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Ver. But yet the righteous Lord will judge
36 His people with allay ;
And for his servants will himself

Repenting, change his way :,
When he observes their pow'r is gone,

And they, of help bereft,
Are to the lalt extreme reduc'd,

And none shut up or left.
37 Then to disgrace their idols vain,

Where are their gods ? he'll say,
Their rock on whom they basely threw

Their confidence away;
38 Which ate their facrifices fat,

Drank their wine-off'rings too?
Let them rise up to be your help,

And your protection now.

Conclufion of the Song; including Glory to God, Ter-

ror 10 bis Enemies, and Comfort to bis People. 39 See then that I now, ev'o I am,

No God there is with me:
I kill and quicken, wound and heal ;

None can my fury flee:
From lashes of my lifted hand,

There's none that can deliver : 40 For I lift up my hand to heav'n,

And say, I live for ever.
41 If I but whet my glittring sword,

On judgment lu take hold;
I'll render vengeance to my fues,

Reward my haters bold.
42 I'll make my arrows drunk with blood,

(My Tword with flesh inclose,)
With blood of flain, and captives both,

From firit revenge of fues.
43 O! joy and ling, ye nations all,

With people that are his ;
For he'll avenge his fervants blood,

Which to him precious is;


SCRIPTURE SONGS. Bock I. Ver. He'll render vengeance to his foes,

With his uplifted hand;
But favour to his people fhow,
And mercy to his land.

Moses's last Words ; or, the Excellency of Israel.

Deut. xxiii. 26,–29.
26 THERE's none like to Jehurua's God,

Who rides, thy helper high,
On heav'n; and in his pomp abroad

Upon the azure sky.
27 Th'eternal God thy home secure,

And refuge is from harnis;
And underneath, to prop thee sure,

Are everlasting arms.
Before thy face he'll drive the foe,

That would thy rest annoy ;
His pow'r resisless, to o'erthrow,

Shall need but say, Destroy.
28 Then Isra'l fafe alone shall dwell;

And Jacob's eye shall view
The land where corn and wine excell,

And heaven dillils its dew. 29 O Isra’l! happy in thy Lord;

No people's safe like thee:
He's of thy help, the shield, the sword

Of thy excellency..
Thus arm’d, thy foes shall stoop to thee,

To feign'd fubmiflion aw'd;
Thou shalt tread down their places high,
Their fence of lies and fraud.

The Song of DEBORAH and BARAK, on Israel's fig.

nal Victory over King Jabin. Judges v. 1;–31. · PRAISE ye the Lord, for the

, revenge
Of l'ra'l on his foes,
When for the war, the people bent,

As volunteers arose.

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Ver. Ye kings, give ear; ye princes, hear;
3 Attention sets you well;
I'll fing to Jan, I'll fing to Jan,

The God of Israel. 4 Lord, when in state thou went'st from Seir,

In march from Edom's field,
The earth did quake, the heav'ns did drop,

The clouds their show'rs diftill'd. 5 Away before Jadovau's face,

The melting mountains wore;
Before JEHOVAH, Ifrael's God,

As Sinai blaz'd before.
6 In Shamgar fun of Anath's time,

In Jael's troublous days,
The roads infested were untrode,

And trav'lers took by-ways.
Then Isra’l's villagers harass’d,

Did cease, through fear, did cease,
Till I, Deborah, rose; I rose,

A mother there for peace. 8 New gods they choose; then wars árofe,

And spite of gates were keen:
Where was in Ifra'l shield or spear

Mong forty thousands seen?
9 My heart is tow'rd the governors,

That rule in Ifra'l's coasts,
Who'mong the folk were volunteers :

Bless ye the Lord of hosts.
10 Speak, ye that on white affes ride,

Ye that in judgment fit;
And ye who fafe can tread the way,

Speak out his praises fit.
11 Who freed from cruel archers noire

In places they traverse
For drawing water; there shall they

The Lord's just acts rehearfe ;
Just acts for villagers of his

In Ifra'l there relcafe :
Then go the people of the Lord
Down to the gates



Ver. Awake, awake, Deborah, now:
12 Now tune the harp of praise :
Awake, awake, with lifted voice,

A song of triumph raise ;
Rife, Barak, and stir up thyself,

Thou Abinoam's fon :
Lead captive thy captivities,

And push the conquest on.
13 Jehovah gave the remnant mean

Rule o'er the nobles then;
And ev'n to me, a woman weak,

Pow'r o'er the mighty men. 14 From out of Ephrain the root,

'Gainst Amalek was there;
Which led by thee, flout Benjamin,

Did 'mong the folk appear.
From Machir came the governors,

From Zebulun the fcribes,
(Whose prudent writs, with skilful pen,

To battle promp'd the tribes.)
The peers and tribes of Isachar,

Close by Deborah went;
Aud Barak nimble was on foot,

Into the valley fent :
When Reuben faint stood far apart,

Nor join'd to quell the foes;
For his divisions, fad and fmart,

Great thoughts of heart arose. 16 'Mong sheepfolds why didst thou abide,

The bleeting flocks to wait?
For Reuben's rents, and ruptures wide

Heart fcrutinies were great. 17 By Jordan why did Gilead stay;

Dan in his ships abide ?
And Aser, by the ocean fhore,

In creeks his valour hide?
18 Zeb’lun's stout folk, and Naphtali's,

Their risked lives. did yield;
Fearless to face the front of death,

Upon the open field.

Ver. In Taanach; by Megiddo's streams,

The kings did fight and fall;
No money-gain got Canaan's kings,

But fought and forfeit all.'
20 From heav'n above the fiery hosts

Fought with a thund'ring storm ;
Stars, in their ranks and courses high,

Gainst Sis'ra fought in form. 21 The river Kishon, that old stream,

Made ready for the prey,
By swelling to a torrent rose,

And swept them clean away.
O thou, my foul, through God, thou hast,

(Let God be praised then)
By means of weakness feminine,

Trude down the strength of men. 22 Then were the warlike horses hoofs

Broke by their pransings mad;
The pransings of their mighty ones,

Their boasted cavalcade.
23 (Thus said the angel of the Lord)

Come, curse ye Meroz all;
On each inhabitant thereof

Let bitter curses fall :
For dallardly they loll'd at home,

And came not to, nor chose
Jehovah's help, Jehovah's help,

Against the mighty fues,
24 'Bove women Jael, Heber's wife,

The Kenite, bless'd shall be ;
'Bove women, tim'rous in the tent,

The blessing gain shall she.
25 He water sought, she gave him milk,

For drink to his content ;
And butter in a lordly dish,

Did cunninly present.
26 The nail she in her left-hand tock,

The hammer in the right;
Then hammer'd softly Sisera

Down to the ground un sight.

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