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Pay also unto God the Worship, that will bear che Tryal of and receive Establishment by chis Rule. Have always in Readiness a Divine Warrant for all the Worship you per-, form to God. Believe that Worship is accepted and that only, which is directed unro, and Commanded, and hath the Promise of a Blersing from the Word of God. Believe that Worship not divinely commanded is in Vain, * nor will answer the Necefities and Expediations of a Christian, and is a Worthipping, you know not what, + Believe in all Divine Worship, it is not enough that this or that Act of Worship is not forbidden in che Word of God; If it be not commanded, and you perferm it, you may fear, You will be found Guilty and exposed to Divine Displeasure. $ Nadab and Abibų paid dear for offering in divine Worship chat which the Lord Commanded them not. It is an honour done unto Christ, when you account that only Decent Orderly and Convenient in his House, which depends upon the Institution and Appointment of himfelf, who is the only Head and Law.giver of his Church.

III. That you be well grounded in the firm Truths of Religion. We have willingly taken pains to add the Holy Scriptures, whereon * Mat. 15.9. John 4.22. Jer. 7.22. 5 Leu. 10.1,1.


every point of Faith contained in this Conféffi on doth depend, and is born' up by, and commend the fame to your diligent perusal, that You be established in the truth and


Faith reft upon its proper Balis, the Word of God. (a) Follow the Example of the Noble Bereans, Search the Scriptures, Grow in Grace and the knowledge of Christ, be noi Children in Understanding, but Men. Labour for a lound confirmed Knowledge of these Points in the Evidence of them. See that they be deeply roote 3 in your Minds and Hearts, that so You be not an ealy prey to such as lie in wait to deceive. (b) For the want hereof to be condoled is the Unhappiness of many ever learning and never coming to the knowledge of, the Truth. (1)

IV. That having applyed tbe Rule of Holy Scripfure to all the Articles of this Confeffion, and found the fome upon Tryal tbe Uncbengable and Eternal truibs of God: (d) You remember & bold them fast, contend earnestly for them as ibe Faith once delivered to the Soints. Value them as Your great Charter, the Instrument of Your Salvation, the Evidence of your not failing of the Grace of God, and receiving a Crown that fadeth not away. (e) Maintain them, and e

(2) Afts 17.10, 11, Joh. 5:39. 2 Pet 3. 18. I Cor. 14,20. (b) Eph. 4,13,14 (0) 2 Tim 3. 7. (d) Rev 3 3. Jude 3. le) 1 Cor. 1518. i Cor. 16 1; Plal 78. 5:


very of them all your days with undaunted Resolution againit all opposition, whatever the event be, and the same transmit lafe and pure to Pofterity : Having bought the Truth, on no hand sell ic. Believe (a) ibe Trulb will make you free : Faithful is be ibat baih promised: Safall none take away your Crown.

Finally, Do not ibink it enough that your Feill and Order be according to the Word of God, but live accordingly. (b) It is not enough to believe well, You run your felves into the greatest hazzard unless you be careful to live weil, and that this be, (c) All your Life and Converfation must be agreeable to the Kule ct Gods Word. This is the Rule of a Christian Conversation and Practical Reformation (d) Reft noc in obe form of Godliness, denying tbe power of it. Stir up an holy Zsal, Strengiben the things bet remain that are ready to die, Be not carried away with the Corruptions, Temptations and evil Examples of the Times, but be blarne-, lefse without Rebuke, the Sons of God in a froward Generation, (e) They ball walk with me in white, for tbey are wortby.

Remember ye our Brethren in this Colony, That we are a part of that Body, (f )for whieh (a) Joh 2; 23 Joh 8 32 Fieb. 10 1? Rev; 11 (5) Tit 2.

12 (c) Gal 6 16 plic 6 8 (1) 2 Tim 15. Rev 3.9 Rey 3 2 Phil z 15 le, Rev: 4 (0) Po!2 2 3

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the Providence of God hath wrought Won-
ders and are obliged by and Accountable for
all the M-rcies dispensed from the beginning
of our Fathers fetcling this Country until now.
I bere be spoke with us, (g) That the practical piety
and serious Religion of our progenitors is ex-
emplary and for our Imitation, (a) and will
refi & confounding shame on us, if we prove
Degenerate. The Lord grant that the noble
delign of our Fachers in coming to this Land,
may not be forgotten by us, nor by our Chil-
dren after us, even thelaterett of Religion, which
we can never Exchange for a Temporal Inte-
relt, without the fowlett Degeneracy and mcft
inexcufanle Delection. (b) To Conclude the
Solema Rebukes of Providence from Time to
Time in a series of Judgments, and in particu-
Jar, tbe General drought in the Summer past, toge-
Iber witb ibegrievous Disappointment of our Mili-
tar Undertaling,obe Difreles, Sickness and Mer.
tality of ourCamp cannot successfully be improved
but by a self bumbling Confideration of our ways &
atburo Repentance of all ibat is amiss. (c)So will
the God of our Fathers be our God, and he
will be a Wall of Fire round about us and the
Glory in the midit of us in chis present and all
fucceeding Generations. AMEN.

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) Hof 124 (8) 2 Timr 5. Job 8 8 (b) 2 17 Jer z 25 fa 26 9 Gen 4323 Zich 2 5




ness, Wisdom and Power of God



CH A P. I.
Of the Holy Scriptures.
Lthough the Light of Nature, and
the Works of Creation and Provi-

dence, do so far manifeft the Goodas co leave men unexcusable; yet they are not sufficient to give that Knowledge of God and of his Will, which is necessary unto Salvation : Therefore is pleased the Lord a fundry times, and in diverse manners to revea himself, and to declare that his Will unto hi Church : and afterwards for the better preser ving and propagating of the Truth, and for the more sure Establishment and Comfort of ch Church against the Corruption of the Flc

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