Harrogate and its waters [mainly extr. from The Harrogate waters].

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Page 54 - Mag. S. 5. Vol. 2. No. 8. July 1876. E VI. A Contribution to the History of the Old Sulphur Well, Harrogate. By TE THORPE, Ph.D., FRS, Professor of Chemistry in the Yorkshire College of Science, Leeds*. EDMUND DEAN, " Doctor in Physick, Oxon., dwelling in York," first drew public attention to the virtues of this famous spring, in his Spandarine Anglica, published in 1626.
Page 11 - ... covering each with wire gauze to keep out flies, &c. The one was placed where it was partially protected, but not covered by bush, the other was sunk in a newly cleared plot of ground, measuring about 60 feet in diameter, surrounded by sugar bushes, Protea mellifera...
Page 41 - The Natural, Experimental, and Medicinal History of the Mineral Waters of Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, and Yorkshire...
Page 52 - The Yorkshire Spaw, or a treatise of four famous medicinal wells : viz the spaw, or vitrioline well; the strinking, or sulphur well; the dropping, or petrifying well; and St. Magnus well, near Knaresborow, in Yorkshire ; together with the causes , virtues, and use thereof; Londres, 1652, in-12.
Page 86 - Harrogate water contains 5-81 cubic inches to the gallon, and the Moffat a little over a third of a cubic inch, the Strathpeffer New Well contains 11-26 cubic inches, which is the largest quantity of sulphuretted hydrogen in any known spring in Great Britain. Aix-la Chapelle has the gas represented by only 0-73 grains of sulphuret of sodium to the gallon.
Page 42 - Cures without Care, or a summons to all such as find little or no help by the use of Physick to repair to the Northern Spaw," It has the advantage of a more elevated and commanding situation than the Tewit well.
Page iii - OF THE BLOOD AND BLOOD-PRESSURE ; founded on Portions of the Croonian Lectures delivered before the Royal College of Physicians, London, 1896, with Considerable Extensions. With Illustrations, demy 8vo, 7s.
Page 42 - Spaw wherein by many precedents of a few late years, it's proved to the world that infirmities of their own nature desperate, and of long continuance, have received perfect cure by virtue of mineral waters near Knaresbwgh, in the West Biding of Yorkshire,
Page 16 - ... ozone. Whether this be the proximate cause or not, experiments teach us that oxygen, when at rest, and, notwithstanding the removal of the products of respiration, may lose its property of sustaining animal life, but may acquire it again on receiving the molecular motion of an electrical discharge. " In some researches I conducted on the inhalation of oxygen gas, I observed that if an animal were made simply to breathe an atmosphere of pure oxygen gas, alIt would appear, then, that the surface...
Page 51 - Spandarine Anglica, or the English, Spaw fountain ; being a brief Treatise of the acid, tart Fountain in the Forest of Knareslmrgh in the West Biding of Yorkshire, as also a relation of other Medicinal Waters in, the said Forest.

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