Timber, Tourists, and Temples: Conservation And Development In The Maya Forest Of Belize Guatemala And Mexico

Richard B. Primack, David Bray, Hugo A. Galletti, Ismael Ponciano
Island Press, 10 avr. 2013 - 446 pages
Stretching across southern Mexico, northern Guatemala, and Belize, the Maya Forest, or Selva Maya, constitutes one of the last large blocks of tropical forest remaining in North and Central America. Home to Mayan-speaking people for more than 5,000 years, the region is also uncommonly rich in cultural and archaeological resources.Timber, Tourists, and Temples brings together the leading biologists, social scientists, and conservationists working in the region to present in a single volume information on the intricate social and political issues, and the complex scientifc and management problems to be resolved there. Following an introductory chapter that presents GIS and remote sensing data, the book: considers perspectives on managing forest resources and the forestry and conservation policies of each nation examines efforts by communities to manage their forest resources explains the connections between resource conservation and use by local people highlights research projects that integrate baseline biological research with impact assessments explains the need to involve local people in conservation effortTimber, Tourists, and Temples explores methods of supporting the biological foundation of the Maya Forest and keeping alive that unique and diverse ecosystem. While many areas face similar development pressures, few have been studied as much or for as long as the Maya Forest. The wealth of information included in this pathbreaking work will be valuable not only for researchers involved with the Maya Forest but for anyone concerned with the protection, use, and management of tropical forest ecosystems throughout the world.

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Part I A Regional Approach to the Maya Forest
Part II Forest Policy and Management and the Emergence of Community Forestry
Part III Nontimber Forest Products in Conservation Strategies
Part IV Biodiversity Research for Conservation
Part V Community Development Conservation and Ecotourism
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Richard Primack is professor of biology at Boston University. David Bray is program officer with the Inter-American Foundation. Hugo A. Galletti works with the National Union of Communal Forestry Organizations in Chetumal, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Ismael Ponciano is director of the Center for Conservation at San Carlos University in Guatemala City, Guatemala.

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