Understanding and Managing Urban Water in Transition

Quentin Grafton, Katherine A. Daniell, Céline Nauges, Jean-Daniel Rinaudo, Noel Wai Wah Chan
Springer, 6 mai 2015 - 641 pages
This book examines changes and transitions in the way water is managed in urban environments. This book originated from a joint French-Australian initiative on water and land management held in Montpellier, France. The book delivers practical insights into urban water management. It links scientific insights of researchers with the practical experiences of urban water practitioners to understand and respond to key trends in how urban water is supplied, treated and consumed. The 51 contributors to the volume provide a range of insights, case studies, summaries and analyses of urban water and from a global perspective. The first section on water supply and sanitation includes case studies from Zimbabwe, France and South Africa, among others. Water demand and water economics are addressed in the second section of the book, with chapters on long-term water demand forecasting, the social determinants of water consumption in Australian cities, a study of water quality and consumption in France, governance and regulation of the urban water sector and more. The third section explores water governance and integrated management, with chapters on water management in Quebec, in the Rotterdam-Rijnmond urban area, in Singapore and in Australia. The final section offers perspectives on challenges and future uncertainties for urban water systems in transition. Collectively, the diverse insights provide an important step forward in response to the challenges of sustainably delivering water safely, efficiently and equitably.

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Water Governance and Integrated Management
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Katherine A. Daniell is a Research Fellow in the Australian National University's Centre for Policy Innovation. Her work focusses on resolving the challenges associated with implementing multi-level participatory processes to bring about coordinated policy, adaptation strategies and local action for sustainable development. Her other research interests include developing decision-aiding theory for 'multi-accountable' groups and encouraging effective inter-organisational collaborations. She also teaches executive development courses for the Australian National Institute for Public Policy (ANIPP) on multi-level governance. Dr Daniell is a guest editor for the journal Ecology and Society and she has received many awards and honours for her work, including a General Sir John Monash Award, a best paper presentation prize at the 2011 IAHR World Congress and being elected as a Fellow of the Peter Cullen Water and Environment Trust.

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