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son shall live, and in thy feed, That shall of Ifaac fpring, All nations shall be blest indeed;

And death shall lose its sling. Just in the last distresfing hour,

When quite we seem undone, The Lord displays deliv'ring pow'r

And makes his mercy known. The mount of danger is the place

Where God in pomp appears, To shew us his surprising grace,

And disipate our fears.


The Propbetical Song of Moses, setting forth God's

Mercy and Vengeance. Deut. xxii. 1,-43.




God and ISRAEL characterized.
Ver. O LOFTY heav'ns! give ear, I'll speak;

O lupid earth! attend;
To the intructious of my mouth

An ear devoutly lend.
My doctrine down like rain shall drop,

My speech distillike dew;
As finall rain chears the tender herb

And Ihow'rs the grass renew. 3 Because aloud I publish will

Jehovah's name abroad,
Ascribe ye glory to the Lord,

And greatness to our God.
The Rock whose work most perfect is,

His ways all judgment be!
A God of truth, and without fin,

Both just and right is he.
5 But they have staind themselves, their spot

Is not the spot of fons ;
For they a crooked nation are,

A race of perverse ones.

Ver. O! do you thus requite the Lord,

Unwise and foolish ye?
Is not the Lord thy Father kind,

That bought, made, settled thee?



great Things God bad done for Israel.

7 Mind days of old, mark what the years

From age to age befel :
Thy father alk, he will thee show;

Thy elders, they will tell :
8 That when the Highest did divide

To nations all their lot,
When Adam's fons he fet

To each their proper spot,
He wisely set the people's bounds,

Just to the number'd race
Of Israel's seed, whom he design'd

To occupy their place.
9 Becaufe Jehovah's portion is

His people, whom he found;
The lot of his inheritance

Is Jacob's feed renown'd.
10 He found him in a desart waste,

In howling desarts dry :
He led him round, him taught, him kept,

As th’apple of his eye.
11 As th' eagle fond stirs up her nest,

And futters o'er her young,
Spreads out, and then upon her wings,

Them takes and bears along : 12 Ey'n so the Lord along him led,

No helper else was nigh;
As an aslistant, join'd with him,

No foreign god could vie.
13 On earth's high places, forts, and holds,

He made him ride in state,
That of the increase of the fields,

He inight with pleasure eat. ';

< honey sweet, for him to suck,

He made the rock to foil ;
And made, for him, the flinty rock

Produce the finest oil.
14 Butter of kine, and milk of sheep,

Were ready thee to feed;
With fat of lambs, and goats, and rams,

That were of Balhan's breed :
With fat of wheaten kidneys fine,

So plump and large the shapes;
And for thy drink unmixed wine,

The purest blood of grapes.


JESHURUN's Ingratitude and Sin. 15 But, ah! Jeshurun when pofleft

Of plenty, foon withdrew
From God; and like a pamper'd beast,

Both fat and vicious grew.
Ungrateful he forsook the God

Did make and him redeem;
The rock of his falvation, thus,

He lightly did esteem. 16 Yea, with strange gods they stirred up

His jealousy like fire:
And with abominations great

Provoked him to ire.
17 Altars to devils, not to God,

For sacrifice they rear’d:
To gods unknown, new upstart gods,

Their fathers never fear'd.
18 The mighty Rock, that thee begat,

Is from thy mind remote ;
Thou hast the God, that formed thee,

Ungratefully forgot.
19 When this JEHOVAH'S eye beheld,

He did them slight and lothe,
For the provoking of his fons,

And of his daughtars both.

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Ver. He said, I'll hide from them my face,

See what their end fhall be,
For they're a very froward race,

A faithless progeny.
21. They have me mov'd to jealousy,

With that which is no god;
To wrath they have provoked me,

With idols vain and odd :
So them to wrath I'll move with these

That are no people now;
And, with a foolish nation, will

Provoke and vex them too.


SECT. IV. God's Indignation against Israel for their Sins. 22 For in my indignation hot

Enkindled is a fire,
Which to the lowest hell shall burn,

With unappeased ire :
It shall consume the earth, with all

The increase the distills;
And, flaming fierce, shall set on fire

The bottoms of the hills.
23. Mischiefs I will upon them heap,

Mine arrows on them spend.
24 With hunger burn, with heat devour,

With ruin sharp contend.
I'll fend on them the cruel teeth

Of beasts, with greedy guft;
The poison likewise of the snakes,

That lurk among the dust.
25 The sword without, and dread within

Shall youths and maids desiroy;
The fucking children also reave, ,

And hoary heads annoy.
26 Thus said I, I will scatter them

To corners out of ken ;
And make their whole remembrance cease

Among the fons of men :

Ver. But that I feard their wrathful foes,

To strange behaviour prone,
Would proudly say, Our hand is high,

Not Jan all this hath done. 28 For they a foolish nation are,

So void of counsel found;
No understanding is in them,

Nor knowledge to be found.
29 But, О that they were wise in heart,

That this they understood,
That they would mind their latter end,

To their eternal good!
30 For, how shall one a thousand chase,

· And two a thousand rout, Had not the Lord, their rock, them fuld,

· And thut up round about?
31 For their rock cannot equal ours,

Whose pow'r fuperior known,
Our foes themselves are, to their colt,

As judges, forc'd to own.
32 For, lo ! their vines of Sodom are

And of Gomorrah's fields;
Their grapes are loathsome, grapes of gall,

That bitter clusters yield. 33 Like to the dragon's poison is

The wine which they produce,
And like the cruel gall of alps,

For killing, not for use.
And is not this laid up in store,

Recorded in my mind,
Seal'd up among my treasures hid,

Until the time design'd?
35 To me belongeth vengeance just,

And recompense of wrong;
Their foot Mall therefore surely slide

In season due ere long :
The day of their calamity

Is very near at hand;
The woful things to come on them,

Make haite at my command.

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