceedings of the Council, or lavalidate any of their Ada. Alls 15. 13: 1 Cor 14. 32, 33,

V. That when any Case is Orderly brought before any Council of the Churches it shall there be heard & determined which (unless or derly removed from thence) fhall be a final Issue, and all parties cherein Concerned shall fit down, and be determined thereby. And the Council fo hearing, and giving the Result or final Ifluc, in che laid case as aforesaid, shall sec their Determination, or Judgment daly execu-, ted and attended, in such way or manner, as Mall in their Judgment be moft fuitable and agrecable to the Word of God. AA.15.1 Cor 5. 5. 2 Cor. 2. 6, 11. 13. 2. Pbil. 3. 15

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Rom. 14 2, 3

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VI. That, if any Paftor & Church doch obstinately refuse a due attendance & Conformicy to the Determination of the Council, that hath the Cognizance of the Case, and Determineth it as above, after due patience used, tiey shall, be reputed guilty of Scandalous Concept & deal with as the Rule of God's Word in sucha cale doth provide, and the Sentence of NonCommunion hall be declared againt such Pastor and Church: And the Churches are to approve of the said Sentence, by with drawing from the Communion of the Pator and Church, which fo retured to behealed. Rom. 116. 17. Mat. 18. 15,16,17, ky proportion Galo 2. <1 10.14 2 Tbef. -3.6, 14.


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VII. That, in Case any difficulties thall arifs in any of the Churches in this Colony which cannot be Ibued without considerable disquiet thatChurch, in which they arise (or that Miaister, or Member aggrieved with them, ) hall apply themselves to the Council of the Concociated Churches of the Circuit, to which the said Church belongs, who, if they fee cause thall thereupon Convene, kear, and determine fuck osses of difficulty, unless the matter bro't be. fare tkem, fhall be judged se great in the Na-: ture of it, or fo doubiful in the Ifue, os of fuch general concern, chat the faid council hall judge best that it be referred to a fuller council conffting of the Churches of the ocker Cone sociation within the fame County, ( or of the next adjayaiag consociation of another County, if there be not two consociations in the County, where the difficulty ariseck) who to. getker with themselves fall hear, judge, determine, and Anally Ifue such case according to the Word of God. Pro. 11. 14:1 Cor. 14 33. $14. 24 by proportion.

VIII. That a particular Church, in which any difficulty dotk arife, may if they lee cause, eall a Council of the comfaciales Cbarebes of sbe circuit, to which the faid Church belongs, before they proceed to sentence therein, but skere is set the same libesty te an offeading


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