Encyclopaedia of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Gyan Publishing House, 2006 - 2666 pages
India, Pakistan and Bangladesh share a long history, an emerging cordial and a common vision for the future. This book is not India-centric but deals with various aspects of all the three sovereign nations. Reading them together will be an unprecedented experience rarely attempted before. It has rarely happened in the modern world, how these three nations who geographically one but culturally so different are chalking out an independent place in the comity of nations at times with the help of each other and at another on its own merit and inherent strength. It is not written from any biased perspective. In fact, it explains people, places and events from a neutral world view. It is ideally an international venture that would benefit historians, teachers and students in the entire sub-continent It will be interesting to compare the three countries from different parameters, thus planning a wholesome picture. The encyclopedia aims at clearing confusions and contradiction that have crept in because of certain vested interests and it should be read from a neutral benchmark. These volumes very clearly and earlier suggest, how fatal the disintegrate have proven to these nations with the fact that divided these countries have in actuality fallen. In the face of achieving the target of universal supremacy.

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