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We think it very expedient that Prayers be had daily in private Houses, at Morning and at Night, for the Comfort and Instruction of others; and this to be dotie by the most grave and discreet Persons of the House,

· IV. The Exercise. N Towns where learn'd Men are, the Exercise of the

Scriptures should be weekly. In this Exercise Three only shall speak to the opening of the Text, and edifying of the People. This Exercise shall be upon fome Places of Scripture, and openly, that all that will, may hear, and speak their Judgment, to the edifying of the Kirk. In this kind of Exercise, the Text is only 0pened without any. Digressing or Exhortation, following the file and Dependence of the Text, confuting all Errors, as Occasion shall be given. No Man should move a Question, the which himself is not able to solve.

The Exercise being ended, the Ministers and Elders present should conveen apart, and correct the Things that have been done or spoken without Order, and not to the Edifying of the Kirk. In this publick Exercise, all Affectation and vain Curiosity must be above all Things eschewed, left for edifying we should lander the Kirk of God.

Ministers within fix Miles about, should come in willingly; and also, Readers that would profit, should come, both to teach others, and to learn : Other learned Men, to whom God has given the Gift of Interpretation, should be charged to join themselves.

xv. Schools. Ecause Schools are the Seed of the Minidry, diligent B

Care should be taken over them, that they be ordered in Religion and Conversation, according to the Word. Every Town shall have a School-master; and in Landwart, the Minister or Reader should teach the Children that come to them. Men Niould be compelled by the Kirk and Magistrates to send their Bairns to the Schools ; poor Mens Children should be helped.

XVI. Universities.
He Universities should be erected in this Realm, St.

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of Proceeding, Provilion and Degrees, with their Readers and Officers, are at length declared in the Book of Discipline; how many Colledges, how many Classes in in every Colledge, and what should be taught in every Class, is there expressed

A Contribution shall be made at the Entry of the Students, for the upholding of the Place, and a fufficient Stipend is ordained for every Member of the Univerlity, according to their Degree.

XVII. Rents of the Kirk.
He whole Rents of the Kirk; abused in Papistry,

ftall be referred again to the Kirks that thereby the Ministry, Schools and the Poor may be maintained within this Realm, according to their first Institution.

Every Man should be suffered to lead and use his own Tithes, and no Man should lead another Man's Tithes. The uppermoft Cloth, the Cors-present, the Clerkmail, the Pafch-offerings, Tithe-ale, and all other fuch Things should be discharged.

The Deacons should take up the whole Rents of the Kirk, disponing them to the Ministry, the Schools, and Poor within their Bounds, according to the Appoint, ment of the Kirk.

All Friaries, Nunneries, Chantries, Chaplainries, Annualrents, and all Things doted * to the Hospitality, shall be reduced to the Help of the Kirk.: Merchants

, and Craftsmen in Burgh, should contribute to the Support of the Kirk.

XVIII. Burial. 7 E desire, that Burial be so honourably bandled,

that the Hope of our Resurrection may be nous rished; and all kind of Superstition, Idolatry, and whatsomever Thing proceedeth of the false Opinion, may be avoided.

At * Gifted.

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At the Burial, neither singing of Psalms; nor Read. ing shall be used; left the People Ahould be nourished thereby in that old Superstition of praying for the Dead: But this we remit to the Judgment of the particular Kirks, ,with Advice of the Ministers All Superftition being removed, Ministers fhall not be burdened with Funeral Sermons ;, seeing that daily Sermons are sufficient enough for ministring of the Living Burial Mould be without the Kirk, in a fine Air; and Place walled, and kept honourably

XIX. Repairing of Kirks. T

He Kirk does crave most earnestly the Lords their

Allistance, for bafty repairing of all Parish Kirks; wliere the People should conveen for the hearing of the Word, and receiving of the Sacraments : This Reparation should not only be in the Walls and Fabrick, but allo in all Things needful within, for the People, and Decencies of the Place appointed for God's Service. XX. Punishment of Profaners of the Sacraments.


of them that abuse the Sacraments, as well the Ministers as Readers. The holy Sacraments are abused, when the Minister is not lawfully called, or when they are given to open Injurers of the Truth, or to profane Livers ; or when they are ministred in a private Place; without the Word preached.

The Examples of Scripture do plainly declare, that the Abusers of the Sacraments, and Cuntemners of the Word, are worthy of Death.

This our Judgment, for Reformation of the Kirk, shall bear Witness both before God and Man, what we have craved of the Nobility, and how they have obeyed our loving Admonitions.

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Thus far out of the Book of Discipline, which

uvas subscribed by the Kirk and Lords.





Heads and Conclusions



Agreed upon in the General Assembly 1578; Inserted in the Registers of Assembly 1581; Sworn to in the National Covenant; Revived and Ratified by the Assembly 1638, and by many other Acts of Affembly: And according to which the ChurchGovernment is established by Law, Ann. 1592 and 1640.

1 Cor. xiv. 40. Let all Things be done decently, and in order.

Printed in the Year 1764.

Aa of the General Assembly, concerning

the Book of Policy.

April 1581. Sell, 9.. Orasmuch as Travels have been taken in the

Framing of the Policy of the Kirk, and divers Suits have been made to the Magistrate for the Approbation thereof, which yet hath not taken the happy Effect that good Men would wish; Yet, that the Pofterity may judge well of this present Age, and of the Meaning of the Kirk, the Assembly hath concluded, that the Book of Policy, agreed to in divers Assemblies before, should be registred in the Acts of the Kirk, and remain there ad perpetuam rei memoriam, and the Copies thereof to be taken by every Presbytery. Of which Book the Tenor followeth,

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