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Ver. My ways inclos'd as with a wall


Of firm hewn ftone he hath ;

And to defeat my counfels all
He crooked made my path.


10 He clofe laid wait as for the prey
A lion and a bear;

II And turning quite afide my way,
Did me in pieces tear:


He laid me wafte, and in the dark,
His bow of fury hot

He bent, and at me as a mark
His barbed iron fhot.


13 His quiver-darts, fo fierce fet off, Into my reins made way;

14 To all the folk I was a fcoff, Their mufic all the day.


I'm made the fubject of their fong,
And fill'd until I fhrunk

With bitterness and wormwood ftrong
With which he made me drunk.


16 With gravel ftones my teeth he brake; With ashes cover'd me:

17 From peace, my foul, now gone to wrack, Is far remov'd by thee.

Forgetting blifs as overpast, I fpake this desp'rate word, 18" My ftrength is gone, my hope is loft, "And perish'd from the Lord." ZAIN.

19 Defpair was fed by minding all
My miferies and woes;

The bitter wormwood and the gall,
20 My foul keeps mind of those :
Hence funk and bow'd within me 'tis;
But why fo very fad?

21 Defpair, begone; I've hope from this,
I mind anon to add.


Ver. 'Tis of the Lord's compaffions great
And his unfailing love,


We are not all confum'd as yet,
For fill his bowels move:

23 They new with every morning roll; Thy truth is great and high:

24 The Lord's my portion, faith dy foul; Hence in him hope will I. TETH.

25 God's good to them that on him wait, To fouls that feek his face.

26 'Tis good that one, with hope fedate, Expect his faving grace.

27 And for a man, by forrow broke,
'Tis good with filent mouth,
And heart fubmifs to bear the yoke
And trouble in his youth.


28 He quiet fits alone brought low By having born the rod;

29 With mouth put in the duft, if fo There may be hope in God.

30 His cheek he to the fmiter's will
Revengelefs doth affign;

Fill'd with reproach, he bears the fill,
With patience half divine.


31 The Lord will not reject for ay: But though he cauleth grief;



Yet he his pity will difplay,

And timely grant relief.

His mercies thwart not with his dart,
For when he fmites, ev'n then
Not willingly nor from his heart,
He grieves the fons of men.

34 Mens Cruel deeds they can't abide,
To cruth earth's captive race,

35 To turn the poor man's right aside, Before the fovereign's face;

Ver. To violate the facred laws


Of juftice and of right,

And judge unjustly in a cause,
Are hateful in his fight.


37 Who's he that fpeaks, and then 'tis done, When nay's JEHOVAH'S Will?

38 Out from the mouth of th' highest One
Comes not both good and ill.

39 O why then fhould a living man.
Dare enter his complaint,
For penal ill; a guilty man
For's own fin's punishment?

40 Come let us fearch and try our ways,
Not murmur at the rod,

But for our fins our fouls abase,
And turn again to God.

41 Let us lift up our heart and hands
Whole to the God of heav'n:

42 We have rebell'd 'gainst thy commands; Thou, Lord, haft not forgiven.


43 Thy wrath us hid, purfu'd, nor ftopt, But flew and did not spare;

44 Thyfelf hid with a cloud that opt No through-pafs for our pray'r.


The world's vile filth thou haft us made,
Which with contempt they use;

We ly among the nations fpread,

The fcum and the refuse.


46 Wide mouths 'gainft us our en'mies all Have made, and fcoffing joy'd;

47 Fear and a fnare upon us fall,

We're wafted and deftroy'd.

48 Mine eyes to weeping fountains turn.
Whence briny rivers flow,

While I my people's daughter mourn
And moa n her overthrow.


Ver. With tears ftill trickling down, mine eye
Inceffant cannot rest,


50 Till God look down, and, from on high, Behold our cafe diftrefs'd.

51 Mine eye affects my heart with pain, To fee the ruin vast


Of Salem's race, the doleful bane
I fee, and ftand aghaft.


With caufelefs hate my eager foes,
Me like a bird did chafe;

53 My life within the dungeon close,
Then with a ftone depress.

54 High did the fwelling waters grow,
My head was overflown,

Then faid my hopeless heart, "I'm now
"Cut off, and quite undone."


55 Time was, when from the dungeon low I pray'd, and thou didst hear:

56 Lord, hide not from my breathing now, Nor from my cry, thine ear.


What day of dread I call'd on thee,
Thou didst not ftand remote,

But dreweft near to comfort me,
By faying, FEAR THOU NOT.

58 Lord, thou the caufes of my foul
Waft wont to plead for me;

Thy love did threat'ning death's control,
My life to fave and free.

59 Judge now my cause, Lord; thou haft feen
My wrongs by men of ftrife,

60 Seen all their rage and vengeance keen, And plots against my life.


61 Lord, thou their vile reproach hast heard,
Their machinations all;

62 The lips of thofe that rofe, and jear'd
And fpat at me their gall.

Ver. Their daily projects me to drub,
63 Their fitting down efpy,
And rifing up at every club

Their mufic ftill am I.


64 Reward them as from thee they fwerve, Their heart with grief confume,

65 To fhew they for their works deferve
They curfe to be their doom.

66 As me they chafe and fue to death,
With them in wrath be ev'ns;
Purfue and raze them from beneath
The great Jehovah's heav'ns.


ZION bewaileth her pitiful Estate, occafioned by the direful Effects of the Famine, the facking of JERUSALEM. She confeffetb ber Sins, and acknowledgetb that the Iniquities of ber Leaders were the Caufe of all thefe Calamities. EDOM's Deftruction foretold, and the Return of ZION's Captivity.



HE temple-gold, how now fo dim,
That glifter'd once fo gay;

How has the finest gold fo trim,
Now chang'd its bright array!
The temple-ftones now tumbled down,
That lay in ftately fquare,
On top of every street o'erthrown,
Lie fcatter'd here and there.


2 Lo! Zion's fons, of precious mould,"
Her faints, her priefls, her peers,
That might compare with pureft gold,
More fine than Ophir bears;
How bafely are they now efteem'd]
As pitchers vile and coarfe,

Wrought by the potter's hand, and deem'd
But earthen ware, and worfe!

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