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THE Geneva Confession of Faith.


The Scots Confession of Faith.


Act of Parliament ratifying the same.


The Sum of the First Book of Discipline.


Act of Affem. approving the II. Book of Discipline. 66

The Second Book of Discipline.


Act of Assembly for subscribing the fame.


Acts of Assem, relative to the form of Examination. 98

Form of Examination before the Communion, 99

Act of Assembly anent Catechising, &c.


The King's Charge to all Commii'oners, &c.

A&t of Assem, approving the Confeffion of Faith. ibid.

Alt of assem. enjoining all Persons to subscribe it. ibid,

Act of

Assembly's Supplication for subscribing it,
Act of Privy Council concerning the fame.


Act of Assem. ordering the Sublcription thereof, ibid.

Act of Parliament ratifying the Covenant, &c.


The National Covenant, or Confeßion of Faith, 117

Ordinance for calling the Assem. of Divines at Wesim. 130

Assembly's Commission to some to repair thereto. 133

Promise and Vow taken by all Members thereof.


List of the Divines in that Assembly.


Relult of Confultations, &c. anent theSolemn League. 138

Act of Assem. approving the Sol. League and Coven. 139

Act of Convention of States approving the fame. 1 40
Act of Commission for taking thereof.


Act of Commifl. of Estates, enjoining entring into it. 142

Article of the Treaty concerning the same. 143

Act of Parl, ratifying the League and Covenant. 144

The Solemn League and Covenant.


Ordinance for taking the Covenant.


Ordinance, enjoining the taking the Covenant, 152




Page Instructions for taking of the fame.

ibid. Affembly's Exhortation for taking thereof. 156 Ordinance approving the said Exhortation. 161 Ordinance concerning the Sol, League and Coven. ibid. Petition of Proteftants in the North of Ireland. A& of Assembly, approving the Propositions of Church Government,

164 The Form of Presbyterial Church-Government 166 A&t of Assembly discharging electing of Bishops, 185 Act of Assembly condemning the Office of Bishops. ibid. A& of Assembly explaining the fame. Act of Assembly against unlawful Oaths.

ibid. Ad of Assembly declaring Episcopacy abjured by the National Covenant, Anno 1580.

188 A&t of Assembly restoring Kirk Sessions, &c. 193 At of Affembly anent yearly Assemblies.

194 Ad of Allembly for fubfcribing the Covenant, 195 Overture approved for taking the Covenant. 196 Act of Assembly for taking the Covenant. ibid. Act of the Commission concerning the Directory. 198 Ad of Parliament approving the Directory,

ibid. Ad of Assembly establishing the Directory.

199 The Directory for Publick Worship.

203 Ad of Affem. condemning the Service-book, &c. 242 Ad of Assembly concerning the Five Articles of Perth, abjured, and to be removed.

244 A& of AfTembly anent advising with Synods. 250 A& of Assembly against Novations.

ibid, Act of Assembly for Private Worship.

252 Asembly's Directions for private Worship. 253 A&t of Assembly concerning Catechifing. Act of Parliament ratifying the Confession of Faith

and Catechilms. Act of Assembly approving the Confession of Faith. 266 The Westminster Confesion of Faith.

269 Ad of Assembly approving the Larger Catechism. 326 The Larger Catechism.

327 At of Assembly approving the Shorter Catechirin. 396



264 Page


The Shorter Catechism.

397 Act of Commission for renewing the Covenant. 420 Act of Commission anent renewing the Covenant. 422 Act of Committee of Estates for renewing the Coven. 423 Act of Parliament for renewing the Covenant. 424 Acknowledgment of Sins, and Engagement to Duties. 426 Assembly's Brotherly Exhortation. The Sum of Saving Knowledge,

441 The practical Use of Saving Knowledge.

446 Directory for Church-Government and Censures. 481 Colletion of Axts and Ordinances,

561 i Abolishing the Pope's Authority.

ibid, 2 Annulling all Acts against God's Word. 602 3 Abolishing the Mass, &c.

504 4 Anent the King's Coronation Oath.

505 5 Only professors of the true Religion may be Judges. 507 6 Ratifying the Freedom of the true Kirk. ibid. 7 Ratification of the Liberties of the true Kirk. 508 8 Ministers shall not be Judges, &c.

ibid, 9 Ratifying all Laws for the Kirk Liberty, 509

Ratifying General Assemblies, Synods, &c. 510 II Ratifying all Acts in Favours of the Kirk. 514 12 Ratification of Acts of Assembly. 13 Rescinding all Acts in Favours of Prelacy, &c. 518 14 Suppressing the Distinction of Lords Spiritual, 521 15 The Oath given by Members of Parliament, ibid. 16 Anent non-covenanting Patrons.

52% 17 Abolishing Monuments of Idolatry,

523 18 Discharging Patronages of Ministers.

524 19 Anent non-covenanting Patrons.

325 20 Discharging superstitious Observations of Days. 526 21 Securing the Covenant, Religion, &c.

527 22 Keeping Judicatories, &c. free of Corruption. 529 23 Abolishing Patronages of Kirks. 24 ist Coronation Oath taken by K. Charles II. 533 25 2d Coronation Oath taken by him.

535 26 Discharging Ministers to use temp. Jurisdiction. 536 27 Declaration concerning Church Government. 537

28 De.



530 556

Page 2d 27 Anent the League and Covenant,

538 28 Discharging the Book of Common Prayer, &c. ibid. 29 Abolishing Monuments of Idolatry.

540 30 Against Spreading Errors, Heresies, &c. 341 31 Abolishing Festival Days.

542 32 Classical Presbyteries, &c, settled.

543 33 Form of Church Government established. 544 34 Condemning fix pretended Assemblies,

545 35 Against civil Places and Power of Kirk-men. 546 36 Demolishing idolatrous Monuments.

547 37 Censuring Speakers against the Covenant. 649 38 Against Refusers to subscribe the Covenant. ibid. 39 Against secret Disaffecters thereof.

ibid. 40 Of difTenting Voices in Presbyteries, &c. ibid. 41 Censuring Observance of Days, &c.

550 42 Approving 8 Heads of the 111 Propositions. ibid. 43 Cenfuring Ministers for Silence, &c.

553 44 Assembly's Address to the Parliament. 555 45 Directory for electing of Ministers, 46 The West-kirk Act or Declaration.

557 47 A&t of Commission approving the Paraphrase of the Psalms in Metre,

559 48 Ad of Parliament approving the same.

ibid. The Form of Process.

I Ad of the General Assembly, approving a form of

Chap. I. The Form of Process, concerning Church

Government, Scandals, and Censures in general. 3 Chap. II. Concerning the entring of Processes, Ci

tations of Parties and Witnesses, and taking Depositions, and anent Fugitives from Discipline. S Chap. III. Concerning Swearers, Curfers, Profaners of the Lord's Day, Drunkards, '&c.

9 Chap. IV. Concerning the Sin of Fornication, Adul

tery, and scandalous Carriage tending thereto. IO Chap. V. Concerning Appeals from a Kirk-fesfion to a Presbytery.

14 Chap. VI. Concerning Processes, which natively be

gan at the Kirk-session, but are not to be brought to a final Determination by them.


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