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sending hither that bleffed League and Covenant, which we much desired and longed for, as by our Petitions to the Church and State of our native Kingdom is known unto you; which hath had a wified and gracious Success by the Favour and Blessing of God, accompanying the Pains of these to whom the tendring thereof was intrusted by you. And we conceiving a chief Part of our Misery to confft in our want of Opportunity to join our felves with the People of God in the forefaid League; esteeming our selves rejected of God, and unfit to be joined in any comfortable Fellowship in the Gospel with them, when the faid League and Covenant was prefented to the Regiments; We made bold to lay hold upon the Opportunity (though afflicted Abjects) and cheerfully and unanimously joined our felves thereunto:

That, if we perish in our Mifery, we may die a covenanted People; And, if our miserable Life be prolonged, we may

find Shelter and Refreshment under the Shadow thereof in our fiery Trials; confidently expecting from the Lord, by our nearer Conjunction with you than be fore, an Accomplishment of what is agreed to in the Covenant, which ye bountifully expressed before we were one with you, to your never-dying Commendation*

* See Acts of Assembly 1644. Seff. 2.

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The Assembly of Divines at Westminster, with Com

miffioners from the Church of Scotland, as a Part of the Covenanted Uniformity in Religion betwixt the Churches of CHRIST in the Three Kingdoms of Scotland, England and Ireland.


An Act of the General Affembly of the Church of

Scotland, Anno 1645, Approving the fame: Mentioned as ratified in several Acts of Parliament,

Ezek. xliii. 11. And if they be ashamed of all that they

have done, shew them the Form of the House, and the Fashion thereof, and the Goings out thereof, and the Comings in thereof, and all the

Forms thereof, and all the Laws thereof; and write it in their Sight, that they may keep the whole Form thereof, and all the Ordinances thereof, and do them.

Printed in the Year 1764.

Assembly at Edinburgh, February 19. 1645, Sesl. 16. Act of the General Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland,

approving the Propositions concerning Kirk-Govern

ment, and Ordination of Ministers. THE THE General Assembly, being moft defirous and solicitous, not

only of the Establishment and Preservation of the Form of Kirk-government in this Kingdom, according to the Word of God, Books of Discipline, Acts of General Assemblies, and National Covenant ; But also of an Uniformity in Kirk-government betwixt these Kingdoms, now more Atraitly and Itrongly united by the late Solcain League and Covenant : and considering that as in former Times there did, fo hereafter there may arise, through the narrowness of Contagion, manifold Mischiefs to this Kirk from a corrupt Form of Government in the Kirk of England: Likoas the precious Opportunity of bringing the Kirks of Christ in all the three Kingdoms to an Uniformity in Kirk government, being the Happiness of the present Times above the former ; which may also, by the Blessing of God, prove an effectual Mean, and a good Foundation to prepare for a safe and well-grounded Pacification, by removing the Caufe from which the present Pressures and bloody Wars did originally proceed : And now the Assembly having thrice read, and diligently examined the Propositions (hereunto annexed) concerning the Officers, Assemblies, and Government of the Kirks and concerning the Ordination of Ministers, brought unto us,' as the results of the long and learned Debates of the Affembly of Divines fitting at Westminster, and of the Treaty of Uniformity with the Commiffioners of this Kirk there re siding; after mature Deliberation, and after timeons calling upon and warning of all, who have any Exceptions againft the fame, to make them known, that they might receive Satisfaction, doth agree to, and approve the Propositions afore mentioned, touching Kirk-government and Ordination, and doth hereby authorize the Commiffioners of this Affembly, who are to meet at Edinburgb, to agree to, and conclude in the Name of this Assembly, an Uniformity betwixt the Kirks in both Kingdoms, in the aforementioned Particulars, fo foon as the same shall be ratified, without any fubftantial Alteration, by an Ordinance of the Honourable Houses of the Parliament of England: Which Ratification shall be timely intimate and made known by the Commissioners of this Kirk residing at London. Provided always, That this A& be no ways prejudicial to the further Discussion and Examination of that Article, which holds forth, that the Doctor or Teacher hath Power of the Administration of the Sacraments, as well as the Paftor ; as also of the difinct Rights and Interete or Presbyo teries and People, in the calling of Ministers : but that it shall be free to debate and discusse these Points, as God shall be pleased to give further Light *.

The * See Collection of Aas, &c. No. 23, 45.


THEof the Church.

HE Preface.

Of the Church. Of the Officers of the Church. Pastors. Teacher or Doctor. Other Church-Governors. Deacons. Of Particular Congregations. Of the Officers of a particular Congregation. Of the Ordinances in a particular Congregation, Of Church-government, and the several Šorts of Al

semblies for the same. Of the Power in Common of all these Assemblies. Of Congregational Assemblies, that is, the Meeting

of the Ruling Officers of a particular Congrega-
tion, for the Government thereof.
Of Classical Assemblies.
Of Synodical Assemblies.
Of Ordination of Ministers.
Touching the Doctrine of Ordination.
Touching the Power of Ordination.
Concerning the Doctrinal Part of the Ordination of

The Directory for the Ordination of Ministers.
Acts of Allemblies.


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The Assembly of Divines at Westminster; examined

and approved, Anno 1645, by the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, &c.

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The Preface.
Efus Christ, upon whose Shoulders the Government

is, whose Name is called Wonderful, Counsellor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace a, of the Increase of whose Government and Peace there shall be no End, who fits upon the Throne of David, and upon his Kingdom to order it, and to establish it with Judgment and Justice, from henceforth even for ever ; having all Power given unto him in Heaven and in Earth by the Father, who raised him from the Dead, and fet him at his own Right-band, far above all Principalities and Powers, and Might and Dominion, and every Name that is named, not only in this World, but also in that which is to come, and put all Things under his Feet, and gave him to be the Head. over all Things to the Church, which is in his Bor dy, the Fulness of 'him that filleth all in all; He being ascended up far above all Heavens, that he might fill ali Things, received Gifts for his Church, and gave Officers necessary for the Edification of his Church, and perfect ing of his Saints b.

Of a Ifa. 9.6, 7. b Matt. 28. 18,19,20. Epb. I. 20, 21, 22,23. compared with Eph. 4. 8,11. and Pfal. 68.18.

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