An appeal to the commons and citizens of London. [Followed by] the preface to the Political constitutions, &c

1756 - 75 pages
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Page 33 - XIX. 42.) at leaft in this our day, the things which belong unto our peace, before they are hid from our eyes. Never may fuch blindnefs happen to us, as befel the Jews; but may we (If. LV. 6, 7-) feek the Lord while he may be found, and call upon him -while he' is near ; and return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon us, and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.
Page 61 - ... out of every corner of the woods and glynnes they came creeping forth on their hands and knees, for their legs could not bear them; they looked like anatomies of death, they spake like ghosts crying out of their graves; they did eat the dead...
Page 38 - They therefore found this expedient, which they called an act of grace. There was a large tract of land, even to the half of the province of Connaught, that was separated from the rest by a long and a large river, and which by the plague and many massacres remained almost desolate.
Page 62 - And no spectacle was more frequent in the ditches of towns, and especially in wasted countries, than to see multitudes of these poor people dead with their mouths all coloured green by eating nettles, docks, and all things they could rend up above ground.
Page 21 - We are indeed to do to others as we would have them do to us...
Page 72 - What is it to you, whether I make many or few boroughs ; my council may consider the fitness, if I require it ; but what if I had made forty noblemen, and four hundred boroughs, the more the merrier, the fewer the better cheer.
Page 17 - ... be the perfect freedom, in the fairest and fullest sense, of all descriptions of men, without distinction of religion. ' To this purpose we spoke; and speaking this to no purpose, withdrew. It now remains to add this supplication, However it may please the Almighty to dispose of princes or of parliaments, may the liberties of the people be immortal.
Page 31 - ... ftranger that is within thy gates : For in fix days the Lord made heaven and earth, the fea, and all that in them is, and refted the feventh day: wherefore the Lord blefled the fabbath day, and hallowed it.
Page 49 - That the undersigned state prisoners, in the three prisons of Newgate, Kilmainham, and Bridewell, engage to give every information in their power of the whole of the internal transactions of the United Irishmen; and that each of the prisoners shall give detailed information of every transaction that has passed between the United Irishmen...
Page 64 - Our pope, which art in Rome, cursed be thy name, perish may thy kingdom, hindered may thy will be, as it is in heaven, so in earth.

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