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A. That we are dead in ourselves, and seek our Life only in Chrift.

. 88. Shall this Confession of our Unworthiness be a Stay to come to the Communion?

A. No truly, but rather a Preparation to the same, if Faith and Repentance be with it, Mark 2. 17.

Q. 89. Wherefore is there mention made here of Christ bis Body and Blood feverally?

A. To testify his Death, by the which only lie was made our spiritual Meat and Drink, John 6. 51,55.

Q. 90. For what Caufe is this Action called the Communion ?

A. Because it is the true Cause of our mutual Society with Christ in all Things, good and evil.

Q. 91. Declare how that is performed?

A. Hereby he removeth all evil Things from us, which we have by Nature; and we receive of bim all good Things, which we want by Nature.

Q. 92. Declare these Thirgs more plainly ?

A. The Wrath of God and Sin is removed, which we have by Nature; and the Favour of God, and Adoption, with the Joy of Heaven, is restored to us, the which Things we have not by Nature, Rom. 8.

Q 93. What Things then may the faithful Soul say?

A. Now live I, not l, but Christ liveth in me; it is God that justifieth, who shall condemn?

Q. 94. Let us therefore give Thanks, and pass to this holy Action, every one of us saying and singing in his Heart, The Lord is the Portion of mine Inheritance and of my Cup, thou shalt maintain my Lot; the Lines are fallen unto me in pleasant Places, yea, I have a fair He.. ritage, Pfal. 16.3, 6.

Ă. Let it be done so with Heart and Mouth, to the Confusion of all Idolaters, and Glory of our God.

XII. The End of our Redemption.

2.95. Tronghe in® Hope of that endlesi joy to

O what End are we thus redeemed, and


A. To

A. To move us effectually to deny all Ungodliness, worldly Lusts, and Uurighteousness, and fo live godly, soberly, and righteously in this present World, looking for the coming of Christ, for our full Redemption, Tit. 2. il, 12, 13.

Q. 96. What shall be the final End of all these Graces?

A. God shall be glorified for ever in Mercy, and we shall enjoy that endless Life with Christ our Head, 'to whom, with the Father, and the holy Spirit, be all Honour and Glory for ever. Amen,

Assembly at Edinburgh, August 30, 1639. Ses 23. Aët anent Ministers Catechising, and Family Exercise

. TH THE Assembly considering, that the long waited.

for Fruits of the Gospel, so mercifully planted and preserved in this Land, and the Reformation of our. selves and Families, fo folemnly vowed to God of late in our Covenant, cannot take Effect, except the Knowledge and Worship of God be carried from the Pulpit to every Family within each Parish ; hath therefore appointed, that every Minister, besides his Pains on the Lord's Day, shall have weekly Catechising of some Part of the Parish, and not altogether cast over the Examination of the People till a little before the Communion; also, that in every Family the Worship of God be erected, where it is not, both Morning and Evening, and that the Children and Servants be Catechised at Home by the Masters of the Families, whereof Account shall be taken by the Minister and Elders assisting him in the Visitation of every Family; And, left they fail, that Visitation of the several Kirks be seriously followed by every Presbytery, for this end among others. The Ex. ecution and Success whereof, being tried by the Synods, let it be represented to the next General Assembly.


i Confession of Faith

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A Designation of fuch Acts of Parliament, as are expedient for justifying the Union after-mentioned.

Å N D Several Acts of the General Assembly of the Church

of Scotland, Approving, Explaining, and Injoining the Subscribing this Covenant.

Together with An Act of Parliament, Anno 1640, Approving and

Establishing the fame.

Josh. xxiv. 25. S. Joshua made a Covenant with the

People that Day, and set them a Statute and an Ore

dinance in Shechem, 2 Kings xi. 17. And Jehoiada made a Covenant between

the Lord, and the King and the People, that they should be the Lord's People ; between the King also and the People. Ifa. xliv, 5. One mall say, I am the Lord's ; and another mall call himself by the Name of Jacob; and another shall subscribe with his Hand unto the Lord.

Printed in the Year 1764.

The King's Majesties Charge to all Commissioners and

Ministers within this Realm.
Eeing that we and our Houshold have futfcribed and

good Example of our Subjects: We command and charge all Commissioners and Ministers, to crave the same Con. fession of their Parishoners, and proceed agains the Reo fusers according to our Laws and Order of the Kirk, de livering their Names and lawful Processe to the Ministers of our House with all haist and diligence, under the paine of fourtie pound to be taken from their stipend, that We, with the advise of our Counsell, maie take order with sik proud Contemners of God and our Lawes.

Subscribed with our Hand at Halyrudhous * 1580,
the 2 daie of March, the 14 zeir of our reigne.

Assembly, April 1581, Seff. 5.
A approving the Confession of Faith.
Nent the Confession laitlie set forth by the King's

Majesties Proclamatione, and fubfcribit be his Heines; the Kirk, in ane Voyce, acknawledges the said Confession to be ane trew, Chriftian, and faithfull Confellion, to be agriet unto be fik as treulie proteffe Christ and his trew Religion, and the tenor theirof to be followit out aefauldly, as the same is laid out in the said Proclamatione.


Assembly, October 1581, Seff. 9. A&t injoining all Persons to subscribe the Confelhon of Faith.

Or swameikle as the King's Majestie, with advyse of

his Counsell, hes sett out and proclaimit ane Godlie Confessione of Faith, to be imbraceit be all his trew Şubjects; and be the same expreslie giving commandement to the Ministrie, to proceed against whatfumever per



* 1581. For they did not begin the Tear in Scotland, at that Time, till the 25th of March, until 1600.

fons that will not acknawledge and subscryve the fame, qwherein great negligence has been seen far by the dewty and office of trew pastors: Herefoir the Kirk, and As. sembly present hes enjoynit and concludit, that all Ministers and Pastors within their Bounds, with all expedient and possible diligence,. execute the Tenor of his Maje ies proclamatione betwixt and the next synodal Aso semblies of every Province, and present before the synodal Assemblies to the moderator theirof their dewtieful diligence in this behalf, to be reportit to the next Gene. ral Assembly of the Kirk, under the paine of deprivatione of the saids Ministers from the function of the Ministrie that beis negligent herein.

Assembly at Glasgow, December 20. 1638. Seff. 26. Act of the General Assembly concerning the Confession

of Faith, renewed in February 1638. He Assembly considering, that for the Purging and Honour, and for the publick Peace of the Kirk and Kingdom, the Renewing of the National Covenant, and Oath of this Kirk and Kingdom, in February 1638, was most necessar, like as the Lord hath blessed the fame from Heaven with a wonderful Success for the Good of Religion: That the said Covenant suspendeth the Practice of Novations already introduc'd, and the Approbation of the Corruptions of the present Government of the Kirk, with the civil Places and Power of Kirkmen, till they be tryed in a free General Asembly: And that now, after long and serious Examination, it is found, that by the Confession of Faith *, the Five, Articles of Perth, and Episcopal Government are abjured, and to be removed out of this Kirk; and the civil Places and Power of Kirk. men are declared to be unlawful. The Allembly alloweth and approveth the same in all the Heads and Articles thereof; and ordaineth that all Ministers, Masters of Universities, Colledges and Schools, and all others who

have * As it was professed, sworn, and subscribed in the Year 1981, and 1790

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