Central and Eastern European Media in Comparative Perspective: Politics, Economy and Culture

John Downey, Sabina Mihelj
Ashgate Publishing, Ltd., 2012 - 199 pages
Appearing more than twenty years after the revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe, this book could not have come at a more appropriate time; a time to take stock not only of the changes but also the continuities in media systems of the region since 1989. To what extent are media institutions still controlled by political forces? To what extent are media markets operating in Central and Eastern Europe? Do media systems in Central and Eastern Europe resemble media systems in other parts of Europe? The answers to these questions are not the same for each country in the region. Their experience is not homogeneous. An international line up of distinguished experts and emerging scholars methodically examine the different economic, political, cultural, and transnational factors affecting developments in media systems across Central and Eastern Europe. Whereas earlier works in the media system tradition have, in the main, adopted the political framework of comparative politics, the authors argue that media systems are also cultural and economic institutions and there are other critical variables that might explain certain outcomes better. Topics discussed range from political economy to gender inequality to the study of ethno-cultural diversity. This unmatched volume gives you the unique opportunity to study the growing field of comparative media analysis across Eastern and Western Europe. This is a valuable resource that goes beyond the field of media and cultural analysis which media scholars as well as to area specialists should not go without.

Table des matières

Politics Economy Culture
1 Postcommunist Political Systems and Media Freedom and Independence
2 The Interplay of Politics and Economics in Transitional Societies
Media Systems and Ethnocultural Diversity in Central and Eastern Europe
4 Gender Inequity in Postsocialist Media
5 Transnational Capital Media Differentiation and Institutional Isomorphism in Central and Eastern European Media Systems
6 Transnational Media Regulation in Central and Eastern Europe
7 Back to the Local? Transnational Media Flows and Audience Consumption Patterns in Central and Eastern Europe
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