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• all Christian Families, to take more Pains in this ne.

cessary Work; and to get better acquainted with the • Substance of Christianity. And to that End (taking

along some moving Treatises to awaken the Heart) I I know not what Work should be fitter for their Use, • than that compiled by the Assembly at Westminster:

A Synod of as Godly, Judicious, Divines (notwith

standing all the bitter Words which they have receiv. ced from difcontented and self-conceited Men) I verily

think, as ever England saw; though they had the Un• happiness to be employed in calamitous Times, when ' the Noise of Wars did stop Mens Ears, and the Li.

cenciousness of Wars did set every wanton Tongue and Pen at Liberty to réproach them; and the Profecuti.

on and Event of these Wars did exasperate partial dis( contented Men, to dishonour themselves by seeking to "" dishonour them. I dare say, if in the Days of old, « when Councils were in Power and Account, they had * but such a Council of Bishops, as this of Presbyters

was, the Frame of it for Learning and Holiness, and all ministerial Abilities, would with very great Honour have been transmitted to Posterity.

I do therefore defire, that all Masters of Families would first study well this work themselves, and then • teach it their Children and Servants, according to their • several Capacities : And if they once understand these Grounds of Religion, they will be able to read other • Books more understandingly, and hear Sermons more • profitably, and confer more judiciously, and hold fast the • Doctrine of Christ more firmly than ever they are like • to do by any other Course; First, Let them read and « learn the shorter Catechism. And next, The Larger, • And lastly, read the Confefion of Faithi'

A&t of the General Assembly concerning Catechising.

At Edinburgh, July 30, 1649. Seff. 30.
He General Assembly taking to their serious Con-

wherein a great Part of this Kingdom lieth, together with the late solemn Engagement to use all Means for Remedy thereof; do ordain every Minister, with Asliftance of the Elders of their several Kirk-Sessions, to take Course, that in every House, where there is any who can read, there be at least one Copy of the Shorter and Lurger Catechisms, Confession of Faith, and Directory for Family Worship; and do renew the Act of the Assembly August 30, 1639 *, for a Day of weekly Catechising, to be constantly observed in every Kirk; and that every Minister fo order their Catechetick Questions, as thereby the People (who do not conveen all at one Tiine, but by Turns, un to that Exercise) may, at esery Diet, have the chief Heads of Saving knowledge, in a short View presented unto them. And the Assembly considering, that notwithstanding of their former Act, these Diets of weekly Catechising are much slighted and neglected by many Ministers throughout this Kingdom; do therefore appoint and ordain every Presbytery, to take Trial of all the Ministers within their Bounds, once at least in the Half Year, whether they be careful to keep weekly Diets of Catechising; and if they shall find any of their Number negligent therein, they shall admonish for the first Fault; and if, after such 'Admonition, they shall not amend, the Presbyteries, for the second Fault, shall rebuke them sharply; and if after luch Rebuke they do not yet amend, they shall be fufpended.



* See Page 108, foregoing.

Charles I. Parliament 2. Sesl. 2. Act 16.

At antnt the Catechisms, Confesion of Faith, and

Ratification thereof.
At Edinburgh, February 7, 1649.


"He Estates of Parliament, now presently conveen.

ed in this second Session of the focond Triennial Parliament, by virtue of an Act of the Committee of Estates, who had Power and Authority from the last Parliament, for conveening the Parliament, having feriously confidered the Catechisms, viz. the Larger and Shorter ones, with the Confession of Faith, with three Acts of Approbation thereof, by the Commissioners of the General Assembly, presented unto them by the Com. millioners of the faid General Assembly; do ratifie and approve the said Catechisms, Confefion of Faith, and Alts of Approbation of the same, produced as it is; and ordains them to be recorded, published, and prac. tised,

Confesion of Faith,

Agreed upon by The Assembly of Divines at Westminster,

with the Affiftance of the Commissioners from the Church of Scotland.


A Part of the Covenanted Uniformity in Religion be

twixt the Churches of Christ in the Three Kingdoms of Scotland, England and Ireland,

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An Act of the General Assembly of the Church of

Scotland, Anno. 1647, Approving the Confelion of Faith.

Together with An Act of Parliament 1649, Ratifying and Estaa

blishing the fame.

With Proofs from the Scripture.

Printed in the Year 1764.

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Act of the General Alsembly 1647. Approving the

Confeffion of Faith.


At Edinburgh, August 27, 1647. Seff. 23.
Confefion of Faith for the Kirks of God, in the

Three Kingdoms, being the chiefeft Part of that Uniformity in Religion, which, by the Solemn League and Covenant we are bound to endeavour; and there being accordingly a Confession of Faith agreed upon by the Assembly of Divines fitting at Westminster, with the Alistance of Commissioners from the Kirk of Scotland; which Confefion was sent from our Commissioners at London, to the Commissioners of the Kirk met at Edinburgh, in January last, and bath been in this Assembly twice publickly read over, examined and considered; Copies thereof being alfo printed, that it might be particolarly perused by all the Members of this Assembly, unto whom frequent Intimation was publickly made, to put in their Doubts and Objections, if they had any; and the said Confefion being, upon due Examination thereof found by the Assembly to be most agreeable to the Word of God, and in nothing contrary to the received Doctrine, Worship, Discipline and Government of this Kirk, And lastly, it being so necessary and so much longed for, that the said Gonfefion be with all possible Diligence and Expedition, approved and eftablished in both Kingdoms, as a principal part of the intended Uniformity in Religion, and as a special Means for the more effectual suppressing of the many dangerous Errors and Heresies of thefe Times. The General Assembly doth therefore, after mature Deliberation, agree unto, and approve the Said Confeffion, as to the Truth of the Matter (judging, it to be most orthodox, and grounded upon the Word of God) and also, as to the Point of Uniformity, agreeing for our Part, that it be a common Confefion of Faith for the Three Kingdoms. The Affembly doth also bless


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