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6. 1, 2. 1 John 2. 3, 4, 7, 8. Jam. 2. 10, 11." Mat. 5. 17, 18, 19. James 2. 8

VI. Although true Believers be not under the Law, as a Covenant of Works, to be thereby justified or condemned, yet it is of great use co them as well as to others, in that, as a Rule of Life, informing them of the will of God, and their duty, and dire&ts and binds them to walk accordingly, m disccvering also the finfui pollutions of their nature, hearts and lives, »°10 as examining themselves thereby, they may come to further conviflion of, humiliation for, and hatred against lin, o together with a clearer sight of the need chey have of Chrift, and the perfection of his Obedience. p It is likewiss of use to the Regenerate, to restrain their Corruptions, in that it torbids fin, a and the Threatnings of it serve to Thew whar even their fins delerve, and what A Mictions ia this Life they may expect from them, although freed from the curse thereof threained in the Law. The Promises of it in like manner thew them God's approbation of O. bedience, and what Bleffings they may expect upon the performance thereof, s altho' hot as due to them by the Law, as a Covenint of Works, 1 ly as a Maris doing good, 8 • faining from Evil, because the Law en

cth to the one, and deterreth from the


others, is no evidence of his heing under the Law, and not under Grace. • Rom. 6.14. Gal. 2. 16. & 3.13


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VII. Neither are the foreinentioned ures of the Law contrary to the grace of the Gospel, but do sweetly comply with it, so the Spirit of Christ subduing and enablirg the will of man to do that fretly and chearfully, which the will of Got revealed in th• Lzw required to be done. * " Gal. 3. 21. * Ezek. 36. 26, 27, Heb. 8. 10. Jer. 31. 33.

CHAP. XX. Of the Gospel and of the extent of the Graces

Thereof. SE Covenant of Works being brekem by fin, & made unprofitable unto lite,


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God was pleased to give unto the Eled the promise of Christ, the seed of the Woman, 6 as the means of ealling them, and begecting in them Faith & Repentance : < In this promises the Gospel; as to the substance of it, was revealed, and was therein effectual for the con version and Salvation of Sioners, d. Rom. 8. 3. Gal. 3. 12. Gen. 3. 15 Gal. 4. 4,5. Rev. 13. 8.'1 Cor. 1, 23, 24, 26 Jam. b. i8 Romst. 1o. & Ads 11. 15, 18 1 Cor. 2. 2.

II. The promise of Chrit, & Salvation by hindi is revealed only in and by the Word of God; neicher do the Works of Creation or Providence, with the light of Nature, make difcovery of Chrift, or of Grace by him, so much as in a general or obfcure way it much less that men deftitute of the Revelation of him by the Promise or Gospel; should be enabled thereby to accain saving Faith or Repentance & Mat. ti. 27. 2 Tim. 1. 10. Rom. i. 19,20. Epb. 2. Rom. 16. 25, 26 Epb. 3 g'i Cor t. 21 Rom 10. 14, 15 Prou 29. 18

II. The revelation of the Gospel unto tinners made in diverse cimes, & by fundry parts, with che addition of promises and Precepts for the mhedience required therein, as to the Nations


and Persons to whom it is granted, is meerly of che loveraign Will and good Pleasure of God, not being annexed by virtue of any promise to the due improvement of Mens natural abilicies, by virtue of Common lighc received without it, which none ever did make, or can fo do : ' And therefore in all Ages the Preaching of the Gospel hath been granted unto Persons and Nations, as to the extent or straighening of it, in great variety, according to the Counsel of the Will of God. Heb 1. 1,2. Dest. 17.7,8 Pfal. 147.19,20 Mat.2% 43. & 11. 25, 26. i gobn 1. 13 & 3. 6. Rom 9.16 Pbil 2. 13 John 15.5 1 Cor 2.14 Rom 8.7 k Amos 3. 2 Mat 28. 19

Mat 28. 19 & 21 43 Epb

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IV. Although the Gospel be the only outward means of revealing Christ and saving Grace, & is as such, abundantly fufficient thereunto ; yec that men who are dead in trespasies, may be born again, quickned or regenerated, there is

moreover necessary an Effectual, Irresistable | work of the Holy Ghost upon the whole soul,

for the producing in chem a new spiritual life, without which no other Means are sufficient for their Conversion unto God' Epb.2.1,5 T113 5 John 1.6.17, 10 12 AEt's 16. 14. Epb.1.19, I Thes 5.23. Jobn 3. 6. Gal 2. 8. 1 Cor.3


"1971. I Cor. 15 54,1057

CHA P. XXI, Of Christian Liberty, and Liberty of Conscience, THE Liberty which Christ hath purchased

for Believers under the Gospel, consists in cheir freedoin from the guilt of fin, the condemning wrath of God, the Rigour and Curse of the Liw; a and in their being delivered from this present evil World, Bondage to S2tan, an i dominion of fin, froin the evil of afil: &tions, the fear and sing of death, the victory of the grave, and everlasting Damnation, a5 als in their free access to God, * and their yi:Idiog Obedience unto him, not 010 of flavith fear, but a child like love and Willing mind : " All which were common al

to lievers under the Low, for the fubitance of them, but under the New-Teftament the liberty of Christians is further inlarged in cheir freedoin from the yoke of the Ceremonial Law, the whole legal adesiniftration of the Coveniec of Grace, to which the Jewish Church was fabjected, 5 and in greater boldness of access to the Throne of Grace," and in tuller communications of the tree (pirit of God, than Believers under the Law did ordinarily partake of, i

i Tbef. 1. 19 Gal 3. 13 by G 2!. 1.4. Col 1.13 A8s 26. 18. Rom 6.14 Rain. 6. 1. d Rom. 5.132. e Rent. 8. 14,15


a lit. 2. It

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