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Ver. But God's unfading word of grace

For evermore endures;
Which all, whose arms of faith embrace,
In endless bliss secures.

Unbelieving Fears checked, and Strength from Hes

ven promised. Isa. xl. 27,-31.
27 WHY jealous Jacob, speak'st thou so,

My way is hid from God ?
Unpled my cause, undash'd my foe,

Still down my strength is trode ? 28 Halt thou forgot the mighty name,

That earth and heav'n did make ?
And can an all-creating arm

Grow weary, faint, or weak?
Omnipotence alone is his,

Eternal are his days;
His understanding searchless is,

And who can trace his ways? 29 He giveth pow'r unto the faint,

Makes weaklings' strength to grow, 30 While youthful vigour foon is spent,

And boasting might laid low.
31 But they that wait upon the Lord,

And in his pow'r confide,
Shall have their strength a-new restor'd,

And daily wants fupply'd.
They shall mount up on eagle's wings,

With fear unwearied move,
Till, losing fight of earthly things,
They rest with God above.

Christ's mediatory Service graced with Meeknefs and

Confiancy. Isa. xlii. 1;-4. Mat. xii. 18,-22.
BEHOLD, my fervant wonderful,

Whom I uphold and stay !
Mine elect, whom my very

Delighteth in for ay. :


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Ver. On him I'll put my Sp'rit, with all

His virtues nieafureless;
And he, with light and judgment, shall

The Gentile nations bless.
2 From him no cry with clam'rous voice,

Nos violence forth fhall break;
He shall no loud contentious noise,

Nor oftentation make.
Peaceful and mild he shall proceed

In his illustrious acts;
3 He shall not break the bruised reeds,

Nor quench the smoking flax.
He shall with aid and comfort both,

His weaklings fortify;
And judgment unto light and truth

Bring forth victoriously.
4 He doubtless shall pursue his aim,

Until with judgment just,
He bless the earth; and in his name
The distant isles shall trust.

Christ's Commission opened, wbich be received from

the Farber, and the joyful singing with wbich
the glad Tidings thereof should be received.

Isa. xlii. 5,-- 12 5 THU

HUS says the Lord of heav'n and earth,

That stretched out the skies,
And all his tribes of earthly birth,

With life and breath supplies.
6 In right, to thee my call I grant,

And thee support will I;
I'll give thee for a covenant

To people far and nigh;
T'illuminate, with saving light,

The eyes of Gentiles blind;
To rend the clouds that them benight,

And prisoners unbind.
8 I, who thee authorize, declare,

That I Jehuvah am :
My praile no idol god shall share;

Thou only bear'lt iny name.

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9 Lo! all my promises of old

Men now accomplish'd fee;
And future things a-new foretold

Shall be fulfill'd in thee.
10 Let all the earth, then, to the Lord,

Sing glad an anthem new;
The Gentile race with one accord,

In confort with the Jew :
11 Th’ inhabitants of rocks and ifles,

Of wilds and cities fair,
Of Kedar huts and naked hills,

And fingers ev'ry where :
12 Let them Jehovah's glory raise,

In elevated stiles ;
And celebrate his highest praise

In earth's remoteft ifles.


Christ's poewing bis Name ; and bis Victory oser

bis and our Enemiese Jia. Ixiii. 1;-5.

HO's this from Édom comes in state!

From Bozra, who is this!
With ruddy garments to relate,

That victory is his?
This that is gloriously array'd,

And trav’ling on his rode,
l'th'greatness of his strength display'd,

And grandeur of a God?
'Tis I speak that in righteousness, -

I the victorious King,
Who come your en’mies to suppress,

And your salvation bring.
2 Why, mighty Lord, may we propose,

Why is thy raiment red?
And all thy garments flain'd like those

That in the wine press tread?
I've trode the bloody press alone,

O'th folk none was with me;
My wrath has stamp'd the rebels down,

My fury made them flee.

Ver. Their blood hath all my garments stain'd,

And dy'd my raiment so:
The happy vict'ry now is gain'd,

O'er hellish pow'rs below.
I'll thus deltroy the adverse throngs,

That dare infult my faints;
I have an arm tavenge their wrongs,

An ear to hear their plaints.
4 The day of vengeance on the foe

Is in my very heart;
The year of my redeem'd from woe

Is come, to ease their fniart.

SONG. XVI. Salvation, Rigbteousness, and Strength; in CHRIST alone.

lla. xiv. 21, -25.

Sect. I. Salvation in Cbrist alone. Ver. 21, 22.
'H'eternal Son of God proclaims,

His God-head from above;
Mercy and justice are my names,

The fair enam’ling love.
21 Lift up your eyes, ye mankind lost,

And look to me alone;
I'm God the Saviour, God the just;

Beside me there is none.
22 Look from the earth's remotest ends,

By faith, and be ye sav'd:
My grace, that call'd the Jews, extends

To Gentile lands enllay'd.
Where-e'er you are, by land or sea,

At home, or far abroad,
Look not to idols vain, but me,

The omnipresent God.
In me you'll find salvation sure

From fin, and death, and hell;
And life, more happy and secure,

Than 'twas before you fell.

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Righteousness and Strength in Christ alone.

Ver. 23, 24, 25.
Ver. By my great name I made a vow,

Nor, vow'd, my word shall veer;
To me alone each knee shall bow,

Each tongue allegiance swear.
24 Each foul that knows the joyful found,

With thankful tongues Thall own;
My righteousness and strength is found

In thee, O Lord, alone.
By faith and pray’r shall Gentiles come

To him with free consent :
Refusers too, to get their doom,

Shall come, but by constraint:
For all despisers of his name,

And every wicked foe,
Shall fuffer penitential shame,

Or everlasting woe.
25 But happy thrice all Israel's seed,

Both rid of guilt and shame,
Shall in the Lord be justify'd,
And glory in his name.

CHRIST's Sufferings and Glory; Or, Unbelief laa

mented, and tbe Benefit and the Success of the Suf,
ferings of Curist declared. Ifa. lii. 1,-12.
"HO hath believ'd our good report?

How few the truth have feal'd!
To whom is Christ, the strongest fort,

The arm of God reveal'd !
2 For, like a tender plant sprung up

He seem'd, as he drew nigh:
And, like a despicable root

From ground, exceeding dry.
No worldly splendor did he shew,

Nor outward gallantry;
No beauteous form, nor comely hew,

To charm the carnal eye,



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