Urbanization and Social Welfare in China

Routledge, 18 janv. 2018 - 420 pages
China's urban population growth rate has doubled in the past 20 years and the Chinese government has made further urbanization a developmental priority. How Chinese cities cope with such rapid population increases has become a question of critical concern. This book provides an analysis of the welfare implications of China's urbanization, the development of the labour market including migration between rural and urban sectors, and natural and social environmental issues arising from urbanization. The book covers both academic and policy perspectives and, together with its sister volume Urban Transformation in China, brings together a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary overview of China's urbanization.

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Table des matières

List of Figures
Social Security Pension Reform in China
Forecasting the Demand for Health Care
Housing Investment and Consumption
Rural Reform and the Welfare Impact
Migration and Urbanization
Rural Industrialization and Internal
The Determinants of Job Choice by Rural
Growth Allocative Efficiency and Local
Urbanization and the Impact on Health
Rural Worker Migration and City Transient
List of Contributors

Urban Unemployment and Segmented Labor
Chinas Urbanization Lag and its Economic

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