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in this Life c, yet, after 'the general Resur

rection, when our Souls and Bodies shall rise The Re- again to Immortality f, they shall be damned surrection to unquenchable Fire g: And then we, who of the liave forsaken all Mens Wisdom to cleave un

to Christ, shall hear the joyful Voice,'Come, ye

blessed of my Father, inherit ye the Kingdom prepared for you from the beginning of the World b;' and so shall go triumphing with him in Body and Soul, to remain everlasting

ly in Glory i, where we shall see GOD Face And Life to Face, and shall no more need one to ineverlast- struct another; for we shall all know him, ing. from the highest to the lowest k. To whom

with the Father and the Holy Ghost, be all Praise, Honour and Glory, now and ever. So be it.

e 2 Pet, 2. Jude, Rom. 9. 22. f Aets 24. 15. I Cor. 15. 12, &c. Phil. 3. 11, 21, 1 Thess. 4. 13, &c. g 2 Thess. 1. 7, 8, 9. & 2. 12. Ifa, 30. 27. John 3, 36. & 5. 28, 29. Mat. 25. 30, 41, 46. h Mat. 25. 21, 23, 34, 46. i 1 Thess. 4. 16, 17. & 5.9, 10. John 5. 29. Isa. 26. 19. k i Cor, 13. 12. 1 John 3. 2. Jer. 31. 34. Heb. 8, II,

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Faith and Doctrine,

Believed and Professed by the PROTESTANTS of Scotland,


EXHIBITED To the Estates of the same in Parliament, and by their

publick Votes authorized, as a Doctrine grounded up. on the infallible Word of God, August 1560.

BAND Ratified and Established by Act of Parliament 1567, as

the publick and avowed Confeffion of Faith of the CHURCH' of SCOTLAND.


Afterwards further established and publickly confirmed

by fundry Acts of Parliaments, and of lawful General Assemblies,

With Proofs from the Scripture.

Matth. xxiv, 14. And this Gospel of the Kingdom (sall

be preached in all the World, for a Witness unto all Nations, and then all the End come. i Cor. iii. 11. For other Foundation can no Man lay, than that is laid, which is Jefus Chrift.

Printed in the Year 1764.

The CO N T E N T S.

1. Of GOD.
2. Of the Creation of Man.
3. Of Original Sin.
4. Of the Revelation of the Promises.
5. Of the Continuance, Increase, and Preservation

of his Church.
6. Of the Incarnation of Christ Jesus.
7. Why it behoved the Mediator to be very God

and very Man. 8. Of Election. 9. Of Christ's Death, Passion, Burial, &c. 10. Of the Resurrection. II. Of the Ascension. 12. Of Faith in the Holy Ghost, 13. Of the Caufe of good Works. 14. What Works are reputed good before God. 15. Of the Perfection of the Law, and the Imper

fection of Man. 16. Of the Church. 17. Of the Immortality of the Soul. 18. Of the Notes by the which the true Church is

difcerned from the false, and who shall be

Judge of the Doctrine. 19. Of the Authority of the Scriptures. 20. Of General Councils, of their Power, Autho

rity, and Cause of their Convention. 21. Of the Sacraments. 22. Of the right Administration of the Sacraments, 23. To whom Sacraments appertain. 24. Of the Civil Magistrate. 25. Of the Gifts freely given to the Church.


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The States of Scotland, with the Inhabitants of the
fame, profesing Christ Jesus his holy Gospel, To their
Natural Country-men, and unto all other Realms and
Nations professing the fame Lord Jesus with them;
Wilbing Grace, Mercy, and Peace, from God the
Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, with the Spirit of
righteous Judgment, for Salvation.
Long have we thirfted (dear Brethren) to have no-

tified unto the World' the Sum of that Doctrine which we profess, and for the which we have fustained Infamy and Danger: But such hath been the Rage of Satan against us, and against Christ Jefus his eternal Verity, lately now again born amongst us, that to this

no Time hath been granted unto us to clear our - Consciences, as most gladly we would have done: For

now we have been toffed a whole Year past, as the most part of Europe (as we do fuppofe) doth understand. But seeing that of the infinite Goodness of our God (who never suffereth his afflicted utterly to be confounded) above Expectation, we have obtained fome Relt and

we could not but set forth this brief and plain Confession of such Doctrine as is proposed unto tis, and as we believe and profess; partly' for Satisfaction of our Brethren, whose Hearts, we doubt not, have been, and Jet are, wounded by the defpiteful Railing of such as yet have not learned to speak well; and partly for stopping the Mouths of impudent Blafphemers, who boldly condemn that which they neither heard nor understood Not that we judge that the caukered Malice of such is



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able to be cured by this simple Confession: No, we know that the sweet Saviour of the Gospel is, and shall be Death unto the Sons of Perdition, But we have chief Respect to our weak and infirm Brethren, to whom we would communicate the Bottom of our Hearts, left that they be troubled or carried away by Diversity of Rumours, which Satan spreadeth against us, to the defeating of this our most godly Enterprise ; protesting, That if any Man will note in this our Confession, any Article or Sentence repugning to God's holy Word, that it would pleale him of his Gentleness, and for Christian Charity's Sake, admonish is of the fame in Writing ; and we, upon our Honours and Fidelity, do promise unto him Satisfaction from the Mouth of God (that is from his Scriptures) or else Reformation of that which he shall prove to be amiss. For God we take to record in our Consciences, That from our Hearts we abhor all Sects of Herefy, and all Teachers of erroneous Doctrine, and that with all Humility we embrace the Purity of Christ's Gospel, which is the only Food of our Souls ; and therefore so precious unto us, that we are determined to suffer the extremelt of worldly Danger, rather than that we will suffer ourselves to be detiauded of the fame. For hereof we are most certainly perswaded, that whosoever. denieth Christ Jesus, or is ashamed of him in presence of Men, shall be denied before the Fa. ther and before his holy Angels. And therefore, by the Alistance of the mighty Spirit of the same our Lord Jesus Christ, we firmly purpose to abide to the End in the Confession of this our Faith.


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