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Ver. Rejected and defpis'd of men,


A man of griefs and woes;
His life with forrow and difdain

Did both begin and clofe.

4 Yet, fure, our forrows were his load, Our griefs in him combin'd;


Though we efteem'd him plagu'd of God,
When anguifh tore his mind.

But he was wounded for our fins,

And bruifed for our guilt;

For which from all his facred veins,

Atoning blood was fpilt.

Upon him was the chastisement,
That peace to us procur'd;

And we are heal'd by Heav'n's confent;
By ftripes that he endur'd.

6 (Each to his own by-path) all we,
Like sheep have gone aftray;


But God on him th' iniquity,

Ev'n of us all, did lay.

Wrong'd and opprefs'd, yet meek and mute,
While patience overcame,

He was, when to the flaughter brought,

Dumb like a harmless lamb.

8 Who can his generation fhow?
Yet he from prison led,

And judgment under fhew of law,
Was held among the dead;

Yea, juftly held, by law divine,
And juftly too fet free:
Who can his endless life define,
Or count his progeny ?

His feed, for whom he was cut off
From thefe on earth that liv'd,
He for their fin, and their behoof,
The mortal ftroke receiv'd.

9 His grave he with the wicked made,
And with the rich when dead;

No wrong did from his hand, nor fraud
E'er from his mouth proceed.


Ver. Yet, lo! it pleas'd the Lord to bruife,
And down the Surety tread!
But when, for fin and juftice' dues,
His foul's the victim made.

Then faid he, He fhall fee his feed,
Prolong his days for ay;
My pleasure in his hand fucceed,
And profper every way.

11 He of the travail of his foul
The fweet effects fhall fee;
And, joyful in his purchase whole,
He fatisfy'd fhall be.

My righteous Servant, then, withal,
Shall juftify and save

His thoufands, when of him they fhall
Fiducial knowledge have.

12 He with the great fhall fhare the fpoil,
Defeat his mighty foes;

Though rank'd with finners, here he fell,
And conqueror he rofe.

His Father's crown of victory

Moft fairly won he hath;
For at his call he willingly

Pour'd out his foul to death.

He dying bore the guilt of men,
That fin might be forgiven:
He pleading dy'd, and lives again
To plead for them in heav'n.


The Enlargement, Glory, and Safety of the Church.


The Gospel-Church enlarged, ber barren womb opened;
Or, the Gentiles brought in, and married to Chrift.
Ifa. liv. 1-5•


BARREN Zion, fing aloud,

For fruitful fhalt thou be,

With Gentiles as thy num'rous brood,

And happy progeny.

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Ver. Moe children fhall be generate,
So faith the Lord of life,
By her that was fo defolate,
Than by the marry'd wife.

2 Enlarge abroad thy dwelling tent,
Stretch forth thy curtains wide,
3 That, for thy off-pring opulent,

Full room thou may'st provide. 4 Fear not, for thy recover'd fame Allow no mourning mood;

No longer halt thou bear the fhame
Of barren widowhood.

5 For happily betroth'd art thou
To one of wondrous fame;

Thy Maker is thy busband now,
The Lord of hofts his name.

Thy great Redeemer, match'd with thee,
Is Zion's holy One:

The God of all the earth is he,

And not of Jews alone.


GOD's grievous Desertion, and gracious Return: Or, bis Departure fort, bis Covenant of Peace everlasting.


Ifa. liv. 6,-10.

WHEN, like a wife of youth refus'd,

Thou didst deferted mourn,

The Lord thy God, in love, thee chus'd,
And call'd thee to return.

7 Though for a moment, very finall,
I thee forfook of late:

I'll gather thee from fin and thrall,
With mercies very great,

8 I, in a little wrath, my face

A moment hid from thee;

But, lo! my mercy's kind embrace
Shall everlasting be.

9 That Noah's waters no more fhould
O'erwhelm the earth, I fwore;

So have I fworn I never would
Be angry with thee more.

Ver. The folid mountains fhall depart,
The hills fhall be remov'd;


But not the kindness of my heart

From thee my choice belov'd:
Nor fhall my covenant of grace
And peace remov'd be,

Says God, who fees thee meritless,
But mercy has on thee.


The Honour and Security of the Church: Or, Zion comforted both against Disgrace and Danger.

Ifa. liv. 11,-17.

11 O thou afflicted, tofs'd with winds,
And tempefts very great,
Who in diftrefs no comfort finds,
But mourn'ft thy grievous state!
Behold! thy ruins I'll repair
With finer pearls for nought,
Than rubies rich, or fapphires fair,
With gold of Ophir bought.

12 I'll beautify thy wafted wall,

Make thy foundations fhine;
Thy borders, gates, and windows all
With pleasant ftones inline.
[Thefe precious jewels, for thy dress,
That fhall to thee be giv'n,

Are knowledge, peace, and righteousness,
The glifl'ring gems of Heav'n.]

13 Thy feed fhall all be taught of God,
And great fhall be their peace;
14 And firm thy ftanding, not in fraud,
But truth and righteousness.

Oppreffors fhall be far remov'd,
Thou therefore fhalt not fear;
And ills, that once thy terror prov'd,
To thee fhall not come near.
15 Thy foes, without my order, fhall
Against thee counsel take;

But, when combin'd, before thee fall
A booty, for thy fake.

Ver. [In vain attempts, as well as rash,
They shall but rage and rore;
Like rifing angry waves that dash
And die upon the fhore.]

16 The fmith that forms the fwords of war,
The wafter too, is mine;
See, then, where the deftroyers are
That ferve not my defign.

17 No weapon form'd against thy peace
Shall profper in that aim,
But back upon the aimer's face
Turn to his hurt and fhame.


Reproachful tongues that 'gainst thee rife,
With fhew of right and law,
Thou fhalt condemn, and for their lies
Juft vengeance on them draw.

God's faints, of all his promis'd bliss,

The happy heirs fhall be;

And (faith the Lord) their righteousness
Is all and whole of me.


The free Gofpel-Call, preffed with the Promise of folid and fure Mercy. Ila. lv. 1, 2, 3.

O! ev'ry thirsty foul, and all


That poor and needy are;

Here's water of falvation's well

For you to come and share.

Here's freedom both from fin and wo,

And bleffings all divine:

Here ftreams of love and mercy flow,
Like floods of milk and wine.
Approach the fountain-head of bliss,
That's open like the sea,

To buyers that are money-lefs,
The pooreft beggars free.

2 Why spend you all your wealth and pains,

For that which is not bread,

And for unfatisfying gains,

On which no foul can feed!

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