Catalogue of the Choicer Portion of the Magnificent Library

Davy, 1859 - 400 pages
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Page iv - CONDITIONS OF SALE. I. The highest bidder to be the buyer; and if any dispute arise between bidders, the lot so disputed shall be immediately put up again, provided the auctioneer cannot decide the said dispute.
Page iv - HODGE will have the option of re-selling the lots uncleared, either by public or private sale, without any notice being given to the defaulter. VI. All the books are presumed to be perfect, unless...
Page iv - HODGE will not hold themselves responsible if lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise destroyed, but they will be left at the sole risk of the purchaser. If, at the expiration of ONE WEEK after the conclusion of the sale the books or other property are not cleared or paid for, they will then be catalogued for immediate sale, and the expense, the same as if re-sold, will be added to the amount at which the books were bought.
Page iv - The purchasers to give in their names and places of abode, and to pay down 10«.
Page iv - To prevent inaccuracy in the delivery, and inconvenience in the settlement of the purchases, no lot can on any account be removed during the time of sale.
Page iv - Upon failure of complying with the above conditions, the money required and deposited in part of payment shall be forfeited ; and if any loss is sustained in the re-selling of such lots as are not cleared or paid for, all charges on such re-sale shall be made good by the defaulters at this sale.
Page 64 - Vishnuserman, whom we ridiculously call Pilpay, are the most beautiful, if not the most ancient, collection of apologues in the world...
Page 180 - Historical Account of the substances which have been used to describe events, and to convey ideas from the earliest date to the Invention of paper.
Page 2 - Historia de los vandos de los Zegries y Abencerrages Cavalleros Moros de Granada, de las Civiles guerras que huvo en ella...
Page iv - ... or on account of the publication of any subsequent volume, supplement, appendix, or plates. All the manuscripts, autographs, all magazines and reviews, all books in lots, and all tracts in lots or volumes, will be sold with all faults, imperfections, and errors of description. The sale of any illustrated book, lot of prints or drawings is not to be set aside on account of any error in the enumeration of the numbers stated, or error of description. VIII. No IMPERFECT BOOK will be taken back, unless...

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