The Kingdom and People of Siam: With a Narrative of the Mission to that Country in 1855, Volume 2


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Page 221 - The British Government and its subjects are hereby confirmed in all privileges, immunities, and advantages conferred on them by previous Treaties ; and it is hereby expressly stipulated that the British Government and its subjects will be allowed free and equal participation in all privileges, immunities, and advantages that may have been, or may be hereafter, granted by His Majesty the Emperor of China to the Government or subjects of any other nation.
Page 46 - The Karens are a meek, peaceful race, simple and credulous, with many of the softer virtues, and few flagrant vices. Though greatly addicted to drunkenness, extremely filthy and indolent in their habits, their morals, in other respects, are superior to many more civilized races.
Page 216 - Siamese authorities; but the Consul shall not interfere in any matters referring solely to Siamese, neither will the Siamese authorities interfere in questions which only concern the subjects of Her Britannic Majesty.
Page 450 - Together with Illustrative Selections from the Works of Lloyd, Cotton, Brooke, Darwin, and Hayley. With Notes and Memoirs, containing unpublished Letters of Cowper.
Page 220 - Siamese officer, who shall each have the power to call in an equal number of merchants as assessors, not exceeding two on either side, to assist them in coming to an equitable decision. Opium may be imported free of duty, but can only be sold to the opium-farmer or his agents.
Page 216 - The interests of all American citizens coming to Siam shall be placed under the regulations and control of a consul, who will be appointed to reside at Bangkok. He will himself conform to and will enforce the observance by American citizens of all the provisions of this treaty, and such of the former treaty negotiated by Mr.
Page 236 - Whenever a scarcity may be apprehended, of salt, rice, and fish, the Siamese Government reserve to themselves the right of prohibiting, by public proclamation, the exportation of these articles.
Page 218 - British subject should fail to commence the cultivation or improvement of the lands so acquired within a term of three years from the date of receiving possession thereof, the Siamese Government shall have the power of resuming the property, upon returning to the British subject the purchase money paid by him for the same.
Page 239 - Bangkok may rent land, and buy or build houses, but cannot purchase lands within a circuit of 200 sen (not more than four miles English) from the city walls, until they shall have lived in Siam for ten years, or shall obtain special authority from the Siamese Government to enable them to do so. But with the exception of this limitation, British residents in Siam may at any time buy or rent houses, lands, or plantations, situated any where within a distance of twentyfour hours...
Page 221 - The code of regulations appended to this treaty shall be enforced by the consul, with the co-operation of the Siamese authorities ; and they, the said authorities and consul, shall be enabled to introduce any further regulations which may be found necessary in order to give effect to the objects of this treaty.

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